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Mommy & Me: More Beautiful Than You

10/2/2008 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Momgelina Jolie arrived in New York on Wednesday holding the only female more gorgeous than herself -- two-year-old daughter Shiloh Nouvel. Look at that face!

Being this cute is even more ridiculous than having Sarah Palin as a running mate.


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TMZ Fraternity    

Angie is the best looking woman out 2day. At first glance it kinda looked like hale

Haters just go away. No one wants to hear you complain about something you make up because you are jealous of Ms Jolie!!

Megan Fox is the trailer trash version of Angelina

2212 days ago


To #6: Your an idiot -- don't you know that the majority of children (caucasion) have blond hair (a wide range of shades) during their first few years of life -- it gradually darkens. How you could even consider that they would dye her hair blonde is ridiculos.

Shiloh is an adorable girl.

2212 days ago

Suck it Republicans    

Sarah Palin is a religious nutjob who is not qualified to be one spot removed from president. She has already been exposed as someone who has no knowledge of American jurisprudence, foreign policy, and economic policy. Plus she couldn't even name one news periodical she reads. And this is just from lightweight news interviews. Tonight she will be obliterated by Biden when she can no longer fall back on the talking points she has been fed by her handlers. Too bad the bar has already been set so low that some people will actually come away thinking she did well.

2212 days ago

Mommy Dearest    

BOO Palin!! GO Bradgelina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2212 days ago


Just had to bring the election into it eh TMZ? Not like we get enough of that 24/7 on tv, radio, newspapers.
Just stick to the hollywierd types and don't bother with comedy, you aren't any good at it.

2212 days ago


the kid is cute but can't hold a candle to suri cruise.

2212 days ago

chicken head    

by Palin is dangerous

you are an idiot!!!
leftist prick!

2212 days ago


Sarah Palin is something most people are not- REAL!! And, yes, Shiloh is gorgeous! So is Suri...

2212 days ago


Arbitrarily adding a dig at Sarah Palin to the end of an unrelated story only lessens what little credibility you might be clinging onto, TMZ. It’s no secret where you, Hollywood, and the media in general, stand…but you might consider displaying some semblance of professionalism. Just because you have a forum doesn’t necessarily mean you should advertise your ignorance and poor taste.

2212 days ago


Both mommy and baby look like they're on drugs.

Sandra Bernhard thinks Harvey is cool and wants to send the brothers over.

2212 days ago


You all should be proud of Angelina. She's wants to teach her daughter how to jam up on other people's husbands young. The kid is cute...but she will be as trashy as mom. Whatever it is--it must be good though. Brad Pitt has never looked so warn out and beat to death. He's actually looking old. It must be hard to travel the world in search of children for your collection. It's kinda like collecting matchbox cars, or snow globes.

2212 days ago


34. angie looks so uninterested. poor shiloh. i guess the smiles are for the adopted kiddies.

Posted at 1:01PM on Oct 2nd 2008 by ann i stun

Remember she loves Shiloh less. She stated this herself.

2212 days ago

Suck it Republicans    

To 34. Bo Bo:

So because I explained how Palin is a poor VP candidate that automatically makes me "leftist?" How about addressing the substance of my remarks rather than making ad hominem attacks?

2212 days ago


Suri is cuter than shiloh??
Suri looks like a bad clone of the two parents. She is cute but ordinary, nowhere in the class of Shiloh

2212 days ago


TMZ~ Why must you ruin things with your political comments. Hollywood, TMZ, and celebs should keep them to their selves.

2212 days ago
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