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TV Prudes Peeved Over Pee-pee Peekaboo

10/2/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about giving a guy a complex, when a network says his genitals are "undetectable."
Survivor: Click to view!
The high and mighties at the Parents Television Council are on the warpath again, filing an indecency complaint with the FCC after Marcus Lehman's bits aired unobscured on the debut of "Survivor: Gabon." It was the first episode in the show's history to be shown in hi-def and yet no one noticed the guy's twig and berries hanging out. Don't worry Marcus, we've always heard it's more in how you use it, anyway.

CBS claims it was "completely unintentional, inadvertent, and fleeting" and "undetectable when viewed in real time." PTC says, "CBS's decision to hide behind excuses ... is the epitome of irresponsibility."


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It was really difficult to see. I don't get what the big deal is about. The PTC sounds like a bunch of whackjobs.....

2157 days ago


Where is the complaints when viagra and other male enhancement products are shoved down our throats during a football game every 2 mins?Do they not know that kids are watching too? 75 yr old men shouldn't be having sex anyway,its bad for their heart.

2157 days ago


OK, so they took the time to go frame-by-frame in high def to see if they'd see any of the naughty bits. Sounds like they've become the pervs that they want to protect us all from.

2157 days ago


The Parent Television Council can use this as an opportunity to tell little Sally and Joey why their pee pee's are different and to always wear clean underwear because you never know when you are going to be in an emergency room, or on a nationally televised reality TV show.

Now really. I have normal eyesight, watched the vid and did not see any penis. I don't know why a man, in a hot country like Gabon would let his boys hang low in hot weather, wear shorts, and run around and compete in a comp, and not realize he could be putting his future fatherhood in danger, or his present penis in pain.

2157 days ago

corey snelling    

i watched the video clip over and over and over again. you can clearly see his whole shbang flopping with every step...then again i was watching it in my bedroom, door locked, vaseline intensive care lotion on hand, in super slo motion. mmmmmm he is quite a man!!!

2157 days ago


For heaven's sake, somebody at the PTC needs to get a life, seriously. If you have to sit and scrutinize shows frame-by-frame, which is the only way you could have possibly seen anything on this, then you've taken your job one step too far, IYKWIM.

2157 days ago

Your mom    

Get over it, its a penis nothing special right most men have them. Alert the media, white man has a black, block penis, I bet it isn't that long though. haha

2157 days ago


OMG! Its a "peeni" people. Calm down already.

2157 days ago

Big Bear    

The only people who are upset by the little skin show are lesbians. The problem is that some lesbians have a desire to have what he displays so openly. They still like only women but have a little envy if you know what I mean!!! I am sure the gay guys have watched the clip many many times!!!

2157 days ago


I love the Parent TV concil. They think about sex more than I do!

2157 days ago


The members of the PTC are so stupid and out of touch that they probably didn't even know about it until TMZ laid it out for them on a silver platter.

The FCC should disregard these chumps' complaints unless they came in IMMEDIATELY after the airing of the program. Nothing bothers me more than when these sorry, pathetic losers act like they're "outraged" over something that they heard from somebody else.

I'd kill myself if all I did was call the FCC to file complaints about things that I hadn't witnessed or been offended by myself. That's when I know I have nothing left to contribute to society or life in general, and my kids would be better off without my influence.

2157 days ago


I am confused. If no one else seemed to notice, kinda makes the people at Parents Television Council seem like pervs. Those were probably the same people who said the priest marrying ariel (the little mermaid movie) had a boner. Do these perverts sit around with a bowl of popcorn & stare at people's crotches????

2157 days ago

lost in lalaland    

I'm surprised any of these obviously uptight women even know what a set looks like.

2157 days ago


watched the show....didn't see anything "hanging" around...must have been busy looking at the activity going on...someone at TMZ must be looking/concentrating only on man-parts all the time instead of the activities/competitions being held....oh btw...maybe this guy (Marcus) must be some sort of "exhibitionist" because he knows there will be all sorts of competitions but instead of wearing a decent pair of shorts...he wears/flaunts around in his boxers...and as i noticed he doesn't have much to reveal/ show (sorry..)...well...expect the unexpected...someone might pull another Richard Hatch (walk in the nude)....

2157 days ago


I blame you TMZ. You shouldn't have posted it in the first place.

2157 days ago
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