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Britney Spears -- Mother of Two

10/5/2008 12:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lest we forget.


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Big Bear    

People need to back off Britney!! The look on her face the last few photos I have seen reflect a troubled woman. Britney is one small step from going completely crazy. People like Britney who have severe mental illness do not need the pressure of the paps!!!

2212 days ago


This is the first time I have seen those little boys smile. Ever.

2212 days ago


she looks stunning. she's clearly doing alot better and i think it shows. she looks better then ever if you ask me.

2212 days ago

Triple Play    


2212 days ago

tuna marie    

poor britney her life will always be a mess. but at least she is still rich!!

2212 days ago


Naw, Via, I'm talking about Brit, her little sister and her mother.

2212 days ago


I love Britney, and her kids are adroable, and I do believe she is a good mom juggling a career and being a mom..just like EVER celeb out there (to all you hypocrites). No one ever bashes gwen stefani when she goes to work, or Angelina Jolie. But when Britney works than everyone screams OMG WHY ISNT SHE WITH HER CHILDREN. HELLOOOOOOOOOO people, she is working to support her children to give them a good life. Anyway, my point is I love Britney, BUT the only thing I don't understand is why does she never hold Sean Preston and only Jayden??

2212 days ago

yeh yeh    

Sean Preston weighs 20 pounds more. You don't know if she holds Sean at home, safe from stalkers, kidnappers, paparazzi, and crazy fans in the public.

2212 days ago


The older son probably is not too fond of her, since he must have many memories of her 'losing' it. She is NOT a great mother, and she is NOT normal. She needs a babysitter and is incapable of doing anything more than visit with her children.

2212 days ago

yeh yeh    

You're creating a story and it's dull.

2212 days ago


Britney Spears is a Part-time mother ONLY. She was in NYC for a week, in Mexico for one of her multiple vacations, busy with career and not with her children. Other people are raising her children for her. Good for them. She was supposed to be attending parenting classes with Kevin but I am not sure that is still on-going. She has to SHARE the children with Kevin so the best that she can get out of all of this is Part-time motherhood at the most. No, not every holiday, no not every special occasion either. That is what 50-50 custody is all about in divorces that children are involved in. I feel sorry for the life that she has created for herself and it will never go away ever. Her poor choices and decisions have led her to this place. Sean and Jayden will probably grow up with alot of resentment and anger towards both parents and I think the worst is yet to come for Britney and Kevin.

If Britney wants a career AND be a good mother then she is going to have to see if she can slow down enough to balance out her life between career and motherhood. I think that she wants a career but only see her children sometimes. Britney Spears is not ready for the responsibilities and sacrifices that parenting requires of a person. Her family is doing most of the raising of those 2 boys along with Kevin too.

Britney has too many people looking over her shoulders and she knows that she has to take her meds and seek counseling for the near future. Legally, she cannot afford not even one more mess up because it will be the final curtain for her. I think that maybe it will be in the best interests of the children to just be happy with a part time mother who has herself together and sane too. The emotional scars will not be discovered in some time. It is so sad.

2212 days ago

tuna marie    

she is a loser, did anyone hear her new "song"? it is garbage, just like she is.

2212 days ago


I just will never understand the millions of small, pathetic, sick people who get such intense, orgasmic pleasure from doing intense verbal violence to this woman.

From where I am sitting, here is a woman who has endured great suffering, and is by the grace of God re-building her life. From what I have read, she has visitation with her children 3 days a week, which is very close to 50% of the parenting time. She cannot have legal custody because her father still has custody of her and her estate, but she is much more involved with her children than the majority of divorced fathers who spend every other weekend with their kids.

There is no reason for the vitrol and hatred that is directed at her, and it truly disturbs me to know that so many people are so gruesomely ugly in their hearts and souls.

2212 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Beautiful, beautiful, Britney, my baby girl.

2212 days ago


Britanny may be what she is but I think she has two of the cutiest babies I have seen in a long time.

2211 days ago
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