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Heather Locklear Busted

9/28/2008 1:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Heather Locklear was arrested yesterday on suspicion of driving while impaired.

Locklear was pulled over while driving in the Santa Barbara area.

Law enforcement officers tell us alcohol was not involved, but they are conducting tests to determine if Locklear was under the influence of drugs.

We're told she was released on her own recognizance, without having to post bail.

This could set up a bizarre custody battle given that Locklear and ex-hubby Richie Sambora have both been busted for similar charges.

Sambora pleaded no contest to DUI back in March -- his daughter Ava was in the car at the time he was popped. We're told Heather's kid was not in the car when she was arrested.

In June, Heather checked herself into an Arizona medical facility to fight anxiety and depression.

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Heather's reps have yet to get back to us.


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Heather you have a child that needs you..get to a doctor, get to rehab, get help, NOW>

2223 days ago



He's not worth it. Please snap out of it!!

2223 days ago


Heather is the most down to earth celeb there is. I grew up in Conejo Valley where she lived/lives & would see her around town at the grocery store, etc. Always gracious, always EVERYONE! Seemed like the most non-judgmental person in the world. Quit hating on her.......we all have problems! She has been thru alot mentally & emotionally & is doing the best she can. She's a good person, she's gonna get thru this. Please, lets all send good thoughts & vibes her way. She deserves all the happiness life has to offer. I love ya Heather & so do alot of others!

2223 days ago

Cynthia J.    

Poor person. God, to live in Hollywod and try to keep up with their idea of aging and beauty. Actually a lot of these TV "Stars" look bizarre. I'm not against cosmetic surgery but these Hollywood types are a new breed. Yes, they seem ageless but somehow they look far from reasonable. They look odd. And all of these fillers they get injected in their faces and lips (don't get me started on that) makes them look waxy or doughey (forgive spelling). I had a facelift in 2007. After years of being outside, smoking, drinking (which is a thing of the past) and not caring for my skin had me looking pretty rough. I look better but not stretched or pumped, I think (and have been told) I look so much better but not outrageous. Anyway, Heather looks vacant (besides being over-done by the Plastic Surgeons). Drug or alcohol addiction is awful (for the person & family). But she can get back on track. She's (was) an attractive woman. She still is. Get out of that weird & bizarre California mentality (2 LLs?) and enjoy the good fortune you have. Life is short, make it worthwhile for yourself & others.

2223 days ago


You people hear the word "drugs" and you react like Pavlov's dog. Or more like sheep.

2223 days ago


I love Heather Locklear i think she is so beautiful. I would never have thought this would happen to her but it can happen to anyone take it from me i know 1st hand !!! I just hope she gets the help she needs & back on track for im sure her daughter needs her very much & she needs to do it for herself most of all !!! Good luck Heather & rock on girl you rule !!!

2223 days ago


Guess she shouldn't have been so nasty to Denise. Who looks like the idiot now? Denise might have poor judgement in relationships, but at least she is not full of "substances." I still like Heather, I just think she handled the Ritchie/Denise thing badly.

2223 days ago


NO JESUS,,,NO PEACE ----KNOW JESUS,,,KNOW PEACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2223 days ago


Some many other chicks like her are nothing without looks. Nasty tramp

2223 days ago


She had anxiety issues before, has anyone considered that she is probably going through the first stages of a long drawn out menopause? She is had the right age & it can really mess with the mind & body.

2223 days ago


I've always liked Heather. Didn't know she was an abuser, if she is; she never exhibited the characteristics. She is gorgeous and comes across rather rational and down to earth. I wish her the very best.

2223 days ago


Heh heh
and ya'll thought Denise was the crazy one..
It was just a matter of time.

2223 days ago


Come on..give her a break...maybe its a thing of having a doctor prescribe something and she took over the limit.I wish she had a friend in Hollywood ...Its a hard thing to swallow when your husband has an affair with your so called best friend..and to top it all off the so called friend parades around in public in order to make sure you see her with him..You just can't trust anyone, anymore.I don't believe for one minute that Heather Locklear is buying drugs from a drug dealer or that she is a junkie or whatever...I believe she is confused and sad...Her... so called husband is all the fault not her exfriend. She was married to an unfaithful lout....pure and simple.Help her someone and please don't let it be Dr.Phil....this is not a show.This is reality...I'll pray that GOD sends the right person to help MS.LOCKLEAR...and remember anyone that has an affair with a friends mate was not your friend (EVER)....Get well Ms. Locklear deserve a break........

2223 days ago


First time commenter here, but I see not the only person from my area. I live in Thousand Oaks (Conejo Valley) and Heather (and Richie, before the divorce) were seen out and about here with their daughter Ava all the time, for years. Just regular family things like the rest of us - ball games, school stuff, restaurants, grocery store, shopping mall. They were nice and down to earth people. Heather was always seen most often. (Richie maybe was on tour). I just felt compelled to back up what the other person from Conejo Valley said: very nice lady, kind, gracious, and always had a smile and took a moment to chat if someone said hello. She and her family are part of the Conejo Valley community. Nobody thought she was a saint or expected her to be - none of us are perfect. I hope she gets the help she needs to get through this, and move on to the next (better) chapter in her life. She's had a rough couple of years for sure, and had to endure them in the public eye, which can only have made it more difficult. I hope she takes all the time she needs to get help. It would be nice if the Papparazzi would back off a bit on this one and give her some privacy. Conejo is pulling for you Heather!

2223 days ago

Colin Cody    

People like Heather with all the money, fame and friends anyone could ask for, nevertheless, usually fall prey to depression and anxiety because they are too self absorbed to find happiness by being useful to others. Most people think that they will find happiness by satisfying all their material wants, but that is never the case. Jesus had it right when he said that we find real happiness when we deny ourselves (our selfish motive), take up our cross (of self sacrificial love) daily and follow Him. It is so very simple yet seemingly impossible for most to grasp. I wish Heather the very best.

2223 days ago
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