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Britney Doesn't Want to Stand Trial for Ding, Dang

9/29/2008 8:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsShe may not have put the brakes on when she should have, but Britney now wants the judge in her lil' traffic accident case to slam those suckers down.

You'll recall Brit is set to stand trial for driving without a valid California license -- a case that has dragged on for a year. Remember, the crazy version of Britney struck a car in August of last year and the cops found she was driving with a Louisiana license in Los Angeles.

Now her lawyer wants the judge to stop the trial, at least for now, because of the conservatorship. According to the docs, she's still not totally with it. Brit is "unable to participate meaningfully in her defense."

It's kind of weird, because we're hearing the conservatorship could end as early as next month. So the new trial of the century may still be coming to a cable channel soon.


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And I bet you can't wait TMZ.

2212 days ago

Just sayin'    

Just take the damn punishment!

Thanks for the you tube link, 15.

An American Carol, in theaters Friday!!!

2212 days ago


She's totally not with it to be able to comply with the law, but she's "OK" to drive? Give me a break!

2212 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

yeah, i remember that! ! it was like this huge scene!! she came flyin in out of nowhere in this sleek black car--an expensive one, then BAM!! she smashes into this unmanned vehicle and totals it. luckily there wasn't anyone inside, cuz they would have really needed an air lift it was so horrible.......

2211 days ago


Why waste time and taxpayers money? She won't receive any kind of punishment anyway. Brit is a washed-up loser. It never ceases to amaze me how many britards actually fell for the whole "mentally ill" angle. It was all an act to try to get sympathy because she had gone to far. Get with it people. And to those of you who turn a blind eye and pretend she's all peaches and cream, well you will be just as resposible for her demise because you allowed this selfish, spoiled girl to think she can get away with anything including child neglect!

2211 days ago


I fear that if/when Britney's father's control ends there will be a disaster shortly to follow. If she is bi-polar or has other mental illnesses her impulse controls are diminished. We have seen that in her past behaviors, such as, the shaved head, public displays of her private areas, inability to control spending, etc. Just because she has been controlled by outside forces does not mean that she is competent to control herself. I feel very sorry for her and I wish her well but...

2211 days ago


I don't think it matters where you have a license at, she had a valid one and that should be good enough. Any citations or trials should have to do with the fact she hit another car.

2211 days ago


Agree to a fine and traffic school and let her go on her way. Enough court time and money has been wasted on this issue.

2211 days ago


The DA who has been pushing for a trial all along is running for city attorney and has been using the "case" for cheap publicity. What really sucks is that there is no one in the DA office or government with enough integrity to remove publicity seeking creeps like him from high profile cases. I guess the real message is the DA's office in LA is corrupt.

2211 days ago

citizen kope    

the only maggot here is you. take some time for yourself and get that nasty, ugliness out of your soul. get a life, if you can.

2211 days ago

citizen kope    

why do you even care? the poor girl never did anything to you. all you're doing is wasting your time with something that doesn't even concern you. the only neglect that is going on is from you and from others like you. don't you have anything better to do with your time than to sit back and cast stones? why don't you "get with it" and stop being so ignorant about the subject. you have no freaking clue if she's mentally ill or not. so, go take a xanex and chill the f out. our world would be such a better place if there were less people like you in it. sounds like you've got a serious anger problem. better do something about it.

2211 days ago


#24...Honey i don't have an anger problem. I see things as what they are. If you want to go along with the bs plan of brit and her people go right ahead. Though you should know your intelligence will be questioned. britards chant?

2211 days ago

Big Bear    

What a sex tape?? Britney has not had a real boyfriend since K Dead ran off. Britney looks ok and has lots of cash so why no fella?? Even crazy people need some lovin"!!!!!!

2211 days ago


I think i read on x17 that adnan(hasnone) says he has a tape and will sell for the right price.

2211 days ago


Britney's in New York?

Yeah, it's a lovely day in Los Angeles!
I'll be back. I'm gonna run out to shop and get a bite to eat now that britney is summoning the N.Y. paps to be where she is.
Unless Lindsey and Sam decide to text them it should be easy parking on Robertson today!
whooo hooo

2211 days ago
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