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Beyonce Leaves Destiny to Security

10/4/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Beyonce in the running for the White House? Because her security is in ridiculous full secret service mode.

All bootyliciousness aside -- It's not like someone is going to kidnap the diva as she's returning to her South Beach hotel.

Wait ... where exactly is Solange?


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Hot LATINA in Mex 08    

#3 Craven OMG u made me laugh so hard I almost peed my panties! LOL, keep the jokes comming.

2177 days ago


I use to like her....Then she goes and does one hell of a stupid and selfish thing like wearing a 5 million dollar ring! Plus wearing 100,000 gold outfits!! Now that bitch ought to be giving to Africa huh? Isn't that what all the celebs run their mouths about to the government and other people? Help Africa out...Give! Give! Give! I'd be ashamed to be caught with that ring on if Jesus came back today!

2176 days ago


Most of the above comments must be from petty, JEALOUS, women. LOL!!

The security I'm sure is for THAT ROCK on her left ring finger. I read somewhere that its EIGHTEEN CARROTS!!! I also saw these pics on another site where they show that Solange and her nephew Juelz are both with her. Stop hating TMZ.

2176 days ago


How else would she get noticed the way she wants to? She might have slipped right past the photogs..., I think its funny , they call ppl from tmz to let them know where they are and then show up with bodyguards....hehehehe silly little empty headed celebs

2176 days ago


#19- the question isnt are some of these women petty or jealous(not) the real question is why do you idolize her ??? and defend her so much?? is it because you feel you wish you were more like her?? for goodness sake she is going overboard. and who would were that kind of ring to the beach...truth is some of these celebs are really in their own world

2176 days ago


yall r just so jealous o please if u had a ring that fly would u take it off plus that ring is 5million+ it could buy all u haters a new life so back off

2176 days ago


we don'[t know if she has a crazed stalker, received threats or whatever. or heck maybe she doesn't want to be bothered. You can't live your whole life with people coming up to you and taking pictures and wanting to talk to you and wanting to be in your presence. maybe she just wants to be certain she will be left alone in her own space in public. which she is totally entitled to have. I ain't mad at her. give the biotch a break. or maybe she doesn't want anyone to sneak in a question about her talentless sister.

2176 days ago


Overrated, she's such an idiot, I saw her on Oprah a few years ago and she was saying how her clothing line is "affordable" and when the models were showing off her clothes she'd talk about them and say how the jeans were $120 and shirt $60 or something stupid like that, like is she for real?! She is such an idiot!!! Her singing is not even all that either!! Pure crap

2176 days ago


you can never have to much security ..............and in fact 1 or 2 bodyguards is not should have 5 plus 2 vehicles.

2176 days ago


It's utterly ridiculous that this untalented piece of crap is walking around wearing a $5 million ring when people in her hometown of Houston, Texas are suffering so badly after the hurricanes. I am sick to death of her and her ugly, camel-looking husband and all of their money. People need to send these people a message and boycott her upcoming CD. We also need to stop wasting our time talking about her boring, overrated ass.

2176 days ago


First they dont want to say they got married. And she doesnt wear the ring for a long time. After her sister speaks by mistake off her brother in law and after everyone already knowing they were married. Now she needs to flaunt it even on the beach. With a ring that size, dont think its a good idea. And no she doesnt need all that security. Nobody is interested in her. Remember before she announced her cd was coming out and even before the marriage in april. Nobody really seemed interested in her anymore. And after the marriage we didnt she lots of pics of her and her hubby. The press doesnt care anymore. So what her idea: Let me draw attention by hiring unneccesarry security. So stupid.

2176 days ago

move on!    

did her security team stand over her while she laid out and tan?

2176 days ago


All the people on the Music business think that a body guard should be an enormous guy, look people look at the most secured man in the world, the president of the United States, the secret service people are normal people, with skills, not large people, size does not matter, unless of course what they really want is to use the size of the body guard to call attention to themselves

2176 days ago


One bodyguard would be too many for this loser. Nobody cares about her or her crappy music. She must be real lonely to have to buy so many friends.

2176 days ago


SHE IS WEARING A 5 MILLION DOLLAR RING and it was just announced she made 80MILLION you would need that kind of security too!

2176 days ago
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