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Pete Sampras

Backhands Tina Fey

9/29/2008 6:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pete Sampras is sick and tired of Tina Fey -- and all those high and mighty celebs who push their political beliefs on the common folk.

Pete Sampras: Click to watch
The retired tennis legend ripped into the Palin-alike and her fellow famous campaigners on his way out of Nobu in Malibu this weekend -- but the attack would have carried more weight had captain Hypocrite not screamed "Go McCain!" just moments earlier.

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"I think I've made the point on your question over your hypocrisy. AGAIN!"

Again? I'm still waiting to see where you did it the previous times.

"You started out PRESUMING that Pete Sampras was making a "political statement' by making a statement against celebrities (or even athletes) that make political statements."

It wasn't presumptuous...it's a fact. To say someone shouldn't express their poltical views IS a poltical statement. He's basically saying they shouldn't participate in the fundamental rights that we citizens have in the political process. If a more liberal celebrity said Christians shouldn't express their poltical views, you right-wingers would be all over it.

"you PRESUME I tagged you PERSONALLY with a "political affiliation" (who cares?"

You care, otherwise you wouldn't come back on here to check what I posted in retaliation. But again, it wasn't being presumptious. I made a non-partisan, non-biased statement, and you started with the LIBERAL name calling (not that I find being called a liberal offensive).

"you presume I think YOU are somebody to be "upstaged" (and yet I'm suppose to be the narcissistic one?) "

Didn't call you narcissistic...just crazy. And did you not say you like coming on here and pointing out how people are brainwashed and ridiculous? Sounds you like you're trying to provoke to me. Admit it...you're just on here to fight.

"you presume I've posted under different names only to flatter myself."

The lame writing styles of some of the posts that are in agreement with you are very similar to your lame writing style. An illiterate man could see that.

"befuddle and bewilder you? heh heh heh heh! If those are hard words for you, I think you're in for some tough reading difficulties ahead."

Not difficult, thank you very much, but you could use words that don't make you sound like an 80 year old man.

Have fun posting more comments on a story that is already almost 4 days old. I won't respond, which you'll undoubtedly think you won AGAIN. I'll chalk it up as having something better to do with my time. I've said my piece, but I'm sure you'll enjoy talking to yourself more, since everyone else has moved on and is no longer reading this.

2213 days ago

Mr. A    

I am 80 years old! ; )

2212 days ago


Its about time! when in the world will the media get off its high horse in believing that they control societies thinking and beliefs. your constant attacks & constant disrespect to anyone who believes differently than u is lewd & vile. I applaud any public figure, athlete or actor and actress w/the courage to be different than the average liberal. it takes courage to be different & lacks depth if your exactly the same as everyone else. Kudos Pete .

2211 days ago


Pete Sampras is sick and tired of Tina Fey -- and all those high and mighty celebs who push their political beliefs on the common folk.

What a dumb thing to say while he is using his celebrity status to influence voters! I am not surprised that he cannot appreciate humor!He had no humor during his active tennis career,never appreciated any of his opponents and when he lost ;it was all about himself.He skipped Davis Cup selfishly preferring to play individual events for individual glory. No wonder he supports Mccain with his Country First slogan!What a hippocrite!On the other hand Agassi may not have had as much success as the selfish Pete.But he cared about the game and never missed an opportunity to play for the country.And now he is doing even greater things for promoting the game among the "have nots".Pete has neither given anything back to the game nor his fans.Selfishness,thy name is Pete Sampras!You live in a glass house,remeber that before you start to throw stones!

2207 days ago


Sure wish Tina Fey's 15 minutes of fame were over. I couldn't stand her stupid impression. She is inferior to Sarah Palin in beauty, intellect, courage and achievement. Glad to see there's someone out there who is also sick of the Hollywood liberals. It really would have been great if McCain won since all those celebs said they'd leave the country. Now I guess we're stuck with them.

2178 days ago


i hate pete sampra. god damn republican. go die.

2174 days ago


There's a reason NOBODY missed Pete Sampras when he retired and EVERYBODY misses Andre Agassi. Andre was actually interesting and used his fame to help others through an amazing foundation, while Pete was and always has been all about Pete. He didn't lose many matches, but he was a TERRIBLE loser and bad sport when he did. Just ask Patrick Rafter.

2160 days ago



For God's sakes, she wasn't endorsing Obama--she was just doing an impression. It's called comedy.

2160 days ago
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