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Oprah's Mom -- I Can't Read the Small Print!

10/1/2008 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey's mom is refusing to pay back a $155K bill to a clothing store, and her defense is basically to play dumb.

Vernita Lee claims she shouldn't have to pay the gigantic bill to Valentina, a boutique in Wisconsin, because they took advantage of her "lack of knowledge ... and/or capacity" when they opened the account, reports the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. What's more, her lawyer says the store didn't disclose finance charges prominently enough.

And to think, this could all go away with the change lying around Oprah's chintz-covered cushions.


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The Wisconsin authorities should throw her fat ass in jail for not paying the bill. Stupidity is no excuse!! If you're that stupid you shouldn't be allowed to leave the house. They should lock her up and take that Obama loving big mouth daughter of hers with her.

2191 days ago


Oprah or her mother should just pay the bill. It is this kind of behavior which caused the financial crisis we're now in. People borrow money and then try to get out of paying it back.

2191 days ago


maybe she's waiting for her daughter to pay the bill.

2191 days ago


She is responsible. Stupidty and ignorance are not excuses. Don't buy things you can't afford. Pay the bill, deadbeat.

2191 days ago


Wow #4, you've proven that closet racism is alive and well in the good old U.S. of A. You're an embarrassment.

2191 days ago


Wow. If this works for her, just think how many people are going to try the same thing. Also, does she have to give all the crap back that she bought? What a bunch of crap. MRC is right....this kind of behavior is what has the economy where it is. I wonder if she's paying her mortgage or is that small print, too? I'm surprised Oprah won't pay the bill in order to avoid the negative publicity.

2191 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

Ahh... Stupidity is bliss... NOT A DEFENSE! This, and other similiar stories, are the reason why our country is in such a financial crisis - Let's all borrow money and not pay it back & see what happens. If this were me that hadn't paid the bill, the authorities would already have me in jail & you wouldn't be reading about it on TMZ. They need to arrest her and then see if someone can come up with that money... Oprah?! Gayle?! Obama?!

2191 days ago


Like daughter!

2191 days ago

nira k    

The woman isn't stupid. She has no character. Everyone knows you have to pay for whatever you buy. If she didn't know that how did she get all the food she ate to get sooo fat. Disgusting manipulative con artist.

2191 days ago


This is why America needs Obama!

2191 days ago

northern gypsy    

what's with O.W. mom ??? looks like she's trying to shame her daughter into paying the tab...major issue's between these 2 !!!

2191 days ago


hang this woman from a tree, and light her up with gasoline.....

2191 days ago


Hmmm....wonder if lard ass thought of that as she was "enjoying private showings" etc. Probably not.....what an idiot.....

2191 days ago


Looks like she is more capable of racking up a bill at Burger King instead. No wonder she is in so much debt from it. They have to charge her for extra material!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2191 days ago


Can't read the small print??? uh-huh. And the check is in the mail, I love you, I won't come in your mouth...WHO DOES SHE THINK IS GOING TOFALL FOR THIS LINE O CRAP...PAY YER BILL POOKIE.

2191 days ago
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