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Tina Fey to Sarah Palin:

I Can't Quit You

9/28/2008 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As we first reported, Tina Fey couldn't help but to reprise her role as Seh-rah Pay-lin on "Saturday Night Live" last night.

Click To Watch -- Tina Fey
This is the definition of a comedic "softball pitch" -- it almost seems too easy for Fey.


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" i didn't even know who tina fey was before this and i'm sure i will forget again soon after this skit gets old with everyone"

Interesting comment, seeing that no one knew who Sarah Palin was before a month ago as well.

2193 days ago


Man, I feel so sorry for all the Palin supporters who were soooooo excited about their fresh new face. It's almost painful to watch them try to make excuses and justify all the moronic things she says, not to mention go out of their way to justify her serial lying, I mean really, surely republicans can't be that dumb to not recognoze what an embarrassing idiot Sarah Palin is. They actually think a Hickey mom of 5 who went to 5 colleges in 4 years, ended up with a degree in journalism with average grades, got runner up in the Miss Alaska beauty pagent, ended up as Mayor of a town of only 5,500 people and now governor of a state with a population less than the majority of major US cities is somehow more qualified than a Harvard Law Review President, graduating with honors who had over 650 job offers to the top companies in this country and chose to use his skills and superior intellegence to help laid off steel workers in Chicago put their lives back together for a whopping 12k a year and ended up being a State Senator and then US Senator, then beat the most politically powerful candidate in this country- Hillary Clinton to become the Dem nominee after a brutal 18 month public vetting. Yeah right. Sarah can see Russia from her house. I feel so much safer now..LOL

2193 days ago


Sarah----I liked you better as a guy!

2193 days ago


Opps!-----I mean "Sara"

2193 days ago


Eat it, neo-cons!

2193 days ago

Mr. A    

Hey Sara #17~

You do realize that this is not REALLY Sarah Palin, but a skanky scar faced old hack of a comedian from SNL pretending to be Palin? Those "stupid things she says" are coming from impersonators, so they don't count as legitimate gaffes and stupid things. I thought I might have to point that out to you, as you apparently are confused on the difference between real and PRETEND.

I shouldn't do this, as it might cause irreparable damage to your delicate psyche, but I probably should let you know that Bart Simpson is really a GIRL!!!

2193 days ago


MR.A......CLASSIC !!!!

2193 days ago


Ok first Tina Fey and 30 Rock got a zillion Emmy's so obviously her writing doesn't suck and alot of people DO get her humor.. Education counts.. the mind is a terrible thing to waste.. catch up and enjoy the humor even Sarah Palin said she is hilarious... conservatives need to laugh more and not lead us into 700 million dollar debt .

2193 days ago

baby girl    

Palin supporters...Bitter Much???The truth hurts. She IS simple. Perhaps you didn't see and hear the Katie Couric interveiw? Sorry, but my 14 year old could've put her to shame. She's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

2193 days ago


I can hardly wait till she debates Biden. Great new material for SNL!!

2193 days ago

blues fan    

Poor Mr. A -- how embarrassing for you and all the other Palin fans have to admit that your candidate makes Ms. Fey's job as easy as taking candy from a baby. No wonder her handlers have been trying desperately to keep her under wraps ever since McCain chose her....every time the poor thing speaks w/o a script she demonstrates how completely unready she is to serve as this country's VP: foreign policy, geography, diplomacy, economics, they all escape her. When Katie Couric interviewed Palin - and, was by all accounts, extremely gentle with her -- she asked Palin several times to give specific examples of how Mr. McCain was going to "reform the way Wall Street does business", something Palin had boasted about previously. Palin fumbled and stumbled and gave a rambling and incoherent answer. When pressed again to give examples, Palin was unable to do so.... her "final answer was, "I'll try to find you some and then bring them to you." And you think Fey's lampooning of this woman was a stretch? Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2193 days ago


" I'm never wrong..remember...." .....YOU ARE A NARCISSUS....LOOK IT UP....OR JUST LOOK IN THE MIRROR !!!


2193 days ago

blues fan    

Umm, Mr. A -- I hope you won't shout at me again, but the word you were struggling to produce in your previous rant was "narcissist" -- a "narcissus" is a pretty white flower, similar to a daffodil, that blooms in springtime. What was that you were saying about intelligence??

2193 days ago

Mr. A    

So where did all the Democrats go??? Are there ANY in our government, any that are actually DOING anything? Apparently not, since all the crap that's been screwed up seems to roll right off their backs and onto the OTHER guys.

How convenient.

I know it's the old "buck stops here" chant, when things go bad and the current cabinet have to take full responsibility for it, but a truly EDUCATED individual would have to know that our government is not truly run by one PARTY let alone ONE man?

You libs don't have the perfect answer nor the best laid plans for saving the country or the WORLD. The only position you rely on instead is that you'll do things DIFFERENT. WOW!! That's brilliant!! have a major role in screwing things up to begin with (knowing all too well the old "buck stops here" mantra) then step in to claim you'll fix it...IF elected!!

That's like a car mechanic that deliberately halfasses the repair job on your vehicle, just to create a NEED for further services. Our governemnt should be like the maytag repairman, and because everything runs so smooth and efficiently, they don't have a whole lot to do. That would be like shooting themselves in the foot though, hence the desire for SOME political party members to push for socialism. Now THAT would be major job security.

OH well...keep bashing Palin. If she's causing that much angst and hate out of the left, she must be a major threat to your messiah Obama's chances of victory this November otherwise, she'd be getting as much press as Biden.

uhhhh, that means next to ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH btw.

2193 days ago

blues fan    

I feel no hatred nor angst toward this woman, I just see -- as do more and more Americans -- that she was chosen hastily and w/o proper investigation, and she does not have what it takes for the position of VP. Even nationally-known Conservatives such as Kathleen Parker and George Will are saying that she should be replaced for the good of the party. The more she speaks, the more she helps Obama to move closer to the White House -- read the polls.

2193 days ago
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