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Mickey & Miley Give Gays the Heave-Ho

9/26/2008 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For a shirtless guy in red hotpants, you'd think Mickey Mouse would be a little friendlier to the gay community.

Disney is throwing Miley Cyrus a huge 16th birthday bash at Disneyland during the same weekend as the traditional Gay Days, which brings tens of thousands of gays and lesbians to the amusement citadel.

Despite the fact that Miley's actual birthday isn't until November, the park will be shutting down early on October 5 to accommodate Miley and her tween minions.

Of course, the gays are more than welcome to hit up Disney's California Adventure theme park next door -- but who the hell wants to go there?


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Why cant we all just get along. MY God loves everyone. Even pregnant unwed 17 year olds. Even gays and lesbians. Even YOU!!!!!!!!! Peace.

2156 days ago

Big Bear    

Gays in Disneyland?? Why not build the gays an amusement park in North Dakota amd let them go there?? AIDS is a solution to the gay male problem!!! Nice thing about reproduction is that it is a male/female thing and it keeps the gay men and gay wmen from having children in the normal manner.

2156 days ago


The bottom line is this - if GAYS want to be treated like the rest of society (and since they do nothing but gripe and complain they are not treated like the rest of society) then they need to shut up about being kicked out of the park for Miley!

How many times has society been inconvenienced by various different groups? Countless. It is now the GAYS turn. It all comes around.

My advice for the GAY community - be careful what you wish for!

2156 days ago

Chris Curry    

If this girl's head gets any bigger it will surely block the sun. What we are starting to see is the beginning of the long fall from grace of a child without any real parenting. This is one of those situations where you really can blame the two people who brought her into this world. The only consolation is that she will pull her talentless father down again with her. Mickey and Goofy are weeping.

2156 days ago


I have been to Disney World and Disney Land several times and there are plenty of gays on every other day of the year. Gay Days is not a sponsored Disney event and therefore Disney is not required to adjust their schdeule for gay days on Oct. 5th or any other day of the year. TMZ needs to quit making it sound as if they are dis inviting the gays because that is not what's happening. Disney is using their perrogative to schedule an event on a day of their choosing because its their park. There is no story.

2156 days ago


Hey no.9. Do you really think it means anything that gays and lesbians have been on earth since the beginning? It means nothing! That's like saying eat s**t, a billion flies can't be wrong. Homosexuality is wrong, it dosen't matter if it's two doing it or a billion. And don't think there's safety in numbers. God has already said that if he has to, he'll turn stone into man in order to get them into heaven. So don't think you, Lindsay, Ellen, Rosie and the rest are going to gang up on god. Oh! And one more thing. When god tells you all HOW HE truly feels about you poking each other in the butts and putting your fingers into each other, don't you all start singing that old tired song. You know. The one with five words..................."YOU MADE ME THIS WAY!!!!!!

2156 days ago

brazen weep    

Horse-faced, untalented, ugly c*nt.

2156 days ago


It's very sad in this day and age that such rampant homophobia ad outright hatred exists in the world.
People should not have to hide because they are not in the majority. Excessive PDA is not appropriate be it homo or hetero. I would hope that it would be equally offensive if a straight couple groped each other in line near your kids as it was when the gay couple did.
Pedophilia and homosexuality are not the same. If two homosexuals are above the age of consent that is fine. Just as if two heterosexuals are above the age of consent. The problem arises when there is an age disparity.
It's sad that the point of the article was missed for anti-gay rantings.

2156 days ago

Jng Tuba    

So is this the beginning of the end of 'Gay Days' at Disney forever? And is this a sign that the end of homosexuality has started? Please God say "yes". Please!

2156 days ago


Our family has been to Disneyland during Gay Days - it's way more fun than usual, more joyful adults and fewer screaming children (and I can say that because my own screaming children are lumped into the bunch).
P.S. to #5 Julie, sorry your kids had to witness the rude PDA, but I don't think it happens any more often with gay couples than straight couples.

2156 days ago


She needs a strap-on up the arse!
And not by her dad, either!

2156 days ago


wow. Well when we went to Disney World in '03 they told my mother over the phone that weekend we were planning on coming down would be Gay Days. I also used to work at Disney World and lot of parents would get upset about that---but it is policy for them to warn you over the phone so they don't have to issue refunds or comp anything during that weekend. If you're so worried about corrupting your 'innocent' children then maybe you should aks if there are any events going on that you need to be made aware of before you plan on going. And #32 what is this about groups inconveincing America---I hope you're referring to PETA or lobbyist and not ethnic groups. At either rate--a lot of the people who go during that weekend are very very very respectful and not all of them are as flamboyant as most people stereotype gays to be. These are people that looking and talking with them you would never know unless you ask. You dont' see a bunch of drag queens there, there aren't people making out all over the place-that only happens at Disney's Grad Nite!!! If you don't want yo expose your children to it then don't go. But don't expect Disney and every other corporation in the world to ban people because of their sexuality. It's called discrimination and they can and would get sued and lose as ass of money and business. Since it is the off season, this is the kind of massive crowd needed during non-peak periods--DUH!!!! At the end of the day it's all about $$$$ So they aren't going to tell them they can't come. Regardless of whether that racist prick W.Disney is turning over in his grave or not.

Oh yea. Wasn't this article about Miley and Disney. All this crap about Palin's daughter, abortion, pedophilia and blah blah blah isn't necessary.

2156 days ago


I wonder what kind of comments TMZ considers to be "inappropriate"... I really would like to know, because I have to admit, that has been about the most hateful five minutes of reading that I've had to do in a very long time.

Most people who fall under the category of "I'm not homophobic, but..." would like to think that all LGBT are depressed, promiscuous, disease-ridden, immoral, and otherwise incapable of establishing any sort of long-term relationship. I hate to break it to you, we're not any more messed up than any typical straight individual! LGBT depression occurs not because we're corrupt, not because we're immoral, but because of homophobic individuals who feel that it's appropriate to cite God when they choose to gay-bash. For every LGBT individual who hurts him or herself, or commits suicide, the guilt falls upon those people.

Anyone who believes that we are nothing but degenerates, should go no further than to see this wedding photo of Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, posted on USA Today, a couple who after 51 years was finally able to marry, and then still feel that they are immoral individuals who don't deserve the same amount of respect as everyone else .

But then again, those kinds of pictures - pictures of happy LGBT couples, well-adjusted families, etc. - aren't exactly the sort of thing that they show on Fox News, is it.

And by the way... Miley's fans do not constitute a "special interest group."

2156 days ago


For # 15, Tom- Do you know here Gay people come from? Heterosexuals !

2156 days ago


good 4 miley--- gays live a deviant lifestyle !!!!


2154 days ago
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