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O.J. Simpson

Goes Down Bigtime

10/4/2008 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonThirteen years to the day after OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder, he had the book thrown at him -- Simpson has been convicted on 12 criminal counts, including kidnapping, armed robbery and burglary. He faces life in prison.

Simpson has been remanded into custody -- which means he's in jail.

The Las Vegas jury delivered its verdict just before 11:00 PM PT.

Simpson and his co-defendant -- also found guilty on all counts -- confronted a memorabilia collector in a Las Vegas hotel to get Simpson's stuff back, with the help of a gun.


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First of all, I in no way blame the jury of the murder trial. They gave the only verdict there was to give based on the evidence. You are correct, there was so many mistakes made in that case, how do we know that he was actually guilty. Mark Furhman gave the prosecution their most valuable evidence (which was the glove, the Found blood, the sock, the envelope) but he perjured himself. Which means that you can't trust nothing that he says or finds. Perjury charges were filed against him afterwards and he received probation, a fine and was dismissed from the police force. Have you listen to the audio tape that Furhman made with an outside source. There were 41 instances of him saying the "N" word and the way he treats them. He spoke of beating known gang members, planting evidence and other incriminating facts. Now if he is so openly bragging about these things, how are we supposed to believe he found a bloody sock in OJ's otherwise immaculate room. I believe OJ is guilty of abusing Nicole. Everyone believes he followed suit of statistics, I don't think that was the case this time. I'm not saying OJ wasn't a jerk for abusing his wife. I just say a murder, I don't think he is. I think that the prosecution messed up that case so bad, had they examined all of their evidence, it would have showed that he didn't do it. They didn't even check the contents of Nicole's stomach. This would have helped in the time frame of her death. There was a print done on her right hand, but not her left hand. The blood samples that Mazolla took from the crime scene was supposed to have been placed in a brown envelope and all of them had her initials. The envelopes that were later produced had no initials. I do believe that they did this thinking it would get a murderer off the streets, but they were judging him before he had his day in court. And now this lates incident was payback time. He may not have made the best decision in getting his stuff back, but this punishment does not fit the crime. Just like in the murder trial, their greediness is going to set him free.

2169 days ago


ojinnocent, we may not agree on O.J. being innocent but at least we both agree the real reason he walked the last time wasn't because of the jury's intelligence but because the LAPD and prosecution made so many legal errors that it was impossible to find him guilty beyond resonable doubt.

I am personally glad that he's behind bars but what you said has crossed my mind. Still, that karma can be rough! Just wanted to make it clear that I do agree with you about the original murder trial.

2169 days ago


One question. I know you believe OJ should have been found guilty for the burglary. Can you honestly say that you feel that this punishment fits the crime. You may believe in Karma, but I believe in this is only payback. It bothers me to know that so many people in that room received breaks and others received monetary gain and the only two that receive a harsh sentence was OJ and his friend. And I do believe his friend really received the toughest deal. There was no way that they should have placed those trials together.

2169 days ago


troublesome 305. I do see see a mistrial in the making, but do you know what really disturbs me. You state for some strange reason OJ was found not guilty, but yet he was guilty. I am going to need for you to specify or know a little somethin' somethin' about the case and they you will see why he was found not guilty. Too many people have suspected him guilty, because it has been embedded in their head that he is guilty. Not one of you stating that he's guilty is going by the evidence. So if you state that he is guilty, please explain why. Don't just throw accusations out there, be prepared to back up any statement you make, with fact and not your feelings. As a black female I am angry at OJ for allowing himself to be railroaded like that. I believe he was innocent 13 years ago, but I still think he has some issues.

2168 days ago


ojinnocent, I'll make this clear on the current trial. O.J. brought it on himself by even putting himself in that position. Granted, I do see an appeal coming along with a possible mistrial. As much as I would like to believe that this jury wasn't influenced by the original trial, we aren't mindreaders so we really don't know.

The same thing was said about the jury in the murder trial, that they were motivated by racism and revenge (especially since it took place not far from when the whole Rodney King episode happened as well as the L.A. Riots) but the truth there is that no jury could've found him guilty beyond a resonable doubt. Anyone that said they could are going on their feelings and not the facts. True, there was blood found on O.J.'s bronco and all that but the fact that there were legal misteps by both the prosecution and especially the LAPD alone would've disqualified any evidence found.

This time, I have to say the prosecution did a solid job and had good evidence. I DO think its messed up that only O.J. and his friend were charged while others (who were just as guilty) got a pass! They all should've been tried. Still, after thinking about it, people that are celebrating O.J.'s guilty verdict better not get too happy as O.J. could still get it thrown out because of the reason you pointed out in your post earlier.

2168 days ago


egriffin, please read the e-mails here. 95% of the people here believe him to be guilty, believe this to be Karma. How many of them do you think made it to the jury selection. You sound like an intelligent person, so don't tell me you think they held no opinion or their feelings didn't get in the way. There was nothing fair about that trial.

2168 days ago


Perhaps. But, again, we aren't there so we can't be sure. Again, I would like to believe they were being fair but it would not surprise me to find out that they were influenced by the fact that this was O.J. Simpson.

I don't feel sorry for him at all as he brought his troubles on himself. Still, there is a part of me that feels this could've been payback. Put it this way, if this were anyone BUT O.J., he probably wouldn't even have gotten convicted and I doubt all those other people involved would've walked. So, yes, there is a part of me that does think that he got this conviction as payback for the original trial years ago.

Nevertheless, O.J.'s own actions is why he's where he is. Had he had kept his butt in Florida and under the radar, then he'd still be free right now. I know that's what I'd do if I was found not guilty of double murder. That's the bottom line to me. He brought a lot of this on himself.

For the record, yes, I am a black man. 34 years old actually and have never been in major trouble or foolishness like O.J. or a lot of our black celebrities. I will admit I was on the O.J. train the first time. Over the years, he's proven time and again that he doesn't care about us or anyone for that matter. He only cares about himself. To be blunt, he hasn't been black since I was born. Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting better than the ghetto. I, myself, want that too. Still, here is a man that had it all and his own ego and selfishness cost him. That's why he is where he is now to me.

2168 days ago


Okay egriffin, you've done started something now. You know ghetto is a state of mind not whee you're from. I agree with you, OJ did cause alot of this on himself. But if we are going to start this over from the beginning, let's keep it real. Before OJ was even notified about his personal items, the police were told first. Because of who OJ was and who their personal beliefs they didn't want to get involve. If there were records showing that OJ's items were stolen years ago, they should have considered this as a tip and did a follow up to THAT crime, rather than treating it as a civil suit. It shouldn't even be put back on OJ to obtain his items back. Where is his rights to 'protect and serve'. Even though the initial 'robbery' from OJ happened in another jurisdiction, it was the police responsibility to follow up on any tip of a crime that they receive. It just upsets me that the one that planned the meeting, set up everyone in that room and they fell for it.
As you've said, OJ is to blame for alot of his troubles too. I really believe OJ thought that not guilty verdict 13 years ago honestly meant that he was free. I don't think that he realizes that he was just sentenced to a life of hell. A life where he would have to walk on very think ice if he wanted to remain free. He trusting too many people made him careless with his freedom and put him in situations that most black men would have known to stay the hell out of. You would like to think that he received a fair trial in this case, but how could he, when too many people feel so passionate about his verdict 13 years ago. OJ doesn't stand a change. The sad part about it, if OJ gets out of this one, I'm sure it won't be too long before he allows himself to be set up for something else. They want OJ Simpsons freedom and one way or another they are going to get it. We just need for OJ to realize it and carefully analyze every situation.

2167 days ago


No, O.J. needs to realize that even though he was a celeb and everything, his skin is black and he will always be viewed as such. I do agree with you though that he thought when he was found Not Guilty that he was some how really free when in reality, he had a big bullseye on his chest! I know they are white men but you don't see Robert Blake or Phil Spector out running around. In fact, you haven't heard from them in months! They were smart enough to stay out of the limelight (though their cases may be brought up again as they were mistrials).

As for "We", I prefer to save my sympathy for brothas and sistas that actually need it and appreciate it. Bottom line is that O.J. needs to swallow his ego and quit thinking he can get away with anything because he's O.J. Simpson. Even a white man would eventually use up his chances, let alone one of us.

2167 days ago


You see, I don't think that OJ thinks he can get away with anything because he's OJ. I think tht he truly don't realize his life is doomed. As far as Robert Blake and Phil Spector, we actually don't know if they've been staying righteous, nothing just hasn't been reported on them. I don't think their every step has been under a microscope like OJ has. They are not waiting for the others to slip up, their waiting for OJ. One little mishap and they are going to take it and run with it. Like you said, OJ did bring alot of this on himself. He needs to make sure that there are no mishaps for them to run with. I give my sympathy to OJ because I think he is to naive to even realize what has happened to his life when that 'not guilty' verdict was read thirteen years ago.

2167 days ago

Carmela Murray' Tolbert' Murray    

In 1994, I knew that the media circus was hosting a clown. In 2008 it was proven, that the Clark County Trials was a joke. Leave it to SIN CITY to burn ORENTHAL J. SIMPSON FOR A LIFETIME like the soul-less Devils worshipper that he truly is. Give him life in prison. Think about who's been his guiding light. Watch her closely, like the Nicole Simpson look-a-like that she really is....... the proto-type of the real Nicole Brown Simpson, back from the grave to haunt him for the lives that he cut to the quick. Christie Prody, kill Orenthal J. Simpson for me!!!!!!!!!! Give him life in prison without possibility of parole. CHRISTIE PRODY, KILL ORENTHAL J. SIMPSON FOR ME.

2163 days ago


Seeing as most of the comments read here are aiming more towards that murder case 13 years ago, I have a question how could you kill 2 people with a knife? Did one sit there while the other was being butchered waiting for their turn? "Oooh yeah OJ that looks good cut me just like that, Im gonna stand here and not call the police or pick something up and knock the crap out of you while you finish stabbing them to death, stick em good Im waiting for my turn right here on the same lawn" Remember Nicole had serious drug debts, the crooked police with well known dirt in their background were tampering with evidence ie placing blood where there was no blood and tons of other foul ups with the whole case. Sorry but I have to pull the race card here because its warranted, now despite whatever went on with this case which of course seems like he was railroaded the man was not guilty of killing those 2 coke heads 13 years ago

2132 days ago


hey o.j. they got ya. bad part is too many others get away. the justice system needs a lot of work. feed back welcome.

2117 days ago
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