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A-Rod Gets Jock in a Bunch Over Brady

10/3/2008 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Rodriguez is so over Madonna. Next up: Tom Brady!

So says the Boston Herald, which is calling bromance on the pair. "Dugout spies" claim A-Rod was "antsy" for a rainout when the Yanks played the Red Sox last weekend ... so he could grab dinner with Tom. "He was all excited," says the spy, "and he was all worked up over his 'date' with Tommy."

The Herald says they don't know if they actually had dinner.

Brit's Next Gig: ThighMistress

Britney Spears is looking all toned and fit these days –- and she might want to make some coin from it.

"A close Spears pal" tells the Chicago Sun-Times Britney wants to go all Jane Fonda and put out a series of workout vids. The idea was inspired by Brit's love of dance and how it helped her get back into shape. It seems Brit found her mom's old Fonda tapes and "got a big kick out of watching them."

No deal's set, but a Jive rep says it "makes perfect sense."

Hasselbeck -- I'm Not Going Anywhere

Bad news for the Rosies of the world: Elisabeth Hasselbeck isn't leaving "The View" anytime soon.

Despite rumors she was going to the right-wing cocoon of FOX News, there is "absolutely no truth" to that, says her agent. And a show rep tells, "Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie ... consider Elisabeth to be vital to the program."

Hasselbeck has appeared on Gov. Mike Huckabee's new show on FNC.


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I agree she was a survivor contestant but she holds the same job as them and that just eats away at their ego. It's such an awesome slap in the face for people like Joy Behar who think they have some special credential to give their opinion. You know what they say about opinions, they are like Aholes cause everyone has one.

2121 days ago


So Razorback isn't going anywhere??? Damn!!!

2121 days ago

that's all    

People actually watch that show with the left-wng, gulag gorgons?

2121 days ago



Obama doesn't have family values??? Pardon me, I'm only a lowly college professor, but I believe the man is MARRIED with CHILDREN and all his policy proposals are directed towards FAMILIES of the MIDDLE CLASS who have been economically ravaged over the past eight years under a Bush administration. What is anti-family about that? I wish people were more apt to stop, consider their thoughts, ponder some more, check FACTS, and THEN post an intelligent opinion rather than ranting inaccuracies. It's sad to see someone vote when they haven't even taken the time to research the candidates and learn the facts. There is a trend towards the dumbing down of America and I find it VERY alarming.

2121 days ago


Elisabeth needs to stay put to keep those left wing Commie Nazi
piece's of human trash in line!!

Sarah Kicked bidens Ass!
In your Face Nazi Slime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2121 days ago

melissa b    

Although I cannot watch as much as I would if she were NOT on, it is MORE than hilarious to hear her comments, see the expression on her face as she grunts out her pathetic conservative crap, and watch her get ripped to shreds by those MUCH smarter!!!!

2121 days ago


Wow, you libs are a bunch of whiney morons.

"It isn't that Liberals are ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn't so."
~Ronald Reagan (America's greatest President)

2121 days ago


I wouldn't blame her at all if she left. She was hired for her specific point of view and to provide political "balance" but she is constantly cut off, drowned out, or shut up by the Liberal/left-leaning Walters and the "other ladies." What's the point of having "another voice" if we can't hear it?

2121 days ago

Joan Lee    

All I'll say about Elizabeth is this....Rosie is coming out with a variety show the night before Thanksgiving. I'm sure it will be great.....where will YOU be a year from now??? Not doin' much I bet.

2121 days ago


I was thrilled to see =Elisabeth was leaving..then disappointed to find out it wasn't true...come on BarBara..enough is enough get rid of the one sided self consumed host.

2121 days ago


Tom and A-Rod?! What a great team,, Wedlock, divorces... mm its so goooood!
Go Matt Cassel!

2121 days ago


paisley40 I am glad you are not my college professor.

I have researched the candidates. Where Obama says stupid things like "I wouldn't want my daughter to be punished with a child" others think children are a blessing and shouldn't be needlessly MURDERED. Oh and I ALSO believe in the sanctity of marriage. The important issues to me are economy, national security, abortion and the sanctity of marriage. Obama goes against EVERYTHING I believe in..... (and let me remind you Kelli #10- NOT because he is black)

Did anyone else here hear what Biden said about the mortgage crisis?? Like that government should be able to control not only changing interest rates but THE AMOUNT OF PRINCIPLE owned on a home??? Sorry but that is seriously over stepping.


2121 days ago


Any idea why the day AFTER the biggest debate ever.....the Palin / Biden V.P. debate was there not one word spoken on The View today about the debate or any other political issue.

I wonder if Bill / Barbara ordered a cooling off time.....but VERY DISAPPOINTED in the show today. It was probably one of the most boring shows I've seen. That is when they NEEDED to discuss a big event in history and not one word.

THAT, in my mind, is what it would be like with Elizabeth off of the show.....debate is good. Debate is healthy and you learn something.

Did I hear right last night during the debate that Joe Biden was asked if he believed in gay marriage and he said "no and neither does Barack Obama".....I thought they both, Biden and Obama, supported gay marriage. Sarah Palin stated when asked that she believed in marriage between a man and a woman but not same sex marriage. Joe Biden agreed with Sarah Palin. They both support gay couples having rights though....for hospital visitations, insurances, etc. I still was very caught off guard that Biden was asked if "he" believed in gay marriage and not only answered for himself...but also threw in "Barack Obama does not support gay marriage either".....and he wasn't even asked about Barack, just himself.

2121 days ago


You dumbass Libs bring all the tards to the yard. She should leave that lame ass show and move on to bigger and better things. Then they can find some other ugly ass Lib to fill her spot just in time for Halloween. Damn, Libs are ugly.

2121 days ago


She better stay on the show. She's the only sensible person on there. I can't believe she has to listen to those liberal pieces of S**T!!!!! That fat redhead loudmouth is a joke!!! Elisabeth is awesome!!!! The other chicks on the show are jealous of her beauty and brains :)

2121 days ago
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