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Photos of Locklear Arrest

9/29/2008 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Heather Locklear's DUI arrest on Saturday near Santa Barbara. The actress looks somewhat dazed as she's taken into custody. But after taking a closer look, she could have an interesting defense.
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A resident called authorities after allegedly seeing Locklear driving "erratically" in a parking lot. But the CHP didn't see her driving -- she had pulled over on her own accord before they got there. There are reports she was arrested for driving under the influence of prescription medication -- but we're told the tests are still being analyzed. As we posted yesterday, no alcohol was involved.

The bottom line -- Locklear has a lawyer with a Ty Cobb batting average, Blair Berk. Especially given that deputies apparently didn't see her driving, look for a plea bargain and very possibly a reduced charge -- e.g., reckless driving.

By the way, check out the huge rock on her finger. She was apparently staying at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito with Jack Wagner.


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I would have just stuck it in her ass and let her go.

2178 days ago


Arrest seems excessive if she was having a bad reaction to prescribed dose of prescription meds. Get her off the road, but then take her straight to the hospital. If it was illegal drugs or od'ing on prescription meds, arest her and may God help her.

I don't see any legitimate reason for police officers aking photos on their cell phones. Video cameras, sure, but cell phone pictures? It's also obvious from these pictures that she was being followed by paparazzi.

Heather has a history of depression in her family. A cousin committed suicide. Add years of marriage to abusers, slowing down of her career, and hormonal issues and you have a recipe for disaster. It can happen to anyone. Hell, even our wanna be first lady Cindy McCain, a beer heiress who's never had to worry about making a living, was a pill popper for many years.

I would expect the tabs to blame Heather's latest bf Wagner, but they've said he's taken her to AA meetings and rehab so I give him props for hanging in there. It seems like he's in a tough spot. She's an adult. He can't force her to do anything she doesn't want to do. He could threaten to leave, but if she's fragile that would be a risky proposition too.

2178 days ago


how come, in the old days, celebrities had flunkies to drive them whereever they went, and now they drive themselves?

2178 days ago

Lillian Gorham    

I would just LOVE to stay out of her business. But if she is risking innocent peoples' lives, then we as 'the state' are forced to be in her business. Narcotic medication = DONT DRIVE. Alcohol = DONT DRIVE. Heck, when you are a teen and getting your license they even tell you not to drive if you are in an overly emotional state, let alone driving under the influence of pain medication, or anti-anxiety meds, whatever she was on. As a pain med patient, I know how loopy it makes you. Sometimes you can't even form a sentence.

2178 days ago

barbara miller    

God please bless and heal Heather+ I know alot of people out there think she is reckless and to blame, but if YOU ever experience mental anxiety/depression, perhaps you would be a little more compassionate! God, please bless all the police officers who try to protect and serve us all! God, please also bless the hostile TMZ fans and help them to learn to LOVE others, and to reject judgements and fear! Heather Locklear is a BEAUTIFUL child of the most high God!!!!!!!!

2178 days ago


Poor Heather - my thoughts are with you and hope you get better soon. No one needs a public spectacle of what is really nothing.

2178 days ago

James Q. Padaleki    

I know a dude named Tom who used to be infatuated with this bitch. if I arrested him for DUI OR SPEEDING. I'd tie him up myself with flex cuffs, gag him and have him join her in holding detention, as she's carrying on a one way conversation telling him what it's like to play a TV ad agency exec and a TV cop for years, but also play the role of a defendant accused of DUI, and reckless endangerment.

2178 days ago


51. you mention the fact that she has a big rock on her finger.. that can't be her finger, she had black pants on, not jeans.. take a closer look at the ring picture everyone.. TMZ is trying to fool us!

Posted at 12:14PM on Sep 29th 2008 by enye

Excellent observation!

2178 days ago


Jesus I wish people would learn proper Englsh before they post on an English language board.

The size of the rock on Heather's finger does not matter, she has worked for 30years and if she wants something beautiful to lift her spirits she deserves it.

2178 days ago


She is SO tiny, even an anxiety med that normal weight people use would/should be lower dosed for her. Sometimes it takes awhile for your body to get used to new meds.

I'm sorry this was made public.

Stay strong kid, you'll make it.

2178 days ago


These pictures are like all over the place, no idea what is going on. They suck.

2178 days ago

Lillian Gorham    

Dori: She has "worked for over 30 years." Oh, yes, One would think she had worked as a maid or a grocery clerk at WalMart for 30 years and the poor thing is buying her first diamond ring. Poor, poor Heather. What a world, what a world. Such deprivation she's known. Her husband cheated. She's getting older. You know, her situation is so unique. I mean, who goes through that?? I just don't know anyone whos been cheated on and is getting older, or who had to "work" for 30 years. By all means, she SHOULD be allowed to drive under the influence.

2178 days ago

Terry Reno    

Misty's Mom..........................Oh you can too get a DUI for driving under the infulence of prescription medicine. A few valium makes some people worse than booze. That's why it says on the bottle not to drive or operate machinery. And the police will take your blood on that one.

2178 days ago


I'm not saying the girl needed to be driving, but was it really necessary to have that many cops on the scene???

2178 days ago


I've seen it before. She is 47 and she hears the clock ticking and knows it is almost all over for her. She is about to dry-up and fade away. And she hates it.

2178 days ago
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