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Beyonce Leaves Destiny to Security

10/4/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Beyonce in the running for the White House? Because her security is in ridiculous full secret service mode.

All bootyliciousness aside -- It's not like someone is going to kidnap the diva as she's returning to her South Beach hotel.

Wait ... where exactly is Solange?


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Young E    

Bunch of hateful, ignorant , envious , poor people. So desperate

2211 days ago


beyonce is very overrated and on top of that.... having all the security just brings more attention to her versus just acting like, living like and trying to have some semblance of a normal life for even just one day.
for the record in my opinion... in this picture... if you remove the bodyguards and take a look at beyonce alone.... she looks like any other normal thick african american heritage female who is on south beach every weekend. and actually she looks more exotic like of some hispanic decent with the way her hair is and what she is wearing... both of which being nothing special or flashy or unavailable to regular poor and middle class citizens. she could have totally gotten away with out all the security making a scene. i think she looks better in this state of array because she looks so fake when she's all done up. she looks real. natural. normal in this picture (once you photoshop out the body guards)
anyways... i live here in south florida and obviously she just wants to make sure she is still in the press because there are so many more beaches to visit that aren't popular tourist & celebrity traps and are much better choices to relax at. As well... a majority of those beaches are not as fake, superficial materialistic and pretentious as south beach is. south beach is disgusting. it's dirty. and it's over crowded. these are also the reasons why i avoid south beach as if it's the plauge! because an all actually... you might just catch some nasty disease just from being there or worse yet wind up killed by some lame brained sushi chef or robbed by some pathetic wannabe gangster!
ny advice... find a different beach for relaxing beyonce... especially when your lil sister is the supreme grand champion of morons for the way she blasts the papps!

2211 days ago


She's got some tree trunk legs that's for sure. Her calves are about the same thickness as her thighs. COVER THAT CRAP UP PLEASE!

2211 days ago


Who really cares about her ? Does SHE really think she's that important to have all that security?

2211 days ago


omg you losers are unbearable. Beyonce is the quuen period...if you notice the only haters are all white people i can tell by what ur saying....being is loved in the black community like that loser, talentless Madonna is loved by the caucasian community...And why wouldnt she wear her freaking wedding ring everywhere jackass, shes a newlywed! STOP HATING AND GET A LIFE

2210 days ago


She really needs to tell herself she's all that huh? I could walk by her and not give it (her) a thought. But it's important in her circle to one up each other. I don't know the number of "agents" on Piddy's detail, but i'm sure it's excalty one less than beyonce's and/or jayz's.

2209 days ago


wow, true haters! you all need to fall back and stop hatin!

2209 days ago


I cannot believe all of the negative comments about B all of a sudden. I ain't takin up for her but I gotta keep it real. Where is she fat? She prob weighs less than 75% of the women who posted a comment. And how is it stupid or selfish to wear A WEDDING RING GIVEN TO HER BY HER HUSBAND?!!! Is it her fault that her man is rich? Don't b mad cuz yall rings don't put the sun to shame like hers.

2209 days ago


Everyone saying, "Oh who cares about her?" and "She's so overrated!" Obviously you are some of the people, who care enough to take the time out of your day to read the article and post a response. Jeez, you guys are so childish. Who cares if the girl is surrounded by bodyguards? With haters like the ones posting all these negative comments, she probably does need a lot of security!

2207 days ago

why ul hatin    

Why are you people so concern for her. If you hate her so much why do you take the time to search her on the internet and then take the time to write something about her. Wow!!!!!! It her life and he she wanted to have 1 million people protecting her thats her rite. You people don't know how many death threats celebs get on a daily basics and they have no other choice than to take it serious. So please lay off Beyonce!!!!!!!!!!!

2199 days ago

bryzzy bee    

i think all of yall need ta hop off.
everybody wanna hate on b.
what yall feel some type of way cuz she got talent?
like somebody done already said u dnt kno wat her day 2 day is.
so if she need a lil extra security then let her be.
with al da crazy ppl thats out there now i would tightin my security 2.
im juss sayin.

2192 days ago
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