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Jennifer Aniston Is Must See T&A

9/30/2008 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 39-year-old bachelorette sunned her golden curves in Cabo on Monday.

How the hell does she manage to stay single looking so damn hot in a bikini?!


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. . . because she's infertile?
. . . because she's a high-maintenance Greek Princess

2214 days ago

jenna elich    

u all are so dum! you must all be men writing on here! shes prob boring-uptight-and boring!why would all the men leave her ass! she didnt want kids with pitt nor did she prob bend over but she prob begged mayer to get her prego and he ran! people always want what they cant have! she learned too late how to RELAX pitt said it was all about HER and HER career hehe on FRIENDS -thattttt was HER careeR!
meanwhile hes the big movie star now and shes a single needy cling on-same hairstyle since i was in HIGH SCHOOL!!!

2214 days ago

brazen weep    

"How does she remain single"???

Simple: She's a sourpuss. She always looks like she's forcing herself to smile. She's completely affected with the constant brushing the hair out of her face and the downtrodden look on her puss.

2214 days ago


how do u manage to stay single with that hot body? let's se.. she's so damn CLINGY

2214 days ago


Curves? What curves??? You can tell that TMZ is staffed by homosexuals who have absolutely no clue what a hetero guy would classify as "curves". Now Kim Kardashian - the gal that you guys always like to ridicule - she's got serious curves. Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand, is about as curvy as a 12-year-old boy.

2214 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........muy deliciousa!!!!!!! viva la revealation!

2214 days ago


She may be hot, but she is one pathetic loser. She can't keep a man, she can't make a even a DECENT movie & she's still angry she got LEFT. Why would any guy want to compete w/the ghost of Brad Pitt?

2214 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

Hot? Yeah, right, if you like 12 year old boys! Look up the word BITCH in the dictionary and you will find her picture! Self-centered, no personality and her movies SUCK!

2214 days ago


maybe she' s just not a nice girl...........

2214 days ago


Aside from Brad Pitt and his adultery, no one but her ex boyfriends know what really happened in her other relationships, so ASSuming they left her is just narrowminded and moronic. She probably has some trust issues now, anyway, after Brad's ugly infidelity. She is a lovely, fun person, not a sour puss - most of us would probably scowl at all the stalkerazzi, too, nimrods. She doesn't NEED a man and has lots of money to have fun on her own - I don't blame her choices to have some fun dating for a bit, then enjoy time alone. Good for you, Jen!

2214 days ago


HOW?????????????? PROBABLY BECAUSE SHE IS A STUCK UP BIAATCH THAT IS HOW! sure she is cute for someone who has no worries or kids to tear up her bod a bit but it takes more then looks at the end of the day. She seems like she has no personality AT ALL!! She better get a job soon too or we will just think that is all she does is sit in the sun all day with nothing else to do. Maybe she can be like Angelina and adopt a baby or something.. you know.. make herself useful!

2214 days ago


Look, she went around the block with one of the "Sexiest Men Alive" and look what that got her?? Brad Pitt is a nasty ole tired mess these days, whereas Jen looks amazing. I say good for her!!!

2214 days ago


She's hot! One of my favorites... but she must be a pain in the @ss, because she can't keep a man.

2214 days ago


Ok, I had a friend a few years back who actually met her in a restaraunt in Ala. (visiting Courtney Cox's family) and said she was a genuinely nice person. In my opinion she is a beautiful person and I wish her the best...

2214 days ago


What a bitter bunch of losers posting today! You go mean girls! Sounds like you're all about 15 years old.

2214 days ago
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