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Locklear Police Report -- "Obvious Impairment"

10/1/2008 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The California Highway Patrol has released the arrest report from Heather Locklear's DUI bust:

"A concerned citizen observed a visibly impaired woman, later identified as Heather Locklear, at a parking lot in Montecito, CA. Ms. Locklear was driving forwards and backwards over a pair of sunglasses and revving her engine. A few moments later, that citizen watched Ms. Locklear drive away. The citizen left the parking lot and came upon Ms. Locklear and her vehicle now stopped within the roadway on east Valley Road, near Live Oaks Road, in Montecito.

The citizen became concerned when Ms. Locklear exited her vehicle and stumbled into the traffic lane. Concerned for Ms. Locklear's safety, the citizen called 911 and reported the entire incident to CHP Ventura Dispatch.

CHP Dispatch broadcast the situation to officers in the area. Santa Barbara CHP officers responded to the area. Upon arrival, they located Ms. Locklear seated alone in the driver's seat of her vehicle which was obstructing the traffic lane.

Upon contact Ms. Locklear appeared to be disoriented. After an on scene evaluation a DUI investigation was initiated. Although obvious impairment was exhibited during the tests, alcohol was ruled out as a factor.

Based on the circumstances and Ms. Locklear's objective symptoms, she was arrested for suspicion of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance.

She was transported to the Santa Barbara CHP office, where she was evaluated by a Drug Recognition Expert, who concluded Ms. Locklear was under the influence of a controlled substance, and could not safely operate a motor vehicle.

A chemical test was obtained and Ms. Locklear was transported and booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail for violation of 23152(a) VC (Driving under the influence) and 11550 (a) H&S (being under the influence of a controlled substance)."

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Poor Heather she has had a pretty bad time of it since her ex husband and best friend betrayed her. Hopefully she will get the proper help she needs. She is a sweet beautiful person. . She probable feels terrible as any of use would when we were up against this sort of think I sincerelt hope she can get proper treatment with out all the picture takers

Hang in there Heather it wil ger better!!!!

2182 days ago


Leave Heather alone!! She's had her share of hard times in the past few years. There isn't a perfect person in this world.............we all make mistakes.

2182 days ago


Hang in there Heather, just remember...What comes around, goes around....your "concerned citizen" will get hers.

2182 days ago


Heard she's working on a movie by producer Louis Kestenbaum called "Get A Life!" about the paparrazi's obsession with celebrities and how they'll stop at nothing. Louis Kestenbaum knows how to portray the paparazzi like no other, so should be a great flick!

2182 days ago


Is anyone aware that Jill Iskanian works or has worked for US Weekly magazine. She IS paparazzi. If what "pie" posted is true, and Jill was watching her, shouldn't she have called 911 as soon as she noticed Heather to be obviously impaired...before she got into a car? I'm not sticking up for Heather but I think Jill could have been looking out for a bigger payday with US Weekly rather than the safety of innocent people. They're both slime. I live in Montecito and she could have tragically hurt someone I know. Anyway you look at it, its very suspicious that Jill from US Weekly magazine happened to be present when all this came down.

2182 days ago


#8 - Sal, get a grip! #5, #11, and #14 - they are correct!

2182 days ago


Driving? The article did not say she was stopped driving, it said she was sitting in the car, The Papp said she saw and took pics of her driving and sold them to TMZ for $27,000 AMBULANCE CHASER. What a freaking jerk.

2182 days ago


One of the hottest girls on the planet........leave her alone

2182 days ago


Does anyone know the whereabouts of Sam Lufti? This totally fits his M.O.

2182 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

#12 Dollina is right, except for the fact that there's one little monster out there that does. The little tramp that stole her husband. There are certain celebs out there that you don't hear anyone talk trash about, and Heather is one of them. Leave her alone. I'm sure none of you have ever driven "impaired" before. Right! She was set up by this leach of a woman, plain as day.

2182 days ago


I don't believe this, there are way to many discrepancies in the article, read it carefully.

There is no way she could have been driving back and forth and run over a pair of sunglasses, (Come on guys) couldn't you think of something better than that, or at least be more realistic than sunglasses. Pleeeeeeezzzze , The so called concerned citizen was a freaking paparazzi. AMBULANCE CHASER, was all that Jill Iskanian was. Cheap shot for $27, 000.

2182 days ago


Okay, have I missed something here? (entirely possible)

Was Heather actually drunk or on drugs or otherwise impaired at the time? If not, something smells pretty bad and I think that dim bulb who reported it and then called the paps should be charged with disturbing the peace at the very least. No matter what she thinks, it's not against the law to drive back and forth over a pair of sunglasses and rev your engine.

If Heather is found to have been impaired at the time, then she performed a public service of sorts, though she totally negated it by calling the paps. I wish Heather would sue her.

2182 days ago


Well if it comes back negative, I hope they charge the woman with a false report. Maybe she stepped in a pothole.

2182 days ago

Black Teef    

It ain't easy writing bad stuff about Heather...she's just so hot.

2182 days ago


Good one #6. lol
Heather's still looking hot, she just needs a good role and better meds.

2182 days ago
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