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Goldman Attorney to O.J.: So Long Sucker!

10/4/2008 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One attorney for the Goldman family is speaking out about O.J. Simpson's 12 guilty verdicts -- and he isn't holding back his dislike for the Juice.

David J. Cook tells TMZ, "Finders keepers, losers weepers. Going to that Las Vegas hotel room was a very bad idea. Robbing those two snookes was a worse idea. But going to jail for beating Fred Goldman out of a payment for the wrongful death judgment ... priceless."

Cook takes one last dig at O.J. saying, "The road to justice runs from Brentwood and ends in Las Vegas." Ouch.


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was a fan    

re qwicwted - excellent comments and ditto from me

2176 days ago


So are all you people defending O.J thinking he's a great guy the same are the ones that think Palin is the best candidate for your President? Because grandpa will surely croak before his first term is over...Hell he looks like a walking corpse now!

2176 days ago


It's about time a jury was seated who actually had a brain the the ole bowling ball!


This murderer finally got it stuck to him...I don't care how and when justice is served...but it MUST be served, and last night was a full course meal.

To those saying to the Goldman family..."Get over it!" Please.....the loss of a family member is not something you "get over!" You learn to "deal with it", but you never get over it. Glad I'm not in your shallow, cold-hearted, ignorant, worthless piece of human-being. YOU are something I can "get over!"

2176 days ago


What.Ev.Er. Goldman family, I am truly sorry for your loss, however, 13 years ago...OJ was found NOT GUILTY. Period.

I do honestly believe these charges were bogus and that the court system and jurors wanted to nail him on the 13 year old charges. I think this is wrong.

I feel badly for OJ's children and family and for OJ. Your mileage may vary.

Posted at 12:36PM on Oct 4th 2008 by Greta

OJ deserves no one's sympathy.

He brought all of this onto himself.

For the record...

A "not guilty" verdict does not mean that OJ Simpson was innocent of the crimes. The DNA involved in the crime of murder should have convicted OJ without question or hesitation - it was the ignorance or arrogance of the jury and their awe over a celebrity that allowed this double murderer to walk away in freedom. Based on the evidence presented at the trial, if the defendant were a cesspool worker named Joe Smith he would have been in prison long before today.


Remember, a civil court case found OJ to be guilty and awarded the family's damages. OJ has specifically sought, for years, a means to avoid fulfilling his legal and financial obligations under that verdict and judicial order. That is why he lives in FL. The laws protect him from that judgment. His greed and arrogance brought him to NV to obtain the very things that should have been part of that compensation/damages paid to Fred Goldman and the Brown family.

It is ignorant to think that the entire panel of men and women - the jury in Clark County - conspired together to set the wrong of the past through this verdict.

The 16 men and women, I believe being the correct number with alternates included, were free to cast their YES or NO towards guilt or not guilty based on how each one individually perceived the evidence presented.

Remember, 13 years ago after many months of trial and hundreds of exhibits of evidence the jury came back after ONLY 3 hours - this Clark County jury took 13 hours to deliberate a 3 wk trial.

The difference being the jury in LA did not do justice to the trial or to the citizens of CA, nor for the victims.

They showed no "due diligence".

They tried to set the wrongs of the past towards slavery and other black related issues by refusing to deliberate appropriately and as was required of them when part of a jury.

They did not want to "nail him" due to him being black and a celebrity. They completely ignored the evidence. They gave deliberations no time.

OJ has had many run ins throughout the past 13 years with the law, including DVA issues related to his current girlfriend.

A leopard does not change his spots.

OJ is a perpetrator of DVA and a murderer - he believed himself to be above the law.

He is not the first man to have been found "not guilty" for a major crime only to find himself sent to prison of a lesser crime.

The only person OJ can blame for being found guilty at this time in NV is himself.

No one forced this arrogant SOB to bring five men with him to retrieve property he was unlawfully concealing or would have unlawfully concealed from the Goldman's to avoid having to pay the judgment of the civil trial.

When saying in the past that he was going to continue looking for the real murderer he did not have to go too far to find him because every day when he woke up and looked in the mirror the killer was looking back at OJ Simpson.

There are four main victim's in all of this ...

First and foremost - Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. Next would be the two children whose mother was butchered by their father.

OJ is NOT a victim nor does he deserve anyone's sympathy.

Some people feel sorry for his children because they believe they have now lost their father - again, no one is to blame but OJ himself, His children can still visit with him and talk to him.

Ron Goldman's father has only a grave to visit, as well as Nicole's family.

OJ is NOT a victim nor was there a conspiracy to convict him.

He did the crime and now he will do the time.

2176 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

I feel sorry for him .

2176 days ago

You really think the Goldman's will ever move on. I don't think so, especially Mr. Goldman. He wasn't even close to his son and was estranged at the time of the murder. Hey, that doesn't mean I don't feel bad for him and his family because I do. However, I do think this was a bogus verdict and I am no fan of OJ's.

Peace to all.

2176 days ago


Wow, Greta you love the "real murderer." OK, conspiracy theorist, who was he other shooter on the grassy knoll? A black panther and other illiterate racists found OJ not guilty criminally. How shocking. He was found civilly responsible. Only a racist or jackass with their head in a hole would think this criminal is a victim. Which are you, maybe both? Karma is a bitch.

2176 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Beeg - #20 - OJ deserves to go to jail for the rest of his life for EVERY HORRIBLE THING he has done in his life - many of them illegal! Have you ever had a family member murdered - by a "celebrity" who keeps throwing it in your face for 13 years? Then you don't know what emotions they have to deal with. Maybe any kind of justice the families can get will bring them some sort of satisfaction. Of course never their loved ones back ... and they have to live with that every day. But I'll bet millions of people are feeling a sigh of relief that this monster finally got punishment for something! Maybe this sentence actually IS legally fair. If not and it is extreme ---- who in their right mind cares????

2176 days ago


OJ was found NOT GUILTY 13 years ago., Have people done nothing but sit ont he OJ fence waiting for him to get something. His poor children, first the mother, then now their father. How can you people be so vindictive and now these children must suffere becuase of the public outrage over a man who was found NOT GUILTY by a judge and jury system voted in by the United States of America. The Goldmans have not let this story die. they have gone on and on and on the same old story over and over and over. Like live your life, let it go. I am tired of seeing them on the news, tv, newspaper. Their daughter is divorced, no wonder. Fred Goldman is so annoying. The court system, well it was their fault even if he was found guilty in the penalty phase , to me once you are NOT GUILTY you are just that NOT GUILTY and he should never have been awarded money in another trial, like whats with that. The court well its their fault, who in their right mind would ever expect any man to pay that kind of money, it was imipossible for anyone to pay. That people was the mistake. His children needed to be raised, they needed to forget this trial as their father was found NOT GUILTY but the people would not let them live. Those poor kids, what if it were your kids, why should they have to pay for what their father has done, and even when he was found NOT GUILTY, the public would still not leave the story alone 13 years later. LIKE HELLO PEOPLE 13 years, how many of you follow a story when you were wrong supposedly for 13 years. What an awful society that would be. I feel so sorry for those children, they are now going to be like orphans and I hope all of you who are so vindictive are happy with that. I think OJ was framd and now it will be impossible to come up with a good penalty for him becuase that is not possible with all of the hatred for him. He is not to get a sentence based on a 13yr old murder he was acquitted for , even if we believe he did it. I would use that hatred and outpouring of GET OJ for his appeal. Look at the slimy people who would have taken money to join in, its all about the money. What has our world come to. Its verdict by judge and jury that your country voted for, when they make a decision accept it. IT IS WHAT IT IS> NOW MOVE ON.

2176 days ago


Too much time is spent on O.J. Simpson, either cursing him or sticking up for him. Why not talk about some of the African-American sports figures who give back to their communities, treat their wives and girlfriends with respect, and are admired by everyone who knows them? It seems that the news media concentrates on human garbage. I don't think that's fair to all the really great men out there.

2176 days ago



2176 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Good for you Sunshine! I can't see why anyone would feel sympathy for a convicted criminal and murderer either. And yes, you are so right about their being four victims and also there are the friends and other family of the people who suffered too because of this. Many people have and will suffer at the hands of OJ and now it is his time to suffer.

2176 days ago


If he goes to jail it will be a tragedy, because he won't be able to continue
his lifelong search for his wife's killer.

2176 days ago


I am always bemused and saddened whenever this topic comes up. Fred Goldman did nothing wrong. No doubt he would trade having his face on tv and his name in the papers for having his son back. He is the most innocent of innocents, and for some reason some of you want to make this all about him, or even more strangely, his mustache.

For those of you who want him to "get over it" and "move on", please imagine it was your child. You woke up one morning and your child was dead. Why, because he was kind enough to return sun glasses to a patron of his restaurant. Since your child is dead, might your focus in life become seeing the person who killed him be punished? Might you just begin to think that was the only thing left you could do for your child? Then, despite copious DNA and other evidence, the killer goes free because he manages to change the focus of the trial from his guilt to something entirely unrelated, in this case racism.

So now your child is dead, gone, and never coming back. There was no reason for him to die, but he's dead. And the guy who did it, the killer, got off. He's strutting around on television, cheering his freedom. Might you know decide to try to punish him in the only way the law has left for you, by a civil trial? Goldman knew that wouldn't bring his child back, but he wanted some court somewhere to say that Simpson murdered his child. I'm a mom and I can understand that.

The impotence he must have felt as Simpson flitted around the country, obviously living on the money he was ordered to pay Goldman! How angry he must have been. Then, finally, Simpson actually writes a book admitting his guilt. How would you feel if that were your child? Think about it.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say Goldman probably had nothing to do with the Memorabilia Caper. That was Simpson, all ego. The irony is that he gave the stuff to the guy to hide it from Goldman and thwart the civil judgment. I think it is only right that this is what got him in the end.

There really is karma, and you are witnessing it.

2176 days ago

Jakko Johnson    

1. What.Ev.Er. Goldman family, I am truly sorry for your loss, however, 13 years ago...OJ was found NOT GUILTY. Period.

I do honestly believe these charges were bogus and that the court system and jurors wanted to nail him on the 13 year old charges. I think this is wrong.

I feel badly for OJ's children and family and for OJ. Your mileage may vary.

Posted at 12:36PM on Oct 4th 2008 by Greta

If you like him so much maybey you should go to jail with him?...

2176 days ago
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