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Oprah's Mom -- I Can't Read the Small Print!

10/1/2008 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey's mom is refusing to pay back a $155K bill to a clothing store, and her defense is basically to play dumb.

Vernita Lee claims she shouldn't have to pay the gigantic bill to Valentina, a boutique in Wisconsin, because they took advantage of her "lack of knowledge ... and/or capacity" when they opened the account, reports the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. What's more, her lawyer says the store didn't disclose finance charges prominently enough.

And to think, this could all go away with the change lying around Oprah's chintz-covered cushions.


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Wht doesn't Ms OBAMA WINFREY pay the bill? She pays everyone else's bills. Not her own mothers? DAMN!

2182 days ago


Gah! What a fat, piggy face. And she is borderline retarded if she doesn't understand that if you take something out of a store, you'll have to pay for it!

2182 days ago


Why doesn't she just take the money she is paying her darn lawyers to counter sue and defend her and pay the blasted
bill. Who doesn't know they have to pay for what they buy.............even my children at two years old know that!! What a crock.......especially as I sit hear and listen to Obama preach about how bad our economy because of exactly this. He
should preach this to his buddy Oprah.

2182 days ago


What a croc! LIke any of the rest of us would get away with this?? We'd have collectors hounding us for years!! (as if we could get a $60,000 credit limit anyway.) What did she think when she went in and bought those expensive clothes? It was free?
Pay up !! Just goes to show don't buy you couth!

2182 days ago

Mr. X    

no comment needed

2182 days ago

Give Me A Break    

If this is true, that is just frickin' SHAMEFUL. This woman is unreal if she thinks her excuse is credible. What a loser. I don't care WHO she is or her daughter, do the right thing for crying out loud. Pay your fugging debt.

2182 days ago


Hey No.1. Don't be shy, tell us how you really feel.

2182 days ago


Why should Oprah have to bail out her mother? It was her mother who was living well above her means and not being responsible. I can't imagine how many times Oprah has been hit up for money from every relative of hers. It's the same problem we are having now in this country. The government is not responsible to bail anyone out especially if they were dumb enough to live above their means. It's people like Oprah's mother that will cause this country to collapse under it's own weight of greed and envy. If you ran up credit card bills to keep up with Paris Hilton or bought an expensive house and now are struggling to stay afloat....HA HA!

2182 days ago


Obviously, Valentina thought extending this type of credit to Oprah's momma was a safe bet due to Oprah's stature as the "wealthiest woman in entertainment".

Honestly, you'd think Oprah would simply take care of this and make it go away...if for no other reason than to save herself any embarrassment caused by her mother and deal with it as a private "family matter". What does a measly $155k mean to Oprah, after all? She probably earns that much in investment interest income in a single week!

Ms Winfrey would be wise to put whatever issues she has with her mother behind her and pay the darn bill. Karma is a b*tch...and clogging the court system with such an idiotic case and allowing her own mother to be humiliated and further ridiculed is inexcusable. And, if her mother isn't mentally sound enough, or hasn't the intellectual capacity to handle her own personal financial affairs, step up to the plate and get her the help she needs.

Those of you who admire Oprah, take another look at the woman you idolize. Before you subscribe to more of her personal dogma, ask yourself if the woman practices what she preaches.

2182 days ago


Now I know where Oprah got her "good looks" from. Let's're daughter's a BILLIONAIRE. You shop at exclusive shops and then say they didn't let you know the fine print. I know your daughter's not going to come to your aid so WE the taxpayers will pay for your wardrobe. Thank you.

2182 days ago


I can't believe the comments on here. This is Oprah's mother, if her mother doesn't pay the bill, Oprah should. This is chump change for Oprah. A drop in the bucket compared to the money she sent for that school in Africa. Oprah should be ashamed. If I was as rich as Oprah, my mom would be rich too.

2182 days ago


Well I think Oprahs mom should pay the bill and stop embarrasing herself and her daughter. But that has nothing to do with Obama. And the racist on this page that's talking about hanging her and burning her or about the fact that Oprah is supporting Obama...some of you people need to learn to distinquish the two. Vote for whoever your gonna vote for and call it a day Nov 4. voice your opinion that way!

2182 days ago


#35 Out of all the racist comments, you haven taken things too far! All blacks don't take advantage of the system or use the system for that matter! I live in South Carolina, am black, and pay my own way! Racist Republican Ranting Committees-typical! OBAMA '08!!!

2182 days ago

Aussie Mom    

Oh boo hoo... why is it the people with access to billions will not pay their bills like normal people?

2182 days ago


Mrs Obama Winfrey!! Ha-ha....that's hilarious!!!

2182 days ago
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