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Miley -- What, Me Difficult?

9/25/2008 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus says she's not trying to get out of her "Hannah Montana" contract, notwithstanding our spies on the set -- who say she's been vocal about it. Our sources, as well as the Chicago Sun-Times, say Miley has been habitually late and has pissed off other cast members.

And speaking of pissed off ... we got her at Universal Studios Hollywood -- Disney will love that.


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she is so nice to people who ask her for her autograph. At least the paps respected her wishes by not dragging Justin in all this paps stuff.

TMZ....when you do see Selena Gomez....ask her who she is voting for. That will give you another story to tell!!!!

2187 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

. If you are over 30 and making loser comments you are one of the worst FAILS in history.

If you are over 30 and have kids and keep making loser comments you are an EPIC FAIL

If you are over 30, and have kids and make loser comments every day on multiple blog sites just end your life..You are beyond EPIC FAIL status and are just sad

2187 days ago

helena handbasket    

I compared Miley's behavior @ Disney with Suzanne Somers because back in the day, Suzanne had a hot TV show and her star was on the rise, bigtime. When she thought she was big enough to make absurd demands of the show's producers, she ended up pissing it all away. The show made her, but after one season she felt she deserved (among other things) a huge raise and a piece of the show, no less. She thought she could play hard ball by missing work, showing up late, etc. Fed up, they dumped her. She didn't care because she thought she had a brilliant film career ahead of her, and well... we know how that turned out. She might be "well-known", but being the "Thigh Master" maven is nothing to brag about, imo.

2187 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Harvey Levin sucks donkey d#ck which rotorootered Perez Hilton who rump rucked Harvey amid their interspecies menage-a-trois...Pics to follow, our spies said. Even confirmed by Chicago Sun-Times.

2187 days ago


Who really cares, their both using each other to enhance their image/careers.

2187 days ago


I tried to post this earlier but...

Like someone else has said, the parents are a fault if she acts this way. She needs to take responsibility for her JOB=Acting=fans=$$$$ or she can get fired, look like an ungreatful bitch and fade away....

2187 days ago

helena handbasket    

Hey, "haha"; It's always good for a laugh when a fellow poster makes a neg remark about ... posting--- regardless of whether or not you agree with their comments. You're a cliche, sweetie. Just another punk who actually believes they just discovered the world and anyone "over 30" should just 'end it'. Well, buckle-up because the years are gonna ~FLY~ and before you know it you'll have hair growing out of your ears and be sporting a pot belly.
As for your reasoning on "over 30's" posting... you've got that backwards--- Many people over 30 are successful to the extent that they can spend their day doing whatever they like... the beach, shopping, travel, sports, gaming and yep-- posting/blogging. I don't know many "under 30's" who've *made it* to the point that they have tons of discretionary time-- especially midday/midweek. Shouldn't you be in school ... or working? Perhaps you're incarcerated... or maybe you're just another welfare-cheating bum.

2187 days ago


Enough of her already! Whata BITCH!

2187 days ago


To: haha

Nice use of the English language. You must be under 30! Go back to school and pay attention this time!

2187 days ago


Will you quit printing these lies? Billy Ray and Miley and the whole family are nice people and Miley was raised well. She knows what a contract is and means. Yes, she wants to eventually stretch and do other things. All she did was say in an interview that she did not want to be Hannah Montana forever....and thus these lies. She has always been nice to your reporters WHY do you have it in for her?

2187 days ago


42. 6. "People still know who Suzanne Somers. She still has a career at 60 something. What was Janet's real name and where is she now? Maybe a better analogy would have been the guy from MASH. I'm too lazy to look up his name."

Alan Alda's been in a lot of stuff and has been working steadily from the 50's up to this day. He's even got a movie that just came out in July, two new movies coming out (one with Greg Kinnear), had another movie that came out in 2007, and before that he was on The West Wing. Not to mention the numerous other projects he's been in lately.

Obviously you have no clue what you're talking about.

Posted at 12:47PM on Sep 25th 2008 by King Beef

Now your going to make me look him up. McLean Stevenson - his dead so no longer acting.

Obviously YOU have no clue what you're talking about.

2187 days ago


I hate how people keep mentioning her age we all no in hollywood if you don't act you age all bets are off.

2187 days ago


This no talent over-rated loser should be thanking the heavens every night that she has the opportunity to be where she is right now in entertainment. There are so many young actress's WITH TALENT that wish they could be in her shoes. She is an ungrateful, snobbish, little b%^&* that doesn't deserve sh*&! She can't sing, she can't dance, and she certainly cannot act. She had great luck, excellent PR, and her dad. That's it.

2187 days ago


Helena Handbasket - My point is she still makes money. She's actually more successful now thanas an actress. She has books and product lines other than the thigh master. So if you re trying to state that Suzanne Somers is what Miley Cyrus could turn out to be well then that's not so bad.

I understand why you said Suzanne Somers. What I said is it was a bad analogy. I felt that McLean Stevenson was a better analogy because he never had the success of MASH after leaving. Shortly before his passing, Stevenson admitted that he regretted leaving M*A*S*H when he did.

2187 days ago


She's such as bitch and a NO GOOD TALENT SKANK!

2187 days ago
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