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Katie Couric Swats Palin ... with the Economist

10/6/2008 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Katie Couric was spotted in NYC and asked to specifically name the magazines she reads, KC was savvy enough to answer the question (The Economist), crack a joke, and shred Sarah Palin -- all at the same time.
Katie Couric: Click to watch
How's that for "gotcha journalism!?"


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WriteRight ~ My dear, please do yourself a favor and pick up the bible and read it. It sounds as though it has been awhile sice you have picked one up and actually read it!

Voting for somone because of the color of their skin is as racist as it gets. Do you actually think Bama is going to save you from yourself?

He is laughing at all of you!

2205 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

"er at all) is because Couric "annoyed" her. What is she going to do when the stakes are REALLY high and she's trying to dialogue/negotiate with high-ranking officials from other countries, and one of THEM "annoys" her"

SHE'LL NUKE EM, and it doesn't take a PHD to do that / just push that button baby.

2205 days ago


Posted at 2:15PM on Oct 6th 2008 by Aunt Jemima

No Black person would nickname themselves that name.

You racist pervs don't even have a clue!

2205 days ago


katie discusts me, no wonder no one watches her on the nightly news. i could care less what her or any of hollyweird think.

2205 days ago


I hate to say it, but Katie isn't much further up the IQ ladder than Palin. With her ratings in the tank, she should be unemployed soon, too.

2205 days ago

Space Mountain    

I also highly doubt "Aunt Jemima" is Black. Your not foolin' me

2205 days ago

Bash a Pap    

If you are looking for "unbiased journalism" then go watch FOX. Because that is the only "news" you right wingers can handle! Palin sucks and the sooner she runs back to Alaska with her pathetic tail between her legs the better. She is a useless moron who represents the below-par thinking that has ruined this country over the last 8 years. If you vote her into office then you HATE America! If you vote for her, then you want what is left of this once great nation to be driven further into the ground by this pointless woman. She is driven by her own massive ego and has the intellectual capacity of a vapid pageant contestant.

2205 days ago


perhaps TMZ should consult a doctor?! thier hard on for Palin has lasted way more than 4 hours.

2205 days ago


WriteRight ~ My dear, please do yourself a favor and pick up the bible and read it.
Posted at 2:17PM on Oct 6th 2008 by Dallas

All due respect, it seems like you're the one who needs to pick up the Bible and read it!
You didn't say in the msg, but based on your smokescreen (change the subject) tactics, I'm relatively sure you're a supporter of Palin's. She utilizes the same empty technique throughout the debates with McCain. lol

Seriously though, if you do read the Bible, I dare you to take a look at it and disprove my position that the Anti-Christ is prophesied to rise to power for a specified period of time in the very book you hold so dear.

If you believe that and how could you not if you are, in fact, a Christian, then why fight against the Anti-Christ rising to power allegedly in the form of Obama?

Any Christian knows that the Bible is the ordained word of God and as such is Perfect Truth and since it says the Anti-Christ WILL rise to power, what sense does it make for man to rally against the express word of the God he professes to be subserviant to?

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

P.S. The way I see it, Obama isn't the Anti-Christ...what he is, is America's last hope of digging itself out of the immense hole we're in thanks in large part to the Republican Party.
If you'll be honest with yourself for 5 minutes you'll admit that if John McCain was saying the same things Obama is in the same way, you would embrace him as your next political saviour, but since he's Black...he's got to be the Anti-Christ.
As I've said before, that doesn't just make you a racist, it makes you sound stupid and I know you're not stupid.
Raise your level of thinking.
There's a better you and me out there.
Won't you at least give it a try?
I leave it to you.

2205 days ago


I took a dump this morning and it was at least 13 Couric's big!!

2205 days ago


Aunt Jemima is exactly right. People, please take some time and educate yourselves on the candidate you are voting for BEFORE you vote!

Obama will be exposed for the person he is...............just wait an listen closely!

2205 days ago


she is a real D#$% Bag!

2205 days ago


WriteRight ~ I refuse to dignify your comment with a "rational" response.

2205 days ago

Suck it Republicans    

Wow...the ignorant righties are out in droves. Seems like something got them all mad. Could it be that Couric exposed their VP candidate as an inexperienced, anti-intellectual political lightweight? And she wasn't even trying. Please explain how the interview was in any shape or form biased? She asked fair questions and when it became obvious Palin was going to fall back on her vague non-answers and folksy crap she didn't back down. That is what a journalist is supposed to do. The funny thing is that I believe the reason why so many of you idiots like Palin is precisely because she is an idiot who doesn't have any answers of her own. God forbid we would have someone one step away from the presidency who is actually smart!

2205 days ago


Why would Sarah Palin want to give a free endorsement to magazine? i wouldn't have answered it either. Maybe Katie Couric needs to learn how to interview people. I can see why Palin would be annoyed by her.
I would shot myself if i was that boring of a person. this is exactly why Katie won't be employed this time next year.

2205 days ago
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