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Our Little Girl Is All Growed Up!

9/26/2008 12:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Four short years ago, Amy Winehouse was a track-markless wonder and the only pipes she brought to mind were her vocal chords.

But after a few short lessons with Keith Richards' Guide to Aging, this chanteuse is ready to rock in the afterlife ... any day now.


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WOW, she looks like a corpse. It looks like she is intentionally destroying herself with drugs. She doesn't have very much longer on this earth.

2217 days ago


I am showing this picture to my kids as an example of why not to do drugs!!! A sad, living, breathing (but for how much longer?) picture that says more than I, any DARE officer, or public announcment could EVER say.

2217 days ago


please God help her this brings tears to my eyes what a beautiful voice she has this is so sad i feel so bad for her

2217 days ago

Lydia Layne    

It's really getting rather morbid that we still post and look at pictures of her deterioration isn't it? We don't need to chronicle it in pictures. She's wayyyyyy past rehab. She's just dying now.

2217 days ago


I am showing this to my kids also. Amy, please stop doing this to yourself!!! You are going to DIE soon!!!

2217 days ago

BJ Rocks    

Oh my god! that is so sad.. She was once very cute... See what drugs will do ... hope she sees this and realizes

2217 days ago

Black Teef    

Damn, she had some big azz tit-tays

2217 days ago


PLUS she has the uglies tats I've ever seen!! Too bad, she WAS very pretty, with lovely white clear skin, now she is skelatal and covered in ugly tats and near dead from drugs...even her hair used to look she has that hideous ball of rats nest on top towering to the sky hiding God knows what inside. What a shame she has fallen so low and soon will be dead.

2217 days ago


I keep a picture of me when I was at my lowest and sickest...and it looks a lot like the recent pic of Amy...And let me tell you, I never want to get that "sick" ever again. Today, I am a healthy and relatively happy person. All I can say is, Amy is going to die very soon if she doesn't get some real help, real fast. Guess all we can do is keep her in our prayers. >hugz to all you out there< xoxox
Swords Woman

2217 days ago


It's a such a shame, she really is a talented person. What are her parents doing to help her.. they should take her to get treatment, even if she doesnt want to. Or as another poster had said put her on a 5150 hold.

2217 days ago

Dawn Day    

It looks like she has aged 40 years in just 4 years.

She looks like she's gotten to the point that even if she was to stop using today that the damage done thus far would become permanent. She looks jaundice from severe liver damage or hepatitis or both. So sad.

You can't help someone that doesn't want help so please stop blaming her family. She's a grown woman and she has to reach out for help in order to be helped. Let's just pray she doesn't end up like so many musicians before her.

2217 days ago


At first I didn't recognise who this is in either picture. It is hard to believe someone can't rescue her.
Can't her family have her committed? She is definitely a 'danger to herself'.
She might be successfully treated since she has the $$$. But I read the average life expectancy for crack addicts is less than 3 years after they begin on the stuff. Sad, sad, sad.....

2217 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Amy's tattoos are So Beautiful. I can't wait until my Niece gets old enough to get all tatted up exactly like Amy.
"Look at her cute face and look at those eyebrows."

2217 days ago



2217 days ago


WHOLLY CRAP THAT IS DISTURBING !!!! Once she OD's the DARE people should use the photos for an anti Drug AD. The last photo can be of her tombstones with a aint drugs glamourous slogan !!

2217 days ago
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