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Mommy & Me: More Beautiful Than You

10/2/2008 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Momgelina Jolie arrived in New York on Wednesday holding the only female more gorgeous than herself -- two-year-old daughter Shiloh Nouvel. Look at that face!

Being this cute is even more ridiculous than having Sarah Palin as a running mate.


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Suck it Republicans    

87. DANG, 81: No, you are wrong. I am infuriated by these cheap shot comments that TMZ is making, and I FULLY support Sarah Palin. I am an educated person, so don't try your weak defense of "stupid" or anything like that. In fact, you must be incredibly ignorant if you think there is only one person who could be writing that they like Palin. Millions of people love her. She has an 80% approval rating in Alaska, and has been quite popular with the rest of the country since McCain announced her as his running mate. It basically comes down to half of the country supporting her, and half of them not. So quit being such a bone head.
Posted at 2:37PM on Oct 2nd 2008 by Nat

Her approval rating in Alaska is now down to 68%. That's what happens when your governor looks like an idiot in interviews on national tv.

2212 days ago

Suck it Republicans    

Edit: The Alaska poll was actually conducted from September 20-22. I can't wait until the next one comes out to see how far she continues to slide after her disastrous interviews

2212 days ago

B Hathaway    

Angelina is beautiful, Shilo is beautiful...enough said!
In all of America, your Hollywood groupies types are about 10% of the population...the rest of America doesnt appriciate your bad-mouthing the math!

2212 days ago


#83 you know that is Elizabeth hassleback saying go Palin, she is the only one that likes her and sticks up for her. can't wait fot tonights debate and see her choke big time.

2212 days ago


94. Palin's approval rating is only 68%? Wow, that's really low. And what are Obama and Biden's approval ratings? They're a good 20 points lower!

2212 days ago

Marlow Dyer    

I would love to see all of you haters 8 weeks post delivery after having a C-section twins (I know what that's like-I've had triplets...)and having others to care for as well. Nanny or no-that's a tough time...Then to critique her after a transcontinetal flight!?They look exhausted-NOT disconnected. Grow up people.This just proves that some folks have no lives of their own!
Perhaps-it's time to beat another dog.

2212 days ago


TMZ, yes Shiloh is a beautiful little girl, but it has nothing to do with Sarah Palin. Keep your political two cents to yourself....gooooooooo Sarah!

2212 days ago

Suck it Republicans    

96. 94. Palin's approval rating is only 68%? Wow, that's really low. And what are Obama and Biden's approval ratings? They're a good 20 points lower!
68% in Alaska nitwit. How long a drive is it to school for you in the short bus?

2212 days ago


Shiloh is a doll :)
whatever this has to do w/sarah palin is beyond me.

2212 days ago


97. It's typical of an Obama supporter to lower themselves to insults and name calling. This election is very close. Obama is not running away with it. Face it, you guys on the left are scared of Palin and her popularity throughout the 50 states.

2212 days ago


I hope Shiloh grows up with more morals than her mom and dad.

TMZ is just jealous b/c McCain has a MILF for his running mate, what does Obama have? Oh yeah, an old guy that is just as skeezy as he is!

2212 days ago

go away    

I think the person talking about the hair dye is confused, Shiloh is a blonde and Angie said in an interview that her hair is naturally blonde but her mother dyed it dark when she was four and she has just kept it dark because her mom liked it better.

2212 days ago


8. Yes, her baby girl is pretty. But a least thank you for not brining Jennifer into the picture. It has gotten so beyond the game you play to get attention. Jeniffer is just that, Jennifer aka Rachael in all movies and televsion shows. Yet she is considered a great #1 actress, please I for one is tired of comparison. Now you did it right except for mentioning Palin. Like Barbar S. you do not speak for me. But yes the baby girl is pretty. Thanks for not doing your usual rude thing about children of stars.

Posted at 12:33PM on Oct 2nd 2008 by carolyn


No, instead you did the rude thing by bringing the innocent ex wife into the conversation. WTF is wrong with you jolie nuts? seriously. Jen has nothing to do with the thread but of course the closet obsessed jen fans have to bring her up. get a life. p.s. shiloh is cute but can you imagine how much cuter she would be if her mother took a comb and shampoo to her hair ! she looks like the orphan !

2212 days ago

Suck it Republicans    

101. And it is typical for a Palin supporter to have poor reading comprehension. Also, I feel quite comfortable with Obama's chances. While he is not running away with the race, the latest national average polls have him in the lead by a decent margin and he is winning in swing states like Ohio, Florida, Penn., and Virginia.

Oh, and as for the insults, just look at some of the language your fellow McCain supporters have used in this thread to characterize Obama. Real classy!

2212 days ago


I swear she's an alien! Cute kid!

2212 days ago
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