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CHP to Heather: You Oughta Be in Pictures

9/29/2008 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather LocklearTake a look at the CHP officer on the right, taking a picture of Heather Locklear on his cell phone just before she gets cuffed.

It's not a CHP cellphone -- the Department tells TMZ it's owned by the officer. So, you ask, why is the officer taking pictures of Heather Locklear on his personal cell phone? Officials in the Santa Barbara CHP office say he was documenting the scene with video and photos -- partly for evidence and partly to protect the officers in case Heather claims some sort of impropriety.

The officials say the video and photos are being turned over to the D.A.'s office as evidence and nothing was improper about the officer using his cell phone to document the arrest. But we spoke with several others at CHP who say officers shouldn't be using their personal cellphones, especially when a celeb is the suspect.


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First of all... nice ass Heather! Second of all.... she was driving in a dangerous manner putting others at risk. I could give a flying cell phone if this cop took her picture but I am glad she's off the street.

All you anti-CHP whinners get a life. If you needed the CHP and they wern't there for you, you'd be the 1st to whine.

2184 days ago


Really, was it necessary to put handcuffs on her? She must weigh 105 soaking wet...what jerks!!

2184 days ago



2184 days ago


One of the "benefits" of fame is the target painted on your back and the cops who have a license to hunt. There is so much wrong with this whole arrest that it stinks even on ice. I wonder how much the PaP mafia paid for this one. As I read this all the cops can prove, and all they saw; is that she parked her car where she should not have. For that you get hancuffed and booked?

2184 days ago


And what would you sue for??????? Unprofessionalism? That's not against the law.

2184 days ago


EFF that BEE! She's driving around depressed and intoxicated. Since she is thumbing her nose at other peoples right to be on the road with safe, sane drivers, I flip the BIRD at her right not to be photographed will her dumbASS is being arrested.

Hey Heather, aren't you glad you didn't kill someone.

2184 days ago




My best friends husband is a L.A. is a cop... and he does the same thing. he either takes his personal camara or he'll take pics off his phone so he could have as evidence. I dont see anything wrong with this. the officer is just trying to protect himself. Plus he did knwo there were like 100 paps there......Now on why she got arrested... that is kind of suspicious...



2184 days ago


fake - the arresting "cop" is not wearing body armor - all cops in the LA area MUST wear body armor

2184 days ago


Poor Heather????????Sh was caught breaking the law--no pity from me--Save it for the people who are killed by drunks or dopers!!! She came outside doing that--anybody can take her pic---
It just amazes me the way some people will excuse everything a celebrity does. For shame!!

2184 days ago


What a f*ing jerk and an abuse of power.

2184 days ago


It's bad because it raises the question of "what is he going to do with the photos"? And for those of you who skimmed over it, it's nothing like a dash-cam. This is the guy's personal cell phone, and that is about as unprofessional as it gets.

2184 days ago


this is funny! all these morons getting on the cops for doing their job (responding to a citizens complaint and to witnessing drunk driving) yet they have no problem with TMZ photographing the exact thing the cop is photographing!

2184 days ago


No, police officers do not HAVE to wear body armour or vests. As of today, it is still optional. The picture you see does not explain everything - none of us were there to witnessed what happened before the arrest. So perhaps there is a great deal of information that, if you knew about it, might change your opinion about the situation. Don't be so quick to judge either party.

2184 days ago


I do not care what anyone thinks she is even hot in her mugshot.

2184 days ago


E! was reporting that this was NOT alcohol related and that she passed all sobriety tests. They also reported that she was arrested "while stumbling around". So... STUMBLING AROUND and PARKING ILLEGALLY has ballooned to THIS? I'm pretty sure you have to be caught DRIVING to be arrested for a DRIVING RELATED OFFENSE! This stinks to high Heaven.

I don't really care about the cop taking the photos. Who cares? The dash cam, police issued camera, etc. will all produce photos that eventually get out because of who she is. And, TMZ was doing the exact same thing!

2184 days ago
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