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Kat McPhee Is Lact-Hating!

9/26/2008 3:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Self-proclaimed Valley girl Katharine McPhee spent last night at SUR for a friend's b-day bonanza ... so what better time to get her thoughts on breast milk and ice cream.


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Katharine McPhee is such a SLUT. from her on purpose yellow dress malfunction to her fake boobs.Why does anyone even care about this girl who married a guy twice her age and is unemployed, balding and ugly.

2161 days ago


I agree with Regina. All balding men are too ugly for anyone to marry and anyone you marries one is a loser..

2161 days ago

Joe Mama    

ummm..... who is she?

2161 days ago

A normal mom    

16. I agree with Regina. All balding men are too ugly for anyone to marry and anyone you marries one is a loser..

Posted at 10:15PM on Sep 26th 2008 by Pat

Funny..... coming from some overweight pathetic unmarried hag, Lonely much?

2161 days ago

A normal mom    

I'd be willing to bet that all these Katharine McPhee haters are simply breastfeeding naziis who think everyone wants to see them whip their saggy leaking gits out and squirt their boob-piss into our food. It's probably all the unemployed whackos migrating over from the celebrity brats message board.

2161 days ago


Katharine Mcphee was one of the biggest jokes to ever come out of idol. This girl has done nothing and when no one wanted her picture anymore she came out with the eating disorder to get her into magazines as a role model. I for 1 would not want my children anywhere around her. I want them to make smart decisions not be a brat on national tv exploit myself on cover and in magazines and then marry a man who didnt want her before idol and then all of sudden wants her after she loses the weight and is 50 years older. Also for the six flags commenter I remember back when another person was saying that at a six flags she completly ignored them when asked for an autograpgh. Also remember on her tour she faked illness to make out in a pool with her aging boyfriend and disappoint all those fans. So I really hope that tmz does not waste anymore time on this girl because shes a nobody. Oh and by the way all you crazy fans dont bother with the jealous thing or anything else I dont really care about your JIM jones worship opinions.

2160 days ago


Wow bunches of haters here. and mostly its because she stayed on longer than chris daughtry (like he even cares) look she married a guy twice her age because she loves him and she didn't marry him for money because he's an off Broadway producer yea a producer but off Broadway! If she was looking for a sugar daddy it wouldn't be him. so so what if her cd bombed her movie didn't and that makes her "current" enough for tmz or any other website to talk about her.

2160 days ago


Yes, Katharine, just the same as most of us, has had her share of blips and blemishes, but don't fault the gal only because she's a heck of a lot sexier than what your girlfriend was ever imagined in your wildest of dreams to be. YES, Katharine is smokin' hottt! Have you ever seen even a picture of her supremely sweet ass? Your anorexic butt-babe couldn't come anywhere close to Katharine's hotness unless she wore a face mask of Ms. McPhee's sweet bootay-luscious badonkadonk!

1366 days ago
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