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Kirk Cameron -- The Resurrection of Mike Seaver

9/25/2008 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Atheist-turned-born again Christian evangelist '80s TV star Kirk Cameron touched down in the City of Angels last night after a trip to the heavens.
Kirk Cameron: Click to watch
We haven't seen him in a while, and with good reason -- those "Left Behind"/"End of Days" religious flicks just don't compare to a good "Sex and the City" night.


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". I am also a Jesus Freak and proud of it ! Too bad more people arent Jesus Freaks., the world would be a better place ...That's ok-let the wicked live the way the way they do - all rich and famous. How far will their money & fame get them when they stand before the Lord for their judgement! And they will...." -Patti

This pretty much sums up what is wrong with religious nuts like Kirk and Patti. I can't believe the ego on these people. They actually think the world would be a better place if everyone was just like them, believed what THEY believed. Yeah, never mind how many millions of people have been murdered because of religious beliefs. Then there's the self righteousness. WE'LL go to heaven and THEY will go to hell. Look how great we are.

The afterlife is such a fairy tale. It's a nice thought that when we die, we all go to Disneyland in the sky!!! Isn't it amazing that God is a man?!?!? Never mind that earth is like 1 billionth the size of a spec of dust compared to the vast universe. Yet, the God that rules over all of it just happens to be the same species as that found on earth!!!!

What are the odds!?!?!?!

2187 days ago


I think it is awesome that he has the guts to stand up for God. If he were Jewish or any other faith besides Christian people would praise him for his efforts. I commend him for what he is doing and think FIREPROOF is an awesome idea.

2187 days ago

Paul Reamer    

That was cute about Kirk Cameron, very irreverent insulting and ridiculing. The typical TMZ schtick. You do it very well. Now if you have any balls or a hair in your ass ridicule denagrate and insult Islam,the same way you just did Christanity.

2187 days ago

Paul Reamer    

Blog #49 If you are confident with your beleifs and point of view Sign it with your name instead of a cutesy back door insult. If you are truly an athiest, agnostic, or just a plain old Christ hater. Be proud of it, beat ypur chest and shake your fist at God. Man up. However in the end if you are right there is no God. I have lost nothing. If I am right, that Jesus Christ is Lord of all and if you don't accept him in your heart then YOU have lost everything. The choice is yours you have free will.

2187 days ago

so sad    

What is wrong with society and hollywood when a good Christian man is made fun of for his beliefs? For all of you haters, you might want to rethink Jesus and Christianity before it is too late. God Bless Kirk!

2187 days ago

Listen up, Folks    

Listen, people.

You all have it ALL wrong.

First of all Atheist/Agnostic does NOT = no morals.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Atheist/Agnostic folk believe in living your life according to MORALS = don't hurt anyone, ever, and be true to yourself. Because, why? YOU are the only person you have to answer to, ever, so the decisions you make damn well better be good ones. YOU have to look yourself in the mirror and be able to live with it, because you don't want to let YOURSELF down. You can be good, pure, kind, loving, respectful, honest, and worthy AND atheist. You only live once.

Christianity is some bronze-age myth.

Also, most atheists/agnostics DON'T hate Jesus. Jesus Christ was, I have no doubt, a wonderful, altruistic human being; probably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, humans to ever walk this earth. But that doesn't make him what Christians think it makes him.

Just think. THINK. Think for yourself. That's all anyone can ask. Forget "logic is the enemy of faith." Sure. Suuuuuure it is. What a GREAT way to stop people questioning well -- anything! Just think about it.

2187 days ago


You went too far, TMZ. You're bashing of conservatives and now Christians shows what immature liberals you are. I am done watching your TV show.

2187 days ago

Amanda R    

Way to go Kirk. It's' funny how when you're a Christian you're held up to such higher standards. I'm sure he did do some rebellious things as a kid and still does but that doesn't make him any less of a man or of a Christian. For those of you who don't believe or think it's a joke, quit judging. Christians are human too...

2187 days ago


And what is this man doing to ruin society? Is it now wrong to have 6 kids that you can actually support? All cool to have one that you cannot? To chase a decent life is low? I am not getting some of these comments. Kirk Cameron is a wonderful, moral human being, who scored a hot woman who is just as decent. This is a bad thing?

2187 days ago


Growing Pains SUCKED. ABC's answer to Bill Cosby

2187 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

LA is the hate capital of the USA. Unless you smoke dope, snort coke, get plastic surgery, or get it in the ass, you are an outcast. Just look at the jerks who post anti-religious garbage here. When the big one hits LA, America will laugh its ass off....and it will happen.

2187 days ago


I have nothing against Christians but I do have something against "hardcore holy rollin Jesus freaks". I worked once with a hardcore Jesus freak and she was the most judmental person I had ever met. She judged me because I like to drink beer, divorced my husband. She also judged me because I dont have children and I dont go to Church. She basically said I was going straight to hell. I told her Jesus or God will not condem me cuz I like to enjoy a beer or that I left an abusive husband, but she kept insisting that I would go to Hell because I had committed the biggest sin by divorcing my husband. I finally got her to shut her damn mouth and never speak to me again when I told her to take her bible and shove it directly up her fat ass. If she was a true Christian she never would have judged me the way that she did. In my opinion the "hardcore holy rollin Jesus freaks" are the biggest sinners out there.

2187 days ago


I've occasionally watched your show when I can't sleep and nothing else is on. You seem to really enjoy making fun of people esp. when they are at a bad time in therir lives. Your reporters seem to enjoy reporting sleazy stories about people who live the most outragious lives or who have found themselves caught up in hollywoods lies. They seem to "worship" the weirdos in the entertainment industry and love to promote the bad choices people make. But when you have the opportunity to report about someone who has made good choices in this same invironment it is like you can't handle that someone has been strong and said "no" to temptatiions. Kirk Cameron being that person has put himself into the place where he is not interested in getting your approval. He does not "push" his beliefs on you but shares his beliefs with people so they can make an educated decision about their future. It seems like his convidence bothers you, maybe because you do not have that personal relationship with God. There is nothing more freeing and peaceful than coming to the realization that you were made by God and you don't have to have all of the answers about life. I challenge you to find out what Kirk's work and faith are all about before you mock him on your show. It makes you look like fools and I'm sure that is not what you want. Thank you for the opportunity to state my opinion.

2187 days ago

Go Sarah!    

I love him! Can't wait to see his new movie

2187 days ago


I think the peice you did on Kirk Cameron was rude. Just because he is very religous does not give you the right to make fun of him. I hope the movie fireProof brings in good crowds. Just because an actor has religion and makes religous movies, it doesn't give you the right to make fun of him.

2187 days ago
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