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Katie Couric Swats Palin ... with the Economist

10/6/2008 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Katie Couric was spotted in NYC and asked to specifically name the magazines she reads, KC was savvy enough to answer the question (The Economist), crack a joke, and shred Sarah Palin -- all at the same time.
Katie Couric: Click to watch
How's that for "gotcha journalism!?"


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It looks like Sarah Palin has the liberals colon tied in knots. ; )

2152 days ago

blues fan    

Palin said the reason she fluffed and flubbed and gave rambling incoherent answers to Couric's questions (or no answer at all) is because Couric "annoyed" her. What is she going to do when the stakes are REALLY high and she's trying to dialogue/negotiate with high-ranking officials from other countries, and one of THEM "annoys" her -- do a repeat performance of the Couric interviews and either go mute or produce garbled non-sentences? People, it is so painfully obvious that she doesn't have the creds for the job, she couldn't even name ONE magazine or newspaper that shaped her world view!!! (Yes, I heard her little crack in Florida about reading her New York Times -- cute, but "too little too late"). She can't talk about crucial issues off the cuff, everything has to be scripted for her, or crammed into her head during debate camp. For crying out loud, all she had to say was, "I read he Walassa Bugle", or whatever the daily paper is in her neck of the woods....and she didn't even do that!!! We don't need "perky", we don't need "cute", we need intelligence, dignity, quality, substance, and we need ANSWERS -- something Palin has yet to supply in any interview or debate.

2152 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Hey, I Love Celebrity Crap, please don't have babies (you psycho). Barack Obama will be a good president to even you, That's what makes this country great: even someone as fringe and wild as I Love Celebrity Crap gets to stay in the country with her views. The Democratic party will protect you, don't worry. P.S. you also sound racist, of course.

2152 days ago


You look fantastic Katie. A lot prettier than bonehead Palin. Thank you for exposing the ignorance of Palin the moron.

2152 days ago


Yawn, you libs bore me. He's a communist, marxist, racist, America hating, pal of terrorists. Period. Not to mention just plain funny looking.
It's sooooooo easy to get you libs fired up, it's like pissing off the Pillsbury dough boy, your all so soft and squishy inside.
I would rather be a conservitive nut job, than a liberal with no nuts, and no job.

2152 days ago


Katie has the rep of being a tightwad, and abusive to the hired help who keep her home. I would suspect she is the same way with "lovers" and any interview subjects that dont fit her own deluded views of the world.

Thank goodness CBS is a business and their stock and revenues have plummeted since her arrival. Soon, she and those responsible for this "experiment" will be banished.

She is rumored to take over for the senile and grumpy Larry King. Probably the perfect future role for her; no homework needed, good with a teleprompter, softball questions, and no logical follow up.

Good Luck to your future KC, you too will become senile, grumpy, and have kids when you're 70.

I so wish Bryant Gumbel would have blasted you the way he did the weatherman. He went after the wrong phony back then.

2152 days ago


Snarky Bitch! She wouldn't make a decent pimple on Palin's ass. No wonder her ratings are bottoming out. Maybe she should go kiss up to Nobama!

2152 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

"If you know your Bible the way you idiot's profess to, you wouldn't fight against the alleged Anti-Christ rise as it is prophesied to happen by God out of the very book you profess to hold so dear!

Bottom line: If you don't like and support Barack Obama it is never more complicated than that you are sadly, a RACIST!

Posted at 1:33PM on Oct 6th 2008 by WriteRight"

Let's see , what day is it ? Oh right, right, right, you ran out of money and it's only the 6th , sweety hang on, your welfare check will be right on time, THANKS TO THE REPUBLICANS who made it possible for you to sit on your fat butt at some coffee shop where they have free internet for you.

We find it amusing you , who are insulting people who are posting comments on TMZ , yet it hasn't stopped ya'll . ALSO WHY DON't you read the BIBLE without putting your insane ideology sp into it ? Did you know it is an ABOMINATION TO DO SO ? GO READ JEREMIAH 29 , the whole chapter if you dare.

2152 days ago


Katie is a toad. Nobody watches CBS News.

2152 days ago


Racist huh? You sound like a whiny baby. Let me go get you a diaper and a binky, cry baby liberal douche.

2152 days ago


Katie Couric has about three people watching her each evening. I don't care what she reads. Sarah Palin doesn't need the endorsement of biased and surly Katie.

2152 days ago


How low can you get when you say Katie can't keep a man after he beloved husband and father of her children died of colon cancer and she has worked tirelessly for research of the terrible illness. Katie was right on when she interviewed Palin. She didn't ask question to trip her up, but Sarah just couldn't answer them. As for the latest from the Governor of Alaska, I think it is pretty low to be dishing on Obama the way she is doing when John McCain hasn't been squeeky clean and aparently Palin, herself, hasn't been either. She is holier-than-thou and I'm curious as to how she will deal with her actions when she meets her maker - will she say, I'm not going to answer that question? Then switch to another topid! I think not, because that simply won't work.

2152 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

"y FOODSTAMPS RULE" hahahhahhahh , these nitwits , who are calling anyone who isn't falling for the DEMOCRATS latest con job, racists ! They have no clue. YET THE ONLY REASON THEY ARE ROOTIN' for OSAMA Biden LADEN is BECAUSE OBAMA IS BLACK !!!

ISN'T THÅT RÅÇIST ? Voting for someone BEcause OF the color of their skins ?

2152 days ago


Can't say I have much respect for Couric.

2152 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

oh, and I am BLACK , actually more of a cocoa , Not all blacks are confused. Did you know how OSAMBA got into HARVARD COLLEGE ? He was funded by a rich ARAB. This has been the plan , HE WAS GROOMED FOR YEARS . NOT THAT BEING MUSLIM IS BAD. I MEAN < NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE EVIL< JUst the ones who do evil . IT Isn't SO JUST BECAUSE THEY SAY IT's SO. JESUS IS GOD

2152 days ago
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