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CHP to Heather: You Oughta Be in Pictures

9/29/2008 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather LocklearTake a look at the CHP officer on the right, taking a picture of Heather Locklear on his cell phone just before she gets cuffed.

It's not a CHP cellphone -- the Department tells TMZ it's owned by the officer. So, you ask, why is the officer taking pictures of Heather Locklear on his personal cell phone? Officials in the Santa Barbara CHP office say he was documenting the scene with video and photos -- partly for evidence and partly to protect the officers in case Heather claims some sort of impropriety.

The officials say the video and photos are being turned over to the D.A.'s office as evidence and nothing was improper about the officer using his cell phone to document the arrest. But we spoke with several others at CHP who say officers shouldn't be using their personal cellphones, especially when a celeb is the suspect.


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that's all    

74. Damn! That is some crazy sh*t. Just goes to show how disgusting even cops can be. And we pay these people with our taxes to protect us? It's like we can't even rely on people in those positions to have an independant and self regulated sense or respect and dignity. How disgusting. Control the urges in your crotch friggen weirdo. May as well hire a crotch rubber to protect my kids.

Posted at 6:52AM on Sep 30th 2008 by howser


You dumbass. She was driving eratically and what if she had killed somene killed or their kid? Driving is not a right and because she is a Hollwood blonde doesn't mean they have to treat her with kid gloves when she is GOING bozo behind the wheel. I bet you have a record for arrest and being a jerk. Like Chris Rock say...."how to avoid the popo OBEY THE LAW".

2179 days ago


why couldent they just use their dash cam in their car

2179 days ago


Why would he take grainy cell phone pictures when he has a dashboard camera video taping the entire incident?

2179 days ago


As long as you feel that way, don't call 911 the next time you need help.

2179 days ago


The cop has her arm bent up, and his hand on her head, messing her hair. This whole thing stinks. She is dressed decent, and standing. These cops who think they are GOD know more tricks than you could dream up. My ex was a cop, and the stories I heard and read would make your head spin. These guys go bonkers when a hot prostitute gets thrown in the slammer. On their patrols they check out more than the crimes going on. They are sneaking around with women, offering their services. I won't pinpoint the who's and whats...but you can bet your bippy that something smells, and it aint Heather.
99% of cops are worse than the crooks, and sex maniacs. They make dirty deals, in CYA situations and lie worse than any other career men. I've seen it all in S. Miami, not different from Hollywood. The stars and famous people are abused, worse than the average joe on the street. Because she has money she's a bigger hit for them. Cops cover for their own. I truly hope Heather gets out of this. You watch. All thosee pictures will surface. Cops truly are your worse Nightmare!

2178 days ago


Yep. I knew it. The pictures sure did surface. Too many of them. How did so many people and so many cameras get on the scene so fast? Some woman calls 911 saying she saw this, and suddenly she's swarmed by paps and cops like a criminal. Stories blown out of proportion, like nobody else in the world might be driving with a problem. Suddenly she's worse than a killer. This is ridiculous.
I live in a small town and don't know anyone who doesn't drink, smoke, and drive, except me. Lord only knows what else. Just about all the young folks, and older ones too, for that matter, are doing drugs, driving and killing themselves. As far as I know, Heather Locklear has never been a trouble maker, has class, and respect in CA., and with her fans. I never heard before of her driving drunk, or being stupid. Always kept herself together. She's had problems with men, and is not a run-a-round. She was always faithful. I admire her and she shouldn't be treated like this, the one time they don't even know what she did. She should sue!

2177 days ago
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