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Satan's Spawn

9/28/2008 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bee Shaffer is severely bobbed Vogue editrix Anna Wintour's daughter.
Anna Wintour and Bee Shaffer
Bee's dad is child psychiatrist David Shaffer. David and Anna divorced in 1999.

Bee is a student at Columbia University and has already interned at Teen Vogue.


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dang, the daughter is mighty hot. i'd surely do her in a heartbeat

2182 days ago

i'd be proud too    

way to choose a very unflattering pic tmz

what else is new?

2182 days ago


It's so disgusting women don't wear slips and panty hose anymore. Ugh...

2182 days ago


# 3 These parents have raised their kids to nothing more then sex objects, what more do you expect. If she wore a slip she would be thrown out of the house.

2182 days ago


Glad you guys are enjoying this one. In a few months she'll disappear (a la allegra beck).

2182 days ago

All Of Them Be Infected    

I'd pour a beer up it, and lap it back out.

2182 days ago


1. dang, the daughter is mighty hot. i'd surely do her in a heartbeat

Posted at 5:15AM on Sep 28th 2008 by Abe
The only one you can "do" is one would be attracted to you with your vulgar, rude attitude and lack of respect for women. What a loser you are! (go "do" your momma...maybe she'd be the exception!)

2181 days ago


She's cute. However, those shoes are making her stand awkardly, throwing her hips in and her stomach out. But don't get me wrong, I'd do her. (FINALLY!!! A WHITE GIRL WHO ISN'T LESBIAN OR BI)

2181 days ago


God bless her..............I can't imagine having a mother like Ann Wintour!

2181 days ago


She looks like a perfect blend of Lindsay Lohan and Camilla Belle. Weird. Too bad her mom is such an arrogant, ugly, cruel devil.

2181 days ago


to comment #7 (sync), ladies these days dont want respect. they want tobe treated like thepigeons they are. i dont careabout my rude, vulgarlanguage. if people dont like it too bad you dam pigeon. no go fly away

2181 days ago

Sad Canadian    

Abe, go back to school, learn to spell, and maybe write a coherent sentence. Like attracts like, so I can totally understand why you only find 'dam pigeons.' By the way, I think you meant 'damned' pigeons. A dam is something that blocks water, or a horse's mother.

Bea Shaffer always looks elegant and well put together. She's no Julia Restoin Roitfeld, but she's pretty, doesn't prance drunkenly for paparazzi cameras like so many young, rich women, and goes to school.

2181 days ago


I got boner looking at this photo!

2181 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Now wait a minute, Judith. I am a 47-year-old, very conservative mother of three grown children. I have complained my whole adult life about young women who dress too provocatively and show way too much skin. I am always distressed by trashy-looking girls. But, let's get a grip here. Pantyhose and slips have gone the way of the girdles and GOOD RIDDANCE. There is nothing at all disgusting about a woman's legs in a dress (lovely). What century are you from? Pantyhose? Are you kidding? I don't own a pair, and I am a professional woman who owns a large successful business. And a slip? Can you tell me why that offends you? If the dress is see-through, then of course, you need another layer such as a slip. But that's the ONLY time you would need one. Since I don't buy see-through clothes, then that is another item of clothing I don't have. Other than that, why on earth would anyone want to wear a slip, and what possible difference does it make? If you are disgusted by that, you need to crawl back under the rock you came out of.

2181 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

And, might I ask, Judith, how do you expect women to wear pantyhose or any type of hose with open-toed shoes? Or do those offend you, too?

2181 days ago
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