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Britney Back in the Driver's Seat -- with Helmet

10/6/2008 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears actually got behind the wheel of a vehicle this weekend -- at the Dromo 1 go-kart center in Orange, Calif.
Britney Spears: Click to watch
No photogs were harmed, no hit-and-runs were reported and no new tickets were given for driving without a license.


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2177 days ago

Space Mountain    

Go Britney

2177 days ago

Big Bear    

How many people did she kill driving the go kart?? Britney should not have a drivers license. The medications she is taking make it hard to concentrate on her driving.

2177 days ago

arte help    

This is boring, better things to do in life then follow her around.

2177 days ago


Wow, she's human! Go karts are a blast. And #1, wouldn't your rants be more effective on a political blog?

2177 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I hope they burned the helmet she wore, because it would be a bad thing to have some poor innocent person stick their head in there and get it all covered with chicken grease and head lice!

2177 days ago


Omg lol haters get a life.Isn't it hard all that anger, hate towards her lol.
Go Britney enjoy life :)

2177 days ago


Dang. That looks like hella fun.

2177 days ago


She is on her way back up GOOD job Brit !!!!! Let the girl live,come on !!!!!

2177 days ago


That gal is so HOT!

2177 days ago


go brit and pleeeaaassee vote McCain!! The saftey of our country needs to be in his hands ,Obama is clueless on foreign policys...SCARY...

2177 days ago


Don't care much for her......but that does look super fun! Better that she drive around in circles in a restricted area than on the public roads i suppose!

2177 days ago

citizen kope    

hey earl, sounds like you're the one everybody needs to steer clear of. and how would you know that meds handicap driving? you must be on some pretty heavy ones yourself. no one cares for your stupid and ignorant comments. it's too bad that britney didn't run over you. and if she had i hope that she'd run over you more than once. if you despise her so much, why waste your time commenting? you sure are stupid. go take your meds, and get a life if you can you piece of s__t loser.

p.s. number 5 you're no better than lame earl. britney should smack you in the face with her helmet, there that should take care of you. losers

2177 days ago


Britney is not a bad driver, she just needs to not drive to events. The flashing cameras and shouting idiots would distract anyone. The go-karts looked like a lot of fun. I hope it made her smile.

2177 days ago


Has anyone reminded her that she has children lately? I'm sure they'd be glad to see her and they're are still probably young enough to notice that she is only using them for a photo-op.

2177 days ago
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