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Hamster Day


10/5/2008 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Al Pacino may be a vicious killer on screen, but in real life he fiercely protects the rodents, much to the dismay of Beverly D'Angelo.

Our spies served up a classic for us yesterday. Location: PETCO, West Hollywood. Event: Hamster Race. Participants: Five hamsters, as well as the Pacino/D'Angelo twins.

A crowd watched breathlessly as the hamsters were each placed on a plastic track. The critters were somewhat disoriented as the crowd cheered them on. This began to alarm Pacino, who worried out loud the hamsters "are gonna have a heart attack." D'Angelo fired back, "Relax, they're just hamsters!" Now we know why it didn't work out -- they even bicker during hamster races.

In the end, the twins finished second and third. There were whispers that the winner could have been a ringer, because the little girl brought her rodent to PETCO in what looked like a professional pink and green striped carrying case.

Catch Pacino in his latest release, "Scent of a Hamster."


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I don't care old Pacino is, he is sexy as HELL.

And he cares about animals. He's got it all.

2174 days ago


This makes me LOL

2174 days ago


Beverly D'Angelo is a heartless idiot. I bet Pacino regrets the day he met her.

2174 days ago


I just love Al. Yes, he does love animals. All animals. In a book "Conversations w/ Pacino"... there was one part where his daugher was concerned about a bee that looked sick or injured. Al went over with a piece of paper, and picked up the bee and put the bee in the flower bed. And told his daughter, "we'll put him in with the flowers, and maybe he'll feel better". He didn't kill it, he helped it. When Beverly found out (Olivia told her), she freaked out and started yelling at him, that he should be teaching her to FEAR bees. He didn't know he did anything wrong. I felt so sorry for him when I read that. She is such a bitch!!!

2174 days ago


I absolutely ADORE this man. Al, if you read this, CALL ME!!!!! :P

2174 days ago


Whats the deal with that creepy looking outfit he's wearing? Looks like a ladies blouse! Very weird!

2173 days ago


I love Al Pacino. He's an icon. Now I just love him more.

2173 days ago

O Plz    

At least the parents are doing things together with the kids. That's nice.

2173 days ago


Aw...say it ain't so Tony Montana. After the race I guess he had to say hallo to hees leetle franz.

2173 days ago


I knew there was a reason I've loved this man for over 30 years! He's the BEST. And he still looks great!
Unlike Ms.D'Angelo, who looks like she ate Orca the Whale! Yeez Bev, have a friggin salad!

Love Live Big Al.
The BEST Actor in the entire world.

2173 days ago


I had to comment -
I mean, the stock market and economy actually had me crying a little while ago. So, I switched from msn to tmz. I read this, and really got a good laugh. I could just hear Pacino saying about the hamsters having a heart attack - I think that is hilarious......thanks TMZ.

2173 days ago


I love Al, I think he has the sexiest voice, of any man alive! I'm 49 and I would let this man do anything to me and I mean anything! Cute kid's by the way.

2133 days ago
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