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Madonna: The Definition of Beauty

10/2/2008 10:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing more painfully sculpted than Madonna's arms are her cheeks.

The facially gaunt 50-year-old attended Kabbalah services in NYC on Wednesday.

Despite all her spirituality, Madge is so vein.


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to much exercise she looks like a man

2219 days ago


"Madonna: The Definition of Beauty"

Who in the hell thinks that? Look at her, looks more like a guy.

2219 days ago


It's so obvious that all you haters who call her ugly are just envious. SO what if shes muscular and fit, there are alot of women half her age who wish they could ever look that good...she's Madonna and she doesn't give a rat's ass what all you nobodys think of her. Worery about your own lives and your own overweight, out of shape, abused bodies...she's in great shape. She also happens to have a very beautiful exotic look to her face, stunning blue eyes and great facial structure....I would love to see most of you women out there without any makeup on...I have met her in person, and WITHOUT makeup, and she still looks stunning. You are all haters that resent her for her fame, her money and her talent and ability to have become such a legend and icon. Like it or not, she's here to stay and is one of the most famous women of the 20th century.

2219 days ago


EWEEEE Gross- that is not even remotely normal- she looks like crap

2218 days ago



You have to admit though, she would be a great heroin addict- Look at those veins

2218 days ago


Wow. She is gross looking. Im a really big girl and could stand to lose 100lbs, but i'd rather stay like this than look like her! She is very very unattractive now. She looks like a really ugly man. I have thought so for a long time now, and where is her family and friends to tell her she looks so bad! She also seems to look angry all the time. What a waste of money.

2218 days ago


What goes around, baby....

2218 days ago

My Gosh ! ! !    

God Madonna, go eat a hamburger or better yet a cheesburger, and a large chocolate milkshake with whipped cream on top. What has happened to you.????? Wear some long sleeved tops please....

2217 days ago


The problem with modern society is that,it has become acceptable and the status quo to be a size 16 to 18 and if you don`t fit into this category of this new everyday woman than you are automatically attacked for being fit and healthy and having a peaked and conditioned body which makes you stand out from the crowd..So before we begin to criticize hard working professional women like Madonna,(whose job dictates that she must train hard for several hours a day to be able to perform at the tempo and intensity of the schedule set out by her fans that they demand of her)
For all the fat cake/pie eating fat knackers like the rest of you losers on here who are so shallow and empty and have nothing else in your life that you`ve become so bitter and jealous,you cannot bear to see a woman like Madonna,be this successful, physically fit with a tremendously athletic physique, that you feel compelled to spew your ignorant miss informed vomit all over these bs web pages instead of admiring a fellow human beings successes and achievements through out all aspects of their life,you are the losers and can never dream of being half the human being Madonna is and could never begin to comprehend what it takes to achieve greatness in this life so instead you take the easy option to make yourself feel better if only for 5 minutes by trashing successful people which make you realize how insignificant you are. you make me sick!!

2216 days ago


I would have her checked for a ball sack!!

2204 days ago
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