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NASCAR Dispute Turns NASty

10/1/2008 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NASCAR star Robby Gordon claims he's been defrauded in a failed deal with Gillett Evernham Motorsports and wants a judge to excuse a million dollar bill.

Gordon's company made a deal to merge with Gillett Evernham Motorsports (a huge race team owner). According to legal documents, an investment company was hired to make the deal. But Gordon claims the deal went south because it was "fraudulently induced." As a result, Gordon and Co. want the judge to excuse an obligation to pay a $1,013,656 investment fee.

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mary k    

he messes with most the drivers. Robby is the one who is sneaky, and is trying to go back on his word, , maybe sould look up to kasey kahne, now thats a real driver

2209 days ago


To keep it short and sweet, I'll just say that Robby has accomplished more in racing than most other NASCAR drivers could or would ever do (IRL/CART-WINNER, SCORE/BITD-WINNER, BAJA 500-WINNER, BAJA 1000 WINNER, DAKAR-WINNER, IMSA/GRAND-AM-WINNER, SCCA-WINNER, Rolex 24 at Daytona- 4X WINNER, NATIONWIDE-WINNER, SPRINT CUP-WINNER, IROC-WINNER). He hasn't enjoyed tremendous success in NASCAR because he isn't the type to kiss up to the big time owners. After 2004, Richard Childress asked Robby to sign a long term deal to be the driver of the 07 Jack Daniels car. Robby refused because he wanted to start his own team. That is the truth and if you knew anything about Richard and Robbys relationship, then you would understand that. Most of you probably wouldn't know that Robby brought Cingular to RCR in 2002 and that he is very highly liked by all of his sponsors.

Robby cares about his fans, he makes it a point to meet his fans atleast two times a weekend at the racetrack, every race weekend. You don't see any other drivers doing that, regardless of if they are stars or not. And I'm not quite sure how you classify Robby as a whiner? Have you ever listened to Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, etc on thier in-car radios? Apparently not.

The merger with GEM was fishy from the beginning. Gillett is a snake businessman who knows nothing about NASCAR and how to run a racing business. He has no business in the sport, the only reason why he came was to bail Evernham out. Most who know the sport know Ray has a laundry list of problems (personally and professionally). Robby got screwed any way you look at it. The real details will come out, don't worry.

Yes, Robby's girlfriend just had a baby a few months back. No one knows why he hasn't made it public to his fans yet. The girl who had his baby was an on again off again type. Trust me, even the guys filling the field every week get their fair share of tail, and Robby is no different. He has had lots of hotties on his arm.

2209 days ago


All you Bashers certainly know who Robby is. Dispite what all you uniformed people think ,Robby is a good guy who has worked his ass off to get where he is.Most of the people who bash Robby are mad cause he doesn't take any crap from the BIG MONEY Golden boys .
Any of you Bashers that think you could do what Robby has done from BAJA to DAKAR,Rolex and Nascar either STEP UP or SHUT UP,better yet, just sit back down and have that 6th doughnut ,look in the mirror and keep cutting down the people you could only dream of being!!!!!

2209 days ago

Wild Hog    

I don't think anybody said they could do what Robby does. I'm sure he's one heck of a racer outside of Nascar. He has just done a lot of things I do not like.You seem to take this kind of personally, that's too bad, because I still say he is a crybaby.

2209 days ago


LOL, Robby Gordon is a JOKE!!!

...and it looks like a crook too!

2209 days ago

Robby Rocks My Socks    

Waffles: Since when is 24 years old considered barely legal? The people that Robby needs to acknowledge his kid to have been informed. Don't get your knickers in a knot just because you aren't important enough to be on that list.

2209 days ago

robby fan    

Hate to break it to you all, but the real story is the baby story. He won't discuss the baby cause the exgirlfriend was just a hook up not meant to be a relaionship on again, but a screw and she nailed his butt with a baby. And he debuted his new girlfriend fathers day weekend after his son had been born the very week. she has been at the race track since being passed off as a behind the scenes employee. When he reality she's his typical girlfriend, 20 something girlfriend who doesn't have a job just wants to live off him and let him support them with his sponsor money. Frankly, I am surprised his sponsors but up with his actics on and off the track. Granted he can be charming when it benefits him, but if it doesn't. That side isn't a side he shows his fans nor his sponsors, most of his exs have saw that side along wth the baby mama Sarah and am sure the little boy has by now. If he even has anything to do with him cause the new girlfriend takes up most of his time.
Frankly, to even say anything regards to Ray's personal life in regards to Robby is a joke. Ray had some issues, but he was a standup man about them and acknowledged them and has moved on with his life as well as the ones involved with little drama, unlike Robby. Ray is a good man and people grow apart and he handled it with the fans. Unlike Robby who won't go there even through it cases a bigger scandal for not going there.
Its hard being a fan of his with all his on and off track issues. Frankly. most of the other fans of other drivers make fun of you cause of all his stuff. And you get sick of taking up for him when he doesn't seem to learn. Frankly, I am surprised the team has survived this long with the revolving door of employees. But look how good they do when they leave him, example Greg Irwin. Its really sad. What should have been a great year for him has turned into a disaster due to his personal life being such a disaster and losing time that needed to be put into the team due to that. I can't believe sponsors put up with that crap. I guess they buy the act.
Robby is just a field filler. Running last doesn't constitute anything else but a field filler. So I guess you are right cause he sure has gotten his fair share of the tail.

2209 days ago

Thug Buster    

Robby is a good dude and a hardcore racer. Always has been. GEM is nothing more than another small NASCAR business trying to avopid going under and looking at other small underfunded teams like Gordon's to save them. They don't deserve a guy like Gordon. He walks the walk and talks the talk. Unlike many a NASCAR driver these days, HE'S THE REAL DEAL. Keep it up Robby, those of us who know the REAL you know that you'll prevail in the end.

2209 days ago

Jake Blaze    

I have always liked your show. TMZ, don’t believe all this negative hype over Robby. I have known Robby from the 1980’s to the present; he is one of the most talented and diverse race car drivers on the planet. Yeah, he’s got his problems but don’t we all. If these negative people actually knew Robby they would think a lot different. Harvey, you have a great crew.

2209 days ago

Robby Fan    

Okey people he is not suing Gillett - he is after the company that was supposed to make the merger happen, and is trying to get out of paying the bill they have sent since apparently THEY were fraudulent .. get the stories straight before spewing off...Robby is one of the nicest people off the track you will ever meet, ask anyone in NASCAR, drivers or other...he is an aggressive driver and if he wasn't shouldn't be in the sport....time to move on...

2208 days ago


rg is no whiner!
if you wanna hear or see a whiner just go over by kyle busch, jimmie johnson, and jeff gordon.
the true whiners of nascar.
you guys critisize robby for all of the things he does
i would like to see any hendrick or joe gibbs driver do anything he has in off road.dakar, etc....
all they have proven his with the right set ups there the fastest one to go around a circle

2207 days ago

Wild Hog    


I'll take Tony Stewart!

2207 days ago

robby fan    

40. Waffles: Since when is 24 years old considered barely legal? The people that Robby needs to acknowledge his kid to have been informed. Don't get your knickers in a knot just because you aren't important enough to be on that list.

Posted at 3:55PM on Oct 3rd 2008 by Robby Rocks My Socks

What is really sad, you just proved her point. Rob doesn't feel his fans are important enough to him to share his son with, he just wants them spending their money on him. You don't see Casey Mears hiding his pregnant girlfriend or soon to be born child from his fans. But I guess that wonderful to fans Robby that you all are saying, proves he isn't as good to his fans as everyone here is trying to make him out to be.

2207 days ago
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