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Mommy & Me: More Beautiful Than You

10/2/2008 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Momgelina Jolie arrived in New York on Wednesday holding the only female more gorgeous than herself -- two-year-old daughter Shiloh Nouvel. Look at that face!

Being this cute is even more ridiculous than having Sarah Palin as a running mate.


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The writers at TMZ have no kind of education whatsoever.

This kid is no cuter than my kid or any other kid.

These kids need some stability in their lives. Living their lives on planes.

2210 days ago

Broadcast Engineer    

I work in television, and we actually air your show. Beyond that, I also check your website numerous times a day. The poke at Sarah Palin/John McCain was completely uncalled for and way out of context. I usually find your wise cracks during stories very amusing, and even laugh out loud at them....but throwing in personal political beliefs not needed.

I did enjoy reading all the comments before mine, in support of Sarah Palin, though.

2210 days ago


They're both pretty as hell...

2210 days ago


I'm not sure why you put a nasty remark about Sarah Palin in a comment about Brad Pitts kid but it was out of place & STUPID! Really, it just shows that the "left" are really that petty!

2210 days ago


What the hell does Sarah Palin have to do with how cute Angie's daughter is? I think all ignorant comments should be kept to a minimum unless you know what your talking about!!!!!

2210 days ago


What's ridiculous is the fact I'm reading this bulls**** Hey Sarah, We still love you and think you are going to make a great VP.

2210 days ago


2. Geez, now everyone on here is gonna bitch and moan just because Shiloh is 100 times cuter than their ugly kids. Yes I'm talking to you.

Posted at 12:30PM on Oct 2nd 2008 by sherry

Shiloh is cute no doubt, but not cuter than my kids. :-)

2210 days ago


Jolie is hardly the most gorgeous female, what a joke. The kid is cute but there are much cuter kids. Your improper political bias is ridiculous and has the effect of generating support for Palin, and discredits you. Does TMZ/Time Warner vote with one collective mind?

2210 days ago


Why does the media have to ruin everything by inputing you STUPID political comments. I use to like to come to this site during lunch to just browse why I eat.....and watch the show occasionally. Why couldn't you just keep your political views to as I had to do with Oprah, I can no longer enjoy you site or your show.


2210 days ago


Shiloh is so adorable and so is Suri. They both look completely different.

It is obvious TMZ leans to the left or just has enough common sense to be on the side of Obama. Obviously if you are a daily reader of this site then you know this. If you don't like it, then do yourself a favor, get off this site and go post your "yeah McCain/Palin" statements somewhere else. I know that I would never log on to this site again if it would have favored McCain/Palin. Hollywood is liberal, this is a hollywood/gossip site, get over it.

2210 days ago


They both are beauties.Just when I get sick of hearing about Angelina Jolie,they post a picture of her and she takes my breath away.the best part is she doesnt even try to look good she just is.The simpler she looks the more beautiull she is.

2210 days ago



2210 days ago


You people are all weird. All kids are beautiful. Just because she is pretty on the outside doesn't mean she still isn't a spoiled brat and will grow up to be yet another Paris or Lindsey. She has most unstable family and two total weirdos for parents. I feel sorry for the kid. Actually,I have the most beautiful kids in the world.

2210 days ago

u.n. owen    

To the poster going on and on about how they wouldn't dye Shiloh's hair, your argument might hold a little more water if they hadn't already dyed Pax and Maddox's hair.

Shiloh is beautiful, a real cutie. But they need to stop making their kids look so unkempt.

2210 days ago


TMZ, Keep the Palin jokes coming! Because, she is a joke. A beauty queen for VP! What are people thinking? She scares the crap out of me. In her case, the elevator doesn't make it to the top floor. What a ditz.

2210 days ago
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