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Please Stop It,

Tina Fey

10/5/2008 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Tina Fey's goal with her "SNL" impression is to make Gov. Sarah Palin seem so incompetent that everything she does in real life comes off genius by comparison, then she has succeeded in spades. Again.

Tina nailed it again last night and even the staunchest Dem can see a silver lining if McCain/Palin wins in November -- four more years ... of Tina Fey.


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#42 - tell me about it... she hardly notices me :)

2173 days ago


Palin is a bad mother, an idiot, a liar and just plain creepy, just like McCain!!! I feel sorry for her youngest daughter, whose job it is to take care of Palins baby. After the debate, Palin gave the little girl the baby to carry up and down the stairs. Shara Palin is soooo stupid she actully thinks she could run this country, what a joke!!! What's worse is the people who support her. They nust be the same people that support Bush, and look where that stupidity got us. Wake up! GO OBAMA!!!!!!

2173 days ago


nice John... totally explains the intellect of part of the Republican base (hey, I was being kind and not including everyone... they'r might be a few intelligent ones out there!)

2173 days ago


but it's almost too easy to make fun of Palin!!!!

2173 days ago


Sarah Palin still has more experience and is more qualified than Obama!

2173 days ago


SNL has been boring for so many years now. Just because we have one of it's star's immitating a political person doesn't make it better. If Tina Fey was impersonating a democrat would TMZ give it the amount of coverage they do now? Virtually everyweek she does it, TMZ is on it like a prostitute giving head for money. I am so tired of entertainment stars and media forcing their views of politics and religion on us. They are supposed to entertain us not dictate their beliefs. Morons.

2173 days ago


highly doubtful.... she was the governor of Alaska (what? population of 5000?).... no record in senate, no record on national issues... so sorry, the argument is invalid....

2173 days ago


This is SNL's entire problem...they find something funny once and they beat it to death because they don't have the talent to think of new stuff every week. They haven't been funny since the early 80's.

2173 days ago


Actually Palin does that without Tina's help.

2173 days ago

blues fan    

Don't blame Tina -- she's a comedian doing her job, and Palin makes it so unbelievably easy for her!!!!!!!! Every time Palin opens her mouth she provides more parody fodder......the scary part is that this woman, who can't name a single magazine/newspaper that she reads, who (like Bush) can't even train herself to pronounce "nuclear" properly, winks at the camera during a national debate like she's at some celebrity roast, can only make a passable showing on national tv when she's been to an intensive debate camp and had experts shoving facts into her head for days, who wants to deny all woman regardless of their personal beliefs the right to choose abortion even in cases of rape and incest, and who is basically a right-wing religious nutcase, might end up being our next President!!!!!!!!! I agree with Mike -- keep on showing people who/what she really is, Tina, you're providing a service to the American people and it appears to be working!!!

2173 days ago

dirty white boy.    


2173 days ago


#45 - well little missy, you're always out and about with those...boys. who do you think you are.."little miss mayor"?

2173 days ago


#50 what exactly is sarah palin more experienced at? she has no national or foreign experience, she took 4 classes to minor in political science, she's got a BA in journalism and she thinks she can see Russia from her backyard in a city that's dark for 6 months a year. obama is an attorney, a politician, author, activist and US senator. when you say she has more experience are you speaking of politics????? or are you driving this lack of experience point to something scrupulous and idiotic, where in that case you would be right about her?.

2173 days ago


McCain can’t be trusted by conservatives.

McCain will push offshore drilling in Florida.

McCain will push Yucca Mountain in Nevada.

McCain will continue the same disastrous policies of the Bush Administration.

Vote for Obama.

2173 days ago


She really nailed the airhead "Caribou Barbie" Palin. I don't know how voters could think the McCain-Palin ticket would be the answer after eight years of Bush.

2173 days ago
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