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A-Rod Gets Jock in a Bunch Over Brady

10/3/2008 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Rodriguez is so over Madonna. Next up: Tom Brady!

So says the Boston Herald, which is calling bromance on the pair. "Dugout spies" claim A-Rod was "antsy" for a rainout when the Yanks played the Red Sox last weekend ... so he could grab dinner with Tom. "He was all excited," says the spy, "and he was all worked up over his 'date' with Tommy."

The Herald says they don't know if they actually had dinner.

Brit's Next Gig: ThighMistress

Britney Spears is looking all toned and fit these days –- and she might want to make some coin from it.

"A close Spears pal" tells the Chicago Sun-Times Britney wants to go all Jane Fonda and put out a series of workout vids. The idea was inspired by Brit's love of dance and how it helped her get back into shape. It seems Brit found her mom's old Fonda tapes and "got a big kick out of watching them."

No deal's set, but a Jive rep says it "makes perfect sense."

Hasselbeck -- I'm Not Going Anywhere

Bad news for the Rosies of the world: Elisabeth Hasselbeck isn't leaving "The View" anytime soon.

Despite rumors she was going to the right-wing cocoon of FOX News, there is "absolutely no truth" to that, says her agent. And a show rep tells, "Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie ... consider Elisabeth to be vital to the program."

Hasselbeck has appeared on Gov. Mike Huckabee's new show on FNC.


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2175 days ago


She is the only one on that show that has shown any class. She gets gang banged everyday by the lesbians that are left there. The show may as well shut down if she leaves........Probably should shut down anyway because people are getting tired at looking at that freak Whoopi.

2175 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Maybe if she calls it the Cig Fast diet. Just smoke 4-5 packs a day and be sure to purge any food that enters your body! And do abortions count as weight loss to her? This world doesn't need treadmills with ash trays on them!
And Hasslebeotch, someone get that lady a Large mouth cork, or a muzzle! I hope she stays on that stupid show! No need for her ignorance to spread any more than it has!

2175 days ago


I no longer watch the view, biggest reason Elizabeth, she's annoying, opinionated who refuses in a rude manner to listen to a different point of view. Actually I think she's Rosie, another loud mouth in disquise. Tho her disguise is more appealing to the eye. This show went down the tubes when Meredith left. A bunch of harpy woman now.

2175 days ago


I agree with Frankie - WHY is she even on TV at all? Who is she? What has she done besides be on Survivor? Who cares about her?

2175 days ago


Elizabeth makes the View. The ONLY loudmouth on the show is Joy Behar with her rabid liberalism and her venomous tongue!

2175 days ago


GET RID OF HER. I can's stand her. Let her go back to the survivor
place she came from and never return. The silver lining of course is
her child (whate ever the sex is-don't care) will grow up a wild child
and bring her stuckup ass out of the clouds. Perhaps a homo it iwll be
or worse yet a democrat! Serves the dumb blond right.

2175 days ago


I stopped watching the View because of her juvenile antics!

2175 days ago


I love the show and the entire concept. However, I've lost an immense amount of respect for Elizabeth over the last few months. She has every right to have her political views, but her view is very 1 dimensional. She's now sounds ignorant when trying to defend something or someone and now I cringe when she begins to speak. I don't agree with her views, but she's the youngest on the panel and she's represents a lot of the younger women in America. The difference is I know when to sit back allow someone who's been on this earth longer than me to express themselves and take in their opinions w/o being combative. She just comes off as being ignorant and naive! Personally, I'm ready for a new view. She's worn out her welcome mat!

2175 days ago

Lenn K.    

By the way, what did Joy Behar do before the view?

2175 days ago


She should go to fox news where made up stories and half truths are the item of the day.Our country is in so much turmoil on every front,but people like her and the fox news idiots would have you believe everything is going great.People like her make it an easy choice to vote for Barack Obama!

2175 days ago

concerned citizen    

To bad, So sad! Guess I will stop watching the View. Elisabitch is just to whiney for my taste. She needs a muzzle.

2175 days ago


Lenn K., she was a long time stand up comedian. BTW I was not the one that called someone a racist here, just to clarify.

2175 days ago


21. By the way, what did Joy Behar do before the view?

Posted at 9:33AM on Oct 3rd 2008 by Lenn K.

Actually Joy Behar was an Emmy nominated comedian back in the 90's,she's written books,and appeared in numerous movies and tv shows.Hasselback,um she was on survivor and married a 6th string quarterback

2175 days ago


Who the heck would notice - she's an idiot. The View should exit her out the door - doubtful there would be any tears shed.

2175 days ago
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