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Goldman Attorney to O.J.: So Long Sucker!

10/4/2008 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One attorney for the Goldman family is speaking out about O.J. Simpson's 12 guilty verdicts -- and he isn't holding back his dislike for the Juice.

David J. Cook tells TMZ, "Finders keepers, losers weepers. Going to that Las Vegas hotel room was a very bad idea. Robbing those two snookes was a worse idea. But going to jail for beating Fred Goldman out of a payment for the wrongful death judgment ... priceless."

Cook takes one last dig at O.J. saying, "The road to justice runs from Brentwood and ends in Las Vegas." Ouch.


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The people who are siding with OJ on this thread must have been the jurors in his murder case.

2180 days ago


Guilty - at last! This murderer was found not guilty 13 years ago., for many reasons, but not because he didn't do it. We all know that he did. Robert Kardashian went to his grave knowing that his ex-friend committed double homicide. Even his children know that he murdered their mother. But today he WAS found guilty for another crime, and justifiably so.

2180 days ago


how is he gonna find the real killer if he is locked up?

2180 days ago


OJ couldn't just retire and live his life.. Over and over again, he stayed in the spotlight. First the reality show, book, ect. He brought this on himself. He is a killer who beat the system because of a bitter, racist, hateful L.A. jury. He deserves to die in prison. NOW, can we get over this thug PLEASE!!!!!

2180 days ago


He's finally getting his, and I couldn't be happier for Nicole and Ron's families!!!!!!! Karma is definitely a bitch!

2180 days ago

Mr. Absolutely, Hansel and to the rest of you morons...

I have had a child, family member, killed in cold blood by gang members. Just so those freaks could get jumped into a gang. They are spending the rest of their lives in prison without parole.

So STFU and lick the soles of my shoes...FREAKS.

2180 days ago

Mr. A    

The most incriminating piece of evidence found in the murder trial, was NEVER used against OJ! Amongst his items found on him, after the White Bronco chase, was a little tiny receipt for the fake mustache, adhesive and remover he had on him, along with the gun and the passport and the travelers checks in his possession. Why was this receipt so incriminating? Because the date of PURCHASE was not prior to his running away in the Bronco, but prior to even the murders, by like a week or so.

Why would OJ feel the need to purchase a disguise before even the actual MURDERS??

The brilliant prosecution left it out because it was found after the Bronco chase, and the Bronco chase lent itself to feelings of sympathy for OJ as though he was running in desperation and despair instead of GUILT. Idiots!

Anybody that would still think OJ innocent are idiots as well. This conviction doesn't hardly undo the unjustice of the first debacle, but I guess it's KARMA at it's finest...however LATE it came to be.

2180 days ago


Hey Goldman!! You got your blood money from the book sales!! (Saw it recently in the 75~95% off book bin) And face it your kid would have failed in his business venture within 6 months HAD he lived! So get off your high horse!! Your 15 minutes of fame ENDED 13 yrs AGO!!!

2180 days ago



2180 days ago


Finally - JUSTICE. Don't worry about his kids - they know in their hearts he killed their mother... they've kept silent on the matter because he cut them off from Nicole's mom and dad and aunts Tanya and Denise... Karma's a B!TCH.

2180 days ago


I am glad he will be behind bars for a long itme. he should die in jail. for what he did this time and 13 yrs ago. bye bye oj you ass

2180 days ago

Johnny D    

That racist jury 13 years ago was no different than the kangaroo courts of the deep south 50 years ago. Their ignorance was an embarrassment to the black race. Johnny Cochran got his due and now OJ gets his. It doesn't happen enough but finally what goes around comes around. I hope that bastard rots in hell.

2180 days ago

tmz is the pits    

Greta, get back on the "little bus". Your comments are showing how stupid a person can be. I am black, and you're a prime example of how ignorant the general public is. OJ was found "not guilty" 13 years ago because of the incompetence of the D.A. and the other prosecutors. NOT because he was innocent. Anyone with half a brain knows that he did what he was accused of. HE didn't win ,his lawyers did. In his latest incident of arrogance the prosecutors did their job by proving beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty of the crimes he was arrested for. "BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT"

2180 days ago


I didn't follow this trial but from what I know about it, he certainly looked guilty. I do believe he was guilty of murder 13 yrs. ago.

2180 days ago

Johnny D    

Truth hurts, you restore my faith. Greta you are about as dumb as they come

2180 days ago
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