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Just One of These Is an Inanimate Object

9/26/2008 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scientolowife Katie Holmes, adorable little Suri Cruise and her plastic doll wandered listlessly through NYC on Thursday.

Which one are you, mommy?


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Yes she is a beautiful little girl, but the way she is treated... The loneliness she must face all the time breaks your heart

2220 days ago


Suri looks exactly like Chris Klein!

2220 days ago


Question - Can Suri walk? I don't belive I've ever seen her precious little feet actually on the pavement. I feel so very sorry for this little girl.

2220 days ago

artie help    

leave kids alone you schmuck's by the way the surfer dude on the tv show sux.

2220 days ago


Actually Suri looks adorable she has unusual features that make her a very beautiful kid. BTW she does look an awful lot like Tom's cousin that played Ethan on Lost they have the same eyes.

2220 days ago


Since you seem to have such disdain for this family, why not just leave them alone already????!!!! Every thing you write is a negative against them, even to the point of making unkind statements about their innocent child. Pick on someone your own size! They do nothing to harm anyone.

2220 days ago


Will you apologists for Scientology please stop posting positive spins from your cult headquarters near Hemet,California.

We can all see perfectlly well that something is haywire with Katie.

2220 days ago


What is wrong with you? Maybe they are both tired of having camera's in their faces every time they walk down the street. Should she be smiling and tap dancing for your photographer? When she is with her daughter she should be left ALONE.

2220 days ago

gossip fan    

nice to see her without her bottle finally! When Suri was younger I didn't think she was so cute, but she really is a pretty little girl (besides the fact that she's being raised by Scientology freaks). If I were famous I'd probably carry my baby in NYC too. If she were walking and just holding her mom's hand she could be snatched away in a heartbeat. As for looking just like Chris Klein, NO WAY!! She looks exactly like her mother.

2220 days ago


Katie looks like her hair is thinning; she looks gaunt and pale. She looks way older than her stated age, and it's just plain creepy and sad.

2220 days ago


Wonder what Suri's outfit cost.

2220 days ago


You have it exactly right aaaahhhh. More than obvious to those of us not indoctrinated into the madness of the science fiction writer/sociopath L Ron Hubbard. These 2 are NEVER smiling. Katie appears miserable and Suri is probably already forced to endure kiddie "sec checks". We can only hope that Katie wakes up, takes the kid and runs from this dangerous cult as quickly as possible.

There's a reason $cientology is under investigation around the wotld for fraud and other crimes. It's a CULT. Just ask poor Katie.

2220 days ago


"Just One of These Is an Inanimate Object"

lol! Hey Scientology: TMZ has your number!!

2220 days ago


If you are walking down the streets of NY do you keep a big ole grin on your stinking face? If you did, there'd be some people that might wanna lock you up!

Try to act think like a normal human being. I know you are jealous of Katie's beauty, talent, husband and child plus all that money... Everytime you bash someone who does nothing to deserve you get lowered one more notch down to the bad place.

Sorry but that is just how it is. Why not try bashing some other family and leave an innocent child alone. You are predators!!! You cannot stand innocence. You want to kill it at all cost. I think people like all of you are quite possibly on the verge of dementia.

2220 days ago


All I see are two people who are TIRED of the paps constantly hounding them....

2220 days ago
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