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Angelina: The Only Baby Weight Is in Her Arms

10/4/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This woman just had twins in July. Twins!

Even with handling three kids in tow -- Angelina Jolie still looks flawless. All hail the queen MILF.


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obama osama    

Oh Sanp!
She's got a baby bama!
Where can I get one of those?

2119 days ago


Sorry i don't like her one bit! She's alway's with the adopted kids and that's not right. If she can't least try to spend equal time with her kids then she needs to stop adopting! She isn't a MILF....She's a kid collector.

2119 days ago

Susan B.    

Folks, she has millions of dollars to devote to her appearance and cooks, nannies, etc. It's no miracle she looks good.

2119 days ago


What's the matter Angie, no smiles for the papz? When she was schlepping Maddox in and out of school (in NY) last year, we always saw the big smile, now not so much. She must be depressed! Wow, she finally cleaned the children up and put them in matching clothes ( I'm sure the nannies dressed them and her as well). I find black clothing on children a little odd - but look who we're talking about. Goth mother herself. Didn't Mad have blue streaks in his hair a few weeks ago? Why does she allow a 7 year old to constantly dye his hair? When are they going back to Germany!? I rather like not seeing her toting the kids everywhere - it makes you think they're actually settling down. WRONG again!

2119 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

#2 Well someone told me that for their safety, the bio kids cannot be seen in public..They are at home with Isralie security..

2119 days ago


Here's an idea for ALL the KNUCKLE BRAINS who say they are tired of looking at her and the kids...



2119 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

I really wish I could like this woman ... that's it.

2119 days ago


It must be so hard for the haters to keep the hate going. You reach in the same barrel all the time for the same stupid comments... She only cares about the adopted children...She does not love Shiloh...
I could believe you if we saw every minute of her life. But we don't. We have only seen pictures She and Brad love all their kids. The children look healthy and Happy. They are together, and they don't have to miss their parents. I think they are great. If you hate them post on another thread. She looks great. Has a little more weight and I hope she keeps it. Can't wait to see them on the Red Carpet tonight.

2119 days ago


She seems to be a very nice person and a very god mother. She is always very honest and sincere, So why always talk bad about her? She is trying to make a good life for herselft and all her children. So why are some people so negative? I don´t understand it.
Kicki from Sweden

2119 days ago


7. #2 Well someone told me that for their safety, the bio kids cannot be seen in public..They are at home with Isralie security..

Posted at 4:52PM on Oct 4th 2008 by Midge

If this is true; thats so sad. I mean, are they more afraid for her biological children then the adopted? Didnt Brangelina say they loved them equally? Not, if what you say is true. They assume that their biological children are more at ristk or whatever. Thats so stupid and not fair to the adopted once. So sad though

2119 days ago


Why does no one EVER "do" Zahara's hari, briads, ponytail, barretts, etc. SOMETHING, childen of color should not have fly away hair, seems like big man Maddox has plenty of hair care for his locks! (but his gray hair highlights look silly!) ALSO, Brad and Angie KWOW that a happy picture of ALL THE Family is what we want to see, but they USE the media only when they want something! And last, please!!! When someone, (ANYONE) is already skinny, young and has a baby or babies EVERYONE bounces back their weight and looks, (name one celebrity or anyone you know who hasn't~ ) This is not news, Goth mom looks skinny again! Who CARES, she is NOT PRINCESS DI OR JACKIE O! Am I the ONLY person who remembers how STRANGE she is!!!! ?

2119 days ago

Jill-not fat    

I know he is just a kid...but the one with the fro looks like a alien

2119 days ago


... look, i get the idea that shes a movie star, and some kind of saint in training...i don't get why people are so wild about this womans looks... i've seen plenty of women who look as good or better at the local target.

2119 days ago


Who in their right mind would dye their CHILD'S hair?????? That is ridiculous!!!!!!!

2119 days ago


The only thing that sticks out here to me is that her 7 year old has died hair! What kind of parents dye their little ones' hair?? Sad. If I had newborn twins at home, I wouldn't be leaving them. Poor kids will never have enough attention from their own parents and will all grow up thinking the nannies are more of a mother than she is.

2119 days ago
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