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Our Little Girl Is All Growed Up!

9/26/2008 12:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Four short years ago, Amy Winehouse was a track-markless wonder and the only pipes she brought to mind were her vocal chords.

But after a few short lessons with Keith Richards' Guide to Aging, this chanteuse is ready to rock in the afterlife ... any day now.


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DAY-UM!! That's messed up. She needs help desperately. I'm just scared that she's going to be dead before she hits rock bottom. I still don't understand why her family doesn't step in and try to do something. Look at her behavior, surely there is something in British law that would be able to get her a conservator and get her medical and psychiatric care. Proving she is a danger to herself should be easy enough, she's literally one hit off a crack pipe away from death!

2186 days ago


she looks horrible now!! she looked way better before!

2186 days ago


I didn't realize she used to be pretty

No doubt, she won't live much longer.

2186 days ago


62. What the hell kind of family does she have?!?! My parents would seriously do ANYTHING to keep me from doing this to myself. Not saying she's not to blame either but she's so sick she's beyond self help. They must want her life insurance money pretty damn bad...(wait...that's assuming she didn't spend all her money on crack...)

Posted at 1:27PM on Sep 26th 2008 by Jessie

Jessie: Your parents couldn't legally make you do anything, any more than Amy's parents can. Research the laws where you live. You cannot involuntarily commit someone for drug addiction. Let's hope your parents, who clearly raised a judgmental and ignorant daughter, never have to find that out. And if you want to know what kind of family she has, read the open letter her mother published begging her to let the family help her. Her family can't even knock on her door without being arrested. THAT is how much she does not want help right now.

2186 days ago


She is in sooo much pain. Poor soul.

2186 days ago


It's so sad. It's like we're forced to watch her slowly (probably not so slowly really) kill herself. Does the woman not own a mirror? Can she not see how she's changed? Even if you compare her to what she looked like 2 months ago -- and we thought she was looking horrible then!!--- to now, it's so dramatic. She's going downhill very fast, which is sad because she's so talented. I hope she realizes that she needs to get help... quick! I wish her the best

2186 days ago


This is so sad. What a drastic difference a couple of years of hard drug and alcohol abuse can do.

2186 days ago


holy crap.....................

2186 days ago


Making fun of someone who is very obviously going through something is NEVER funny. Amy Winehouse is a huge talent and deserves to be loved and helped through this difficult time.

2186 days ago


Very sad. Her family must just be devastated.

Don't do drugs people. You will RUIN your life!

2186 days ago


She looks like the abandoned love child of Keith Richards....but actually, it is sad that she continues on her downward spiral
at a rapid rate. Where is her family and friends? Doesnt anyone try to get her to seek proper help? Or, is she just a cash cow for them? She is clearly out of control and needs an interevention.

2186 days ago


It's quite sad actually. And the fact that this happens over and over and over seems to be lost on so many people!!

Drugs kill!!

2186 days ago


She just needs to lie down - she is already dead.

2186 days ago


Very sad and such a waste of talent....

2186 days ago


It makes me want to cry when I see her, and the saddest part is that if she wants help is available to her so she is choosing her life to come to an end soon, and as a therapist, I would say that she will die soon unless some major intervention is done and first she needs to be hospitalized.

2186 days ago
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