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Mickey & Miley Give Gays the Heave-Ho

9/26/2008 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For a shirtless guy in red hotpants, you'd think Mickey Mouse would be a little friendlier to the gay community.

Disney is throwing Miley Cyrus a huge 16th birthday bash at Disneyland during the same weekend as the traditional Gay Days, which brings tens of thousands of gays and lesbians to the amusement citadel.

Despite the fact that Miley's actual birthday isn't until November, the park will be shutting down early on October 5 to accommodate Miley and her tween minions.

Of course, the gays are more than welcome to hit up Disney's California Adventure theme park next door -- but who the hell wants to go there?


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gay or not, need to respect the fact that its a place for children...
and I loooveee the other park too....I will love love love to be there right now....

2155 days ago


Here's the official statement from Disney:

"Special Theme Park Hours for October 5, 2008
Due to a private event on Sunday, October 5, 2008, Disneyland® Park will be opening at 6:30 a.m. and closing at 5:00 p.m. Disney's California Adventure® Park will extend its hours that day and will be open from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m."

That gives all patrons 11 1/2 hours to happily frolic. And considering October is off-season, there will be plenty of time to race between the tea cups and Indiana Jones about a thousand times. Or more. Everyone should be happy. California Adventure Park is always empty so there should be no problems there. The longest line you'll have to wait in is the line to get in.

2155 days ago


13. Mel, I think he called Palin's daughter a slut because she's an unmarried minor who had premarital sex and got pregnant despite her mothers claims that teaching abstinence is all the 'sex ed' a child needs... I wonder how God the creator feels about that?

It's people like #8 and Palin and these Christian leaders who think the age of consent with a child is puberty.. and #8 has the nerve to compare being Gay with being a pedophile.. sorry you need to look at all the religious fanatics if you want to point fingers and use the term pedophile ... Evangelical Pastors, Catholic Priests, Mormons ect. They are your hypocrites.

Posted at 11:28PM on Sep 26th 2008 by Hello Kitty

No, you are ignorant. This idiot wouldn't be saying a thing about it if Palin were a Democrat. But if it were a Democrat's kid, the baby would've been aborted anyway, and nobody would be aware that a pregnancy ever existed. You people are FOOLS. Preserving the right to kill babies is the first order of business for the Democratic party. Your arguments are unfounded, pretentious, and based on abominations and lies. I don't care if people are gay but enough already of shoving it down our damn throats. Go away already.

2155 days ago

San Francisco    

Hello Kitty - ROCKS!

2155 days ago


So teh gheys are upset because they were pushed aside in order to please a small special interest?

Hey, gheys, how do you like it now that the shoe is on the other foot?

2155 days ago


"9. Keep your homophobic, religious-based hate out of here"

Keep you homo, pervert crap away from kids at Disneyland.

2155 days ago

San Francisco    

#21 - so they cancel "Gay Day" at DL - what makes you think there aren't gay people behind the costumes? What makes you think there isn't a gay person in your own family?
Don't you see - all your ranting isn't going to change anything? We're here, we're Ellen D., we're Clay Aiken, we're your Uncle!

2155 days ago


Miley cyrus?!!! This is what I have to read about now?! Her has-been daddy the "One hit, mullit wearing wonder" couldn't hack it! So he lives through his geeky daughter! Come ON! She got too big for her britches waayy to quick! I hope she ends up like Whinehouse and goes the extra mile...maybe then I could read about trash that's worth reading about. Oh! And #2 (very fitting for you, by the way, SHUT UP!!

2155 days ago


There is no story here if you go the gay days website you can see they will be there on Saturday the 4th She will be there on Sunday. So it not a story;

2155 days ago


Who the hell wants to go to Disney's California Adventure? Lots of people! You obviously haven't been there lately. Get current with your slams.

2155 days ago


I don"t think God prefers gay's, but he was the creater of all things , a mistake? maybe, but then, God dosen't make mistakes, SO WHATS THE ANSWER????? Personally I don't care for their way of lfe, but then, guess they don't care for mine eitherI. I will still stay with Man And Woman>

2155 days ago

Jill-not fat    

I'm sick of hearing about Miley and sick of hearing about gays. Everyone this sunday is straight day, and then next weekend is straight pride parade. Honestly these homosexuals live the way they do for attention. My father became gay for attention. Everyone I knew from high school who became gay were attention nuts and always had to be in the spotlight. Honestly, as soon as people stop giving them attention, there going to stop being homosexual. And taking shots at Palins daughter is not called for (and btw I am not fuelled by politics, I am canadian and couldn't care less who wins your election). At least she didn't get an abortion, which is something that 1-3 women have done. Abortion is wrong and the easy way out. We have a shortage of babies going up for adoption these days, so suck it up, wait 9 months and give the baby up. Although comparing homosexuals to pedophiles is a off (children have no say as to whether they are abused, grown adults do) it is on the same lines in some way. Just because it feels right doesn't mean it is right. Taking drugs feels right, but is definitly wrong. That being said, if someone does drugs on there own time, doesn't drive or mess with my or anyone elses life, I'm fine with it. The same should be said for homosexuals. They can have all the relations the want, as long as they don't affect other people (which would mean no having children, teaching that is is good in our schools, etc). I think both Hello Kitty and Mel Waters need to grow up, unless they are willing to discuss this like adults.

2155 days ago


You gays preach acceptance and diversity, but when we disagree with you on homosexuality you spew hatred.

2155 days ago


Why are haters always, well, idiotic?

No one is saying you have to have gays over at your home, no one is saying, you have to be gay. Gays are just saying they deserve to be able to go to Disneyland without being forced out, they're just saying, they don't deserve to be discriminated against in the work place, they're just saying, they have every right to marry the person they love. The only time homophobes are ripped on, is when they stand in the way of another human doing what they want with their own lives. If two guys or two women want to get married, that's their business.

The same thing goes for abortion, I could care less if a person choses to keep their child because they're against abortion, my issue, my only issue with pro lifers, is that they're trying to tell other people what they can or cannot do with their own body.

People would be better off if they just minded their own business, their religious beliefs should remain within their home, and within their church. But they minute they go outside, they're into a world that belongs to all of us, equally.

The reason people ridicule Palin's daughter, it isn't sexism or hypocrisy. They're merely having fun at poking at the other sides hypocrisy. For several years now, republicans have played the moral card. They really kicked in with the moral card after Clinton got his unit shined by Lewinsky. So when the moral brigade started getting caught with gay prostitutes, when the moral brigade turned out to have knocked up daughters, it was open season on hypocrisy.

If you're going to preach about morals and go against the "sinners", you better not have any skeletons in your closet, otherwise, you're gonna get hammered :P...

2155 days ago

Magnolia Fan    

Man, you people make it complicated. First, if you plan to spend the time and money to visit Disneyland, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. If you don't want to be there when the gays are, find out when gay days are. You're on the freaking internet here complaining, so you obviously know about google. USE IT.

Second, if you are a politician and push for programs that teach abstinence as sex ed, you better make damn sure your daughter doesn't get pregnant. It undermines your message when you can't even make it work in your own house. It smacks of hypocrisy and shows how abstinence programs are ineffective. As someone pointed out, you better make sure there are no skeletons in your closet.

Third, anyone who calls Democrats baby killers or says that is their #1 goal (Mel) is just plain nuts. Democrats have babies every day, just like Repbulicans. There are Republicans who are pro-choice, and Democrats who are pro-life. The world is not black or white, my friends, and you can't compartmentalize people that easily.

BTW, California Adventure rocks. The Tower of Terror is the best ride ever!

2155 days ago
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