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Goldman Attorney to O.J.: So Long Sucker!

10/4/2008 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One attorney for the Goldman family is speaking out about O.J. Simpson's 12 guilty verdicts -- and he isn't holding back his dislike for the Juice.

David J. Cook tells TMZ, "Finders keepers, losers weepers. Going to that Las Vegas hotel room was a very bad idea. Robbing those two snookes was a worse idea. But going to jail for beating Fred Goldman out of a payment for the wrongful death judgment ... priceless."

Cook takes one last dig at O.J. saying, "The road to justice runs from Brentwood and ends in Las Vegas." Ouch.


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Greta - I feel for OJ's family, but not for OJ. It's Karma and since OJ thought he was above the law he took one too many chances and was busted. Now he is finally going to pay the price - not just for his stupidity now, but for his previous actions. I'm glad justice has been served. On another note, he was found guilty in civil court and owes Goldman $38M - in order to avoid payment he has relocated to Florida and hidden his assets. Those actions speak volumes. What bothers me from you is you attack Goldman for his moustache - that speaks volumes to me.

2146 days ago

The Hulkster    

maybe he can Nicks roomie and they can plan their next smooth move together

2146 days ago

THIS is UNFAIR. Take it to the streets and free OJ.

2146 days ago


Karma's a bitch, isn't it?

2146 days ago

quicwed...or whatever your name is...

The stash is cheesy, just a fact.

This trial was not about Nicole and Ron. It really was a slam dunk and not fair. I'm no fan of OJ's but I do think justice WAS NOT SERVED. We can agree to disagree.

Have a nice day.

2146 days ago


Karma is a bitch...and sooner or later, it will bite you in the ass.

2146 days ago


I read that the lights in the court room went out when the verdict was read. I think it was Nicole saying" turn out the lights the partys over".

2146 days ago


If I didn't find the Goldman's so odious I might feel differently.

2146 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

#1 & 3 - Greta ---
Who was going to call you a racist? Someone might call you clueless though.

You feel sorry for OJ? The obvious is - he got away with 2 brutal murders in a bogus criminal verdict. The fact is - he was found GUILTY in a civil trial of murder - and has refused to pay the money he was ordered to ..... and has gone out and laughed in the faces of everyone - including the families of Nicole and Ron. Their grief will be with them for life - and they haven't even been able to move on to find any peace because this psychopath without a conscience has continued to taunt them with public displays of arrogance - writing a "confession" book - and ruining the children - who Nicole's family wanted to raise (and should have been able to).

And you feel sorry for OJ? Keep it to yourself. Maybe you would have a little more compassion for the REAL victims here if it were your own family.

2146 days ago

Tom Lange
The lights were set on a timer. Put an end to your jeeper's creeper's karma BS.

2146 days ago


haha to OJ?

HAHA to Golddigger!!!!!

It's too bad what happened to Ron, but it was never proven

Looks like the wait for money continues.

2146 days ago


When I heard the "wonderful" news, I immediately thought of Fred Goldman. I wish I knew him and could call him and tell him "Finally, the day has come". This poor man has suffered needlessly for the past 14 years (as well as his family). I am so happy for Mr. Goldman...I truly am speechless!!!!

2146 days ago


OJ's statement that he won't get to see his kids graduate from college after putting them through college didn't make sense to me. It's not like he suffered financially to put those kids through school. As usual, it's all about him! He's clueless as to why he is in the situation he is in now. Karma!

2146 days ago




2146 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

I'm sure someone should be able to figure out how they got a hold of OJ's stuff in the first place. Judging by the looks of them fellas, it wa'nt too kosher...

2146 days ago
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