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CHP to Heather: You Oughta Be in Pictures

9/29/2008 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather LocklearTake a look at the CHP officer on the right, taking a picture of Heather Locklear on his cell phone just before she gets cuffed.

It's not a CHP cellphone -- the Department tells TMZ it's owned by the officer. So, you ask, why is the officer taking pictures of Heather Locklear on his personal cell phone? Officials in the Santa Barbara CHP office say he was documenting the scene with video and photos -- partly for evidence and partly to protect the officers in case Heather claims some sort of impropriety.

The officials say the video and photos are being turned over to the D.A.'s office as evidence and nothing was improper about the officer using his cell phone to document the arrest. But we spoke with several others at CHP who say officers shouldn't be using their personal cellphones, especially when a celeb is the suspect.


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And who, may I ask, took this picture of the cop taking the picture? And how is that any different from what the cop is doing?
Sort of the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it?

2124 days ago


Thats ridiculous--that cop is a real loser

2124 days ago


He should be fired....period!!! She has enough problems and her life is in a big enough mess and these guys just think they have something to prove!! He should be fired immediately!!!

2124 days ago


Don't the cop cars already have cameras installed for just that reason. Why does an officer need his personal devices when we tax payer already provide them?

I'm calling B.S. on it. I would sue his *ss off.

2124 days ago


Give me a break, Kay. So you think the COP should be fired because HEATHER LOCKLEAR has enough problems in her life??? If we did that, then there wouldn't be any cops left in this world. And, Marla, I noticed you said your husband WAS a cop -- hmmm...I wonder why...did he go sour? If your husband was a cop, you should be defending officers because you know all the crap they put up with and experience on a DAILY BASIS. What a poor excuse for a wife -- your husband would be pissed if he knew you wrote those comments. And he should be.

Police officers DO have their own department issued digital cameras and never ever use their personal cameras for evidence. That is a poor excuse. If this officer is guilty of breaking the law, he will be disciplined. Keep focus of who BROKE THE LAW -- HEATHER LOCKLEAR.

2124 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I can't believe that they cuffed her!! I guess being SOCAL and all, she's lucky that she wasn't shot.

2124 days ago

The Fed    

He was probably planning to sell the photos to TMZ!

2124 days ago

your mother    

#28 "Usually the people who hate cops or think they are bad people are the same people breaking the law."

If you want to critisize people for making blanket statements, it's probably not wise to make one yourself.

2124 days ago

BWM from Calgary    

Heather would have learned the proper pose and proceedure for using handcuffs from her days on TJ Hooker!

2124 days ago


Why was Heather arrested in the first place. You say that she was just sitting in her car when the police arrived.
Why does this warrant being arrested.

And that cop taking a picture should be FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2124 days ago


Your Mother --- that's why I said USUALLY. Unlike others who so easily make comments like "ALL COPS ARE PIGS", etc, etc.

2124 days ago


Why is she being brutalized while arrested? This matches no publicly announced situation for rationale.

2124 days ago

Miss Q    

I call BS! Yes, as much as we may not like it, TMZ and other gossip sites are in the business of buying candid celebrity photos, that however is not the job of a police officer! This is just wrong! I don't live in California, but I think cops have more or less the same attitude everywhere-they treat people like crap! The guy taking the picture probably thought it was hilarious, he just couldn't wait to show it around. She may have made a mistake by getting into the car impaired, but this is unfair, it's only because she is a celebrity that she is being exploited, I would try to sue if I were here. What happened to professionalism on the force? This is DISGUSTING!!!

2124 days ago


I suffer from depression and anxiety. If you are not getting treated properly and the medications are not just right, you can do some pretty strange things. I feel sorry for Heather and hope that she gets the help she needs. Maybe a hospital stay will help.

2124 days ago


I think it was not the best judgement for the officer to be taking pictures, but it's not a fireable offense. And just so that you know - not all police cars are equipped with cameras and recording equipment. In fact the LA Sheriffs and the LAPD only have cameras in a few specialized units, and do not have the budget for cameras in the patrol cars yet. It's other states and smaller departments that have recording equipment in all the cars.

And for the person that thinks California is not worth visiting and that all cops are pigs, we're glad your type is staying out......

2124 days ago
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