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Please Stop It,

Tina Fey

10/5/2008 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Tina Fey's goal with her "SNL" impression is to make Gov. Sarah Palin seem so incompetent that everything she does in real life comes off genius by comparison, then she has succeeded in spades. Again.

Tina nailed it again last night and even the staunchest Dem can see a silver lining if McCain/Palin wins in November -- four more years ... of Tina Fey.


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Thank you Tina.... I loved Gov Palin before your skits and after your skits.. I love her even more.. keep it up!!

2217 days ago


It wouldn't be bad if they made fun of everyone. I talked to a guy who worked on capital hill. Just an every day working guy so he got to see the real men, not the show they but on tv. He said McCain and Obama where nice guy who treated people well but Biden was a jackass. Biden thought he was a Senator and everyone else was a nothing.

2217 days ago


I was on the fence until the VP debates, but McCain/Palin have my vote. Palin was just soooo pretty and nice. 8 More years of Tina will be great too. In fact, how about 16 more years?

McCain/Palin 08!!!!!!!!

2217 days ago


snl hasn't been funny in years and these bits haven't changed that at all

2217 days ago


you left the country because the Democrats lost? That is stupid! If I agree with you or not about who should win the election leaving the country because your side didn't win is childish. At this time I don't know who I will vote for. I respect McCain but many of his view points I don't agree with. Obama is a shoot star but he hasn't been around enough to have a voting record that I can trust.

2217 days ago


love it... keep pissing off the Republican voters on this board who post asinine comments!!!

It's not too hard to make Palin seem foolish - she does a pretty good job of doing it herself... way to go Caribou Barbie!!!
Remember people, do you want this woman one heartbeat away from the presidency? Think about it!!!

2217 days ago


I'm not buying her folksy routine. Reminds me to much of the 2000 election when voters thought Bush was a guy they'd like to have a beer with. Now the RNC is desperate and trying to pull the same stunt. I know there is a certain percentage who will buy this nonsense, but for the most part I think Americans are fed up and will not buy into the lies this time around.

2217 days ago


don't whine... sniff..sniff.... it's OK Republicans.... remeber, you'll alway have "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"... LOL!!!

2217 days ago


her impression is getting tiresome

2217 days ago


Oh Sarah, that inquiry in Alaska you were trying to shut down about your firing a guy because he was married to your sister and divorced her... bang up job!!!!

Great job too on raising your daughter.... 17 and pregnant.... you should win Mother of the Year!!!!

2217 days ago


jonalisa - how embarrassing for you to admit that you actually left your country after an election loss.
from us "stick it out" democrats...please don't bother coming back. we don't want (or need) you...
i'd much rather have a good argument with an intelligent republican, than listen to another whiney "we lost" democrat. armchair politicos can just stay in europe.

2217 days ago


My mom is great!!! She let me sleep with my boyfriend and get pregnant! It just sucks that we have to parade around with each other, though he really doesnt' want to marry me... but I want to marry him!!

2217 days ago


How about Obama as the pimp with his two "hos" Freddie and Fannie? Now there's a SNL skit for you.

2217 days ago


Tina Fey was funny the first time.

Now, it's getting really, really stupid.

2217 days ago


"Remember people, do you want this woman one heartbeat away from the presidency? Think about it!!!"

Think about a guy who went to a racist church for twenty years as President. Think about a guy who says Black Liberation Theology brought him to the church in power. (BLT teaches that white people are born to be oppressors & cannot be otherwise so they must be kept from political power at all costs)

You're an idiot

2217 days ago
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