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Jennifer Aniston Is Must See T&A

9/30/2008 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 39-year-old bachelorette sunned her golden curves in Cabo on Monday.

How the hell does she manage to stay single looking so damn hot in a bikini?!


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She looks like Dustin Hoffman in Drag...and her body is boney with droopy boobs..what's hot about her flat ass

2211 days ago

The Hose    

She might havea 70's Bush and her stuff smells like crawfish.
Just sayin'

2211 days ago


Age really isn't that important to men, its the curves that matter. wrinkles don't show up on plumpers so much.

2211 days ago


She is SMART

2211 days ago


She is SMART

2211 days ago


The reason is, she's got a great body, but she has no sex appeal. None. She is boring and looks stuffy and very un-fun.

2211 days ago



I couldnt agree with you more.I dont know who has a flatter ass her or Cameron Diaz

2211 days ago


Oh you guys.... Jen is a girls girl she stands by us Women. When the guys act like jecks she's your friend. She's the kind a girl friend that wouldn't talk behind your back. She's class all the way and she's beautiful. The issue is men don't like it when a woman thinks for her self, when she actually puts her choices before his. Men have done this since the beginning of time and when women do it men get all bent out of shape.

2211 days ago


It's a well known secret in Hollywood that she has a very big problem with vaginal odor

2211 days ago


Which moron said she needs a job? This year alone she filmed Management, Traveling, He's Just Not That Into You and Marley & Me (that we know of)! If she's not entitled to some down time after that, then who is? You jealous hags and arrogant men need to stop bashing this girl. She not only has looks but she has heart. Even her ex husband has said that Jen is the warmest person, not a mean spirited bone in her body and everyone who knows her gravitates to her like a moth to a flame, she unites people and is a great woman. People LOVE her. Unfortunately for him he suffered his mid life crisis and destroyed his marriage. But those were the words he used to describe his wife ( on TV) a year before they separated. It's so sad to listen to people carry on about her looks when no matter what her physical appearance is ..... she is still a deep, kind hearted soul. Sorry, but if you find the need to pick her apart then you might want to look in the mirror and then fix your own obvious issues. Rant over.

2211 days ago

nira k    

She can't keep a relationship. Pretty on the outside but a self centered egomaniac inside. She never learns, does she, poor bitch.

2211 days ago

Quit ur bitchin'    


Maybe YOU should consider doing something with YOURSELF - perhaps you could start by GRABBING A LIFE!!!!

What in the hell do you know about Jennifer Aniston.................................???

That's what I thought.......

2211 days ago


Um...yeah Brad may look dishelve when not walking the red carpet but did it occur to you nimrods that it may be because he's a father of 6!??!! yeah he made his #1 priority being a father not looking good for all you hags to drool over. I'm sure he always looked good with Jen because she dressed him the way she wanted them both portrayed like the perfect happy couple.


No , Brad looks like that because he lives out of a suitcase !!!!! His number #1 priority is pimping his children out to the public, staying relevant on the red carpet , doing movies and commercials and leaving his girlfriend behind with 6 children for days on end. Don't even tell me he hasn't considered how green the grass use to be on the other side! He may have wanted kids - but this is not the lifestyle he bargained for. Travelling every 4 months with 6 kids will wear on him , if it hasn't already ! He hooked up with a gypsy. I'm sure he's missing the stability he use to have. p.s. it's well known Jen was his stylist. She also reminded him to shower daily. He didn't live under a hat when he was with her !

2211 days ago


If I had the money she makes, just off friends re-runs I would be at the beach alot to. I think she is awesome, she does alot of charity work for kids suffering from cancer. Maybe she just doesn't want a long term relationship with someone right now. After burned by brad and the SKANK,PIG, trust is a major issue with her and when she is ready only she will know that she is. So to all the people ragging on her and saying such nasty things about her right now F-U ALL.

2211 days ago


Vince didn't break it off with her, she broke it off with him. As far as Mayer; don't you think it's him and his camp spreading the rumor that she is calling him to reconcile. I highly doubt she would go back with him.

Jen is looking like a 20 year old. She is gorgeous and would make a smoking hot couple with Gerard Butler.

2211 days ago
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