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Miley Knows Where the Angus Is

9/26/2008 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

15-year-old Miley and her 20-year-old underwear model beau Justin Gaston went out for an unchaperoned date to a bar last night ... the 8 oz. Burger Bar on Melrose.
Miley Cyrus: Click to watch
She's sticking by her story of never being late to set. We're sticking by ours.


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Joe Mama    

tmz just ratted out lil' miley. you know billy ray read this alredy.

2181 days ago


the guy looks like a peasant, he should be working on the farm with the cows or smth. but I wouldn't accuse him for dating a minor, because he is clearly not dating her because she is young, he is dating her because she is Miley Cyrus, she just happens to be underage. What my question is though that joint looks like a place where people would normally go to have some drinks, right? & don't tell me a 16 years old girl had fun at that place, I bet she was bored like on a deserted island, why doesn't she go & read some Harry Potter or smth? she will have plenty time for stupid dates & drinks when she is adult & evil

2181 days ago


ok, why would you let your 15 yr old daughter date someone older? I don't know what's sicker her parents allowing it or the guy dating her. I mean aren't you man enough to find someone your own age that you have to date a minor. Sicko!! PEDIFILE....

2181 days ago


She is a child going out with an adult. He should be ashamed!!!! If they are dating, they will have sex or some sort of sexual contact because of the attraction( lust) for each other. Then it would be statuatory rape but no one calls it that when it involves celebrities just as in the case with Jamie Lynn and her baby daddy. This is sick and it is a set up for child predators that think its okay to have sex with underage girls. Today a 20 yo with 15 yo, next 21 yo with 14 yo and 20 yo with 13. I saw a visibly older man holding and kissing a pregnant child looking hispanic girl. It repulsed me, nut he was in child molestation bliss. Trust me, the boundaries will continue to be challenged as long as society justifies it. The decreasing moral fabric of this country will be its demise.

2181 days ago


Her parents wont say anything, after all they watched her pose semi naked in front of their own eyes because it was this so called famous photographer taking soft porn/suggestive pics of their child, so that made it okay. If you can rationalize that out in your pea brain, surely you won't object your semi nude/suggestive posing child dating an adult. They are more interested in being friends and cool instead of real parents. The kind of real parents that will tell their child NO and shoot at a man's feet while telling him to get to steppin if you come around this door. That kind of parent is becoming extinct. They both have lost all credibility and morals.

2181 days ago


we obviously know this relationship is inappropriate. Its not a matter of 5 years between the two, its a matter of Miley being too young. This girl has some daddy issues. First she changes her first and middle name-WHO does that??? This chick needs to be home doing 15 yr old stuff not out on a freakin date alone in hollywood. Her dad is a p.i.m.p.

2180 days ago


Hello, Child Welfare, want to report a case of child endangerment and possible statutory rape! And this is why parent complain when their kid comes home pregnant! Oh my baby is pregnant with a baby. Ah hello, Justin! Your a hot 20 yrs old guy! You can get a girl your own age! Not this jail bait! I say through them in jail along with Billy Ray with them! I'm sure the prisoners would like both their ass**,

2179 days ago


Oh, how long do you think it will be till we see her sex tape? I know we'll have to wait till she is 18 years old, but I'm sure there will be one! She is a Lindsay Lohan waiting to happen!

2179 days ago


Oh, how long do you think it will be till we see her sex tape? I know we'll have to wait till she is 18 years old, but I'm sure there will be one! She is a Lindsay Lohan waiting to happen!

2179 days ago


I'm sorry, please explain how the HELL a 15 yr old AND a 20 yr old get into a bar???????? PLEASE get over Miley. She's a nothing, and her father is a PIG.

2178 days ago


In my home state California, the Age of Consent is 18. However, as long as Miley and Justin aren't doing anything "inappropriate" (Kissing , holding hands, etc.) in public, they can get away with going out to public places together. Of course, if Miley turns 16 and she and Justin are "inappropriate" ONLY within any of the states where the Age of Consent is 16 (See ) , Justin won't have to worry about any Statutory Rape charges.

Strange but true. :)

2169 days ago
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