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TV Prudes Peeved Over Pee-pee Peekaboo

10/2/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about giving a guy a complex, when a network says his genitals are "undetectable."
Survivor: Click to view!
The high and mighties at the Parents Television Council are on the warpath again, filing an indecency complaint with the FCC after Marcus Lehman's bits aired unobscured on the debut of "Survivor: Gabon." It was the first episode in the show's history to be shown in hi-def and yet no one noticed the guy's twig and berries hanging out. Don't worry Marcus, we've always heard it's more in how you use it, anyway.

CBS claims it was "completely unintentional, inadvertent, and fleeting" and "undetectable when viewed in real time." PTC says, "CBS's decision to hide behind excuses ... is the epitome of irresponsibility."


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I wonder how many time the PTC folks watched those few seconds just trying to get a glimpse of his wee-nis.

2177 days ago


I wonder how many time the PTC folks watched those few seconds just trying to get a glimpse of his wee-nis....................

As many times as you did honey.

2177 days ago

your mother    

First, it was nipplegate with Janet Jackson. Now, it's willygate with Survivor. Who cares? How about concentrating on getting rid of violence on TV if you seriously want to change things. Nudity never hurt anyone.

2177 days ago


PTC was completely p3wned everyone.

2177 days ago


The PTC is actually a Christian right organization that would prefer us to watch homilies and the 700 Club on televsion. Trying to throw down our throats what they want to watch. My response to them: if you don't like it, don't watch it... We don't want our kids growing up like yours, with right-wing zealotry masqeuarding as parenting. NO wonder your kids will end up as repressed individuals with homiciidal tendencies.. Go home LOSERS!!!

2177 days ago


Are you kidding me. Why were they so interested in what was going on in his ctotch area anyway........

2177 days ago

chris from vancouverBC    

F*cking religious wierdos

acting like they've never seen C()Ck and balls before.

2177 days ago


The Parents Television Council really need to get a grip. This latest charge by them is absolutely ridiculous. What are they, a bunch of monks? Please. We don't need a demented group such as the PTC going on a witch hunt for body parts .

2177 days ago


maybe it's just my poor eyesight...but I didn't see anything. I mean sure, there was floppage...but it's no different than seeing a girl running in a bikini top. Like everyone's pointed out...there's been nudity on this show in the past. I am one of the few who still watches this show, and I didn't even catch it in high def! Really, parents, if you don't want you kids sitting in front of the TV turn it off; don't go around lodging complaints against every show you find even remotely inappropriate...that's why they have ratings.

2177 days ago


I didn't see a thing. Sounds like people with too much time on their hands need to get a life!!

2177 days ago


dang, i watched the video and i couldn't even see it and didn't notice it during the show either.

2176 days ago
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