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Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

10/3/2008 9:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How is it that Lindsay Lohan can spend a few days cavorting on the beaches of Mexico and still look paler than the Queen?

Do they make an SPF 1000?


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whats wrong with pale? i think she looks great! she wont be the next on oprah crying talking about her skin cancer!

2210 days ago

dr mary    

HELLO!?!?!? She is a natural redhead - we are pale people although I prefer fair to pale. Pale makes her sound sick. With the threat of skin cancer, pale is much healthier than tan these days!! She looks great and seems happy.

2210 days ago

Nobody In Particular    

You rag on her when she fake tans, you rag on her when she doesn't. Give the girl a break! She's a redhead for f@*% sake! They aren't known for their golden tans.

2210 days ago

ewww fake and bake, no orange glow, no leathery skin. And you guys still have a problem with someone who looks healthy. Make up you mind as to who you're gonna go after ya hypocrites

2210 days ago


Hello? She has naturally pale skin. And people will pale skin have trouble tanning because they burn very easily. Which is why she does the fake tan thing. I'm sure she had SPF 100 on or she would've been red as a lobster instead of white as a ghost.

2210 days ago


Yeah, what they said!

2210 days ago

walla walla wife's a b*tch    

Linds really blew it by turning gay. In Mexico, she and Sam looked like two white egg noodles in the sun. I always thought that Lilo prefered snow. That's what Joe said. Her career has reached an ebb low. Hard to believe that you can get much lower than that, huh? Well, maybe get back with Scott..that would be only hope is to discard the DJ, just like she did the psuedo snow boarder. She took that boy for a ride, didn't she?

2210 days ago


Oh, for goodness sake. Lindsay's finally stable enough to apply sunscreen, and you're taking potshots at her appearance? At least in Mexico the paps were half a mile out in a boat, so she didn't have to deal with them dogging her.

Lindsay looks terrific. She and Samantha seemed relaxed and happy on vacation. Give the girl credit for cleaning up her life and looking better than ever. Now that she's not frying in the sun and getting trashed, she'll still look fabulous at 40.

2210 days ago


...paler than the Queen? Way to get racial....

2210 days ago


Ummm, it's called's a crazy new fad kids are using these days so that they won't get skin cancer and die!!

2210 days ago


She is a redhead with fair freckled skin. She shouldn't be baking in the sun. Tanned skin is dead skin.

2210 days ago


Its called being a redhead... even when i "tan" i still look as white as snow lol

2210 days ago

Candie Cane    

Natural is in! Better than having skin cancer when she is 25. Get a life TMZ!!!

2210 days ago


She is smart to protect her skin. A spray on tan is much safer. It's not worth baking yourself for some color that doesn't last. You age your skin and may get skin cancer. I am very pale and blonde and used to lie in the sun w/o sunscreen, plus for a little while tanned in booths. I went for my first skin check at age 40 and had three dysplactic nevi removed. These have the potential to turn into melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.
There are tons of stories I've read online and in magazines about young women who tanned or just spent a lot of time outdoors w/o sunscreen and ended up dying from skin cancer. They just had one little spot that killed them.
It's not worth it to bake yourself - I would rather be ghostly white than die fron skin cancer or have tons of early wrinkles. Doctors say to look at your rear (unless you've tanned that) - THAT is how ALL of your skin should look!
If you need color get a fake tan or brush on bronzing powder! Think of how you'll live longer and look younger longer!!!!

2210 days ago


Her face looks a little tanned. I think the legs look white because of the picture itself and the camera settings.

2210 days ago
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