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Alleged Bank Robber Also Stole Fergie's Heart

10/7/2008 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fergie's high school prom date has a record, too!
Back in September, a man wearing a Guitar Hero t-shirt and carrying a silver handgun was caught on surveillance video robbing a Wells Fargo bank inside a Ralphs supermarket in Santa Ana, Calif.

Vincent Dean Malicek was arrested last Friday on armed bank robbery charges. And guess what we found out -- Malicek was Fergie's 1993 prom date.


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DeansMom I will pray for the right verdict for him tonight. I would love too be there but I live in texas now. Please update us or me on how it went asap. I hope nothing but the best for you and your family.

2117 days ago

Dean's Mom    

What is the difference between God and a Federal Judge? God does not think that he is a Federal Judge.
Closing arguments were done by 11:45. Chase was excellent and spoke of nothing but the facts. Ashley was borderline ridiculous with her exaggerations about the probabilty of a "twin" and Dean being the "unluckiest man in the world." She made a reference to Dean's "nose" which I don't think sat to well with one juror, she called Dean's Grandmother a "liar" which I am sure upset one juror that is obviously a Grandma and then discredited the fact that Dean's DNA was not one of the four that was on the counter. My sister's condo complex is, unfortunately, next to the bank. I know and understand that this is a concern to the jury. But the FBI agent testified that within 30 minutes of the robbery, they scoured that complex. He also testified that there was a dye-pack. There was not one trace of dye anywhere. A dye-pack explodes and burns at 500 degrees! First the Prosecution surmizes that Dean had "a large amount of money" right after the robbery. To most people, $1,000 is not a large sum of money. The FBI went to every place that Dean spent money in September...not one place had received a single bill with dye on it. People that saw Dean a day or two after the robbery said that he did not have any type of dye stains on his body. So then Ashley tells the jury that the dye pack did not explode. Her analogy was that "it was just like when you go out to start your car in the morning and the car doesn't start." She says the reason that Dean was broke by September 29th was because the dye-pack exploded and destroyed the money. So which is it? Did the dye-pack explode or not? My step-daughter over heard the two Prosecutors saying the the jury is "the Governments" and their combined IQ doesn't equal hers. A little arogant, isn't she? I am going to have faith in the jury. They all look like good decent human beings and I am trusting them with my son's life. My sister has a PS2 and guitar at her house, so Ashley used this to link Dean to the robber because of the guitar hero shirt that the robber wore. She said that Dean was a "guitar hero fanatic." I guess what it all boils down to is this: if your Aunt has a PS2 with a guitar, lives next door to a bank that gets robbed by a man wearing a guitar hero shirt and by some bizzare coindence you resemble the bank robber...your life, as you know it, is over. Jury deliberations started a 1:00. By 5:00 they had not reached a verdict. We don't go back until Tuesday morning. Dean really is taking it well. He said that Chase could not have done a better job defending him and if this jury finds him guilty...that it is just meant to be. He said that if he is found not guilty, he is going to join the Army. He wants an education and a new life. I have two degrees and I have been begging him to go to college for years. I really do hope that he does something to help change the Federal System. I wish the jurors could read all of these posts. At this point...the jury has more power than the judge. Mistaken identity and reasonable doubt. And a lot of prayers. There is nothing more that we can do, so we wait. I will try to get the website up this weekend. Thank you. It has been a rough day, Good Night.

2116 days ago


Thank you for the update, thats great news that the jurors have not reached a verdict yet.The longer it goes, better the chances for him. I couldn't imagine waiting 5 days too hear something thats life altering as this is. Perhaps doing his website is a good thing for you to do too get your mind off it for a little bit and kill some time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

2116 days ago


dear brett u r a brown nosing azz munky

give it a break


2115 days ago


To hoom It mey consern:

I have been foloweng on this storey sence it furst was shaired? I em the purson who tipduded my sun hoos naim is Brett about what was goeng on heer at TMV withthat gurl Furgie. he has alweys ben wun oif hur bigust fans.
I have thawtt all along that this plaice has two meny jewvunile mionded indivedals ofuring thair opinuns and now that my sun is beeeng attaked i no for sertin that i have been rite al teh tyme a hoiel lott.
He is just reel sensetive to uthur peeples feilengs, butt that dosent meen he is gay, jusat sensetive. he dident move to Texis eethur becose he had to butt onley becose he did weth his frend Brucie.
so plese no more Brett basheng just go bak to basheng that bank robur gy insted.
thank you.

2115 days ago

Dean's Mom    

Post #65...once again...your style is obvious and sickening. To those of you that don't know what is going on, JRagman is a close relative of Dean's and quite insane. So, forgive his ignorance. Isn't it a shame that not only Dean's life is on the line here, but so many people that love him, need him and believe in him. JRagman will never know what it is like to have people really care about him. And Brett, I am truly sorry that you have been pulled into the middle of this. Anyone knowing Dean and how he can be a turd at you can see that it does not come from my side of the family. Mr. Rag, do everyone a favor and stop posting. You are an embarrassment to my son and I am ashamed that he is related to you. No more games. If you continue this assualt, I will contact TMZ.
Post #64...I believe that my email address is in one of my posts, use it you worthless excuse of a human being. Better yet, would you like my home address?

2115 days ago


Brown nosing? You really need help clown. Its called compassion, try it sometime instead of making yourself look like a complete fool. Apparently your not a parent and wouldn't understand maturity along those lines and if you are which I hope not, then I would feel bad for your kid. You have nothing better too do with your pathetic life then talk smack online and talk smack to the Mom thats going through hard times right now. Anytime you feel a little froggy, you can come too Houston, Texas and we can resolve this instead you acting like a little punk hiding behind a 17" monitor. So if your feeling froggy then jump mofo. Btw, it looks like the short bus didn't teach you good grammar, maybe next time you will wear a helmet when the short bus gets into another accident.

2114 days ago


ok brett so yur nott a brown nosir but i nostiise that you dident argu abot beeeng a azz muky. end now i apoligyze to teh ledy who maid tyhis postud furst.its a terble theng.end sence you aer so ruf end tuf bretmebe you shold rembur al teh peeple thet dyed on thes dey wen teh germuns attakedud perl harbur in 1943. that presdent gy at teh tyme caled it a dey of infemy end it is stil two al thes yeers latur.that was a terble theng two end tat is wy on this dey i refusse to gett in a stuped fite weth you ovur you beeng a azz munky.
end you sholdent meke funn of pEeple hoo haev hed injurees espeshaly iff you aer a azz munky!end
i em relly sory ledy if i mesed up your thred.

2114 days ago


Your an idiot, if your going too try and be funny, then be funny. Your a complete moron. There is a time and place for humor and obviously if you had a brain you would realize this. So continue with your jevenile writing and stupid sayings but make sure your ready by 6 am the short bus will not be late too pick you up. So think hard retard

2114 days ago

Dean's Mom    

This is my last post. Today at 10:30 a.m., an Orange County jury found my son guilty. We are all shocked. Now I can clearly see how so many innocent people are sent to prison. We trust the jury to be fair and intelligent. Apparently this is too much to ask for. An innocent man is going to prison. My son will be in prison during the last few years of my life. His son will not have a father for the first 6 years of his life. Dean told his attorney to let everyone know that he will be okay and that he will make the best of it. There was not one shred of evidence. The DNA proved that he was not one of the individuals at the counter. No gun, no clothes, no money, no dye-stained can this happen? The evidence that was used against him (in violation of case law) all came from Lisa. He paid her child support, bought her a TV and took her and his son to ToyRUs. Every dime came from a legitmate and proven source. Lisa stated that the picture "was Dean." Now she says that the FBI "tricked" her when they showed her the bank robber's picture. Lisa went through all of her pictures and found the one that most resembled the bank robber and emailed it to the FBI. This is the picture that was shown to the bank teller. Several people are convinced that Dean is exactly where Lisa wants him to be. First she hates him then she loves. Then hate and now love. She is now saying that she loves him and will wait for him...what do you think?

2112 days ago


Is he going too fight it? I know if that is me and I am innocent you bet your ass I would fight it especially having a child. Anyways, do you have the address and all the info and I will write him in the mean time. Im sorry to hear the bad news

2111 days ago


For all of you commenting that Fergie does drugs...Fergie went to Wilson High School in Hacienda Heights, CA same school as both of my parents and she was in the same grade as my brother. He says that she did drugs when she was in high school and now she doesn't do them. He also said that she was an annoying cheerleader and she sang at their rallies and thought that she was cool because she was involved with disney. So the little fame went to her head. But he also says that she was much cooler when she was in black eyed peas and he hasn't talked to her since. I'll ask my brother if he knew this guy.

2111 days ago


Aww Bret. Whoever pegged you with Ass Monkey was spot, dead on. The system appears to have worked as designed. 12 people; even to include the woman with the spectacular toe nails, weighed the evidence and that would be the evidence you didn't see; they concluded that Dude is guilty.
Was the fix on? Did the FBI have an agenda? Was Dude singled out to be convicted unjustly? I don't believe so. Why would they railroad Dude? If they were out to railroad him, then why make that offer for 3 years since it seems as though if they were motivated to screw him around, the offer never would have been put on the table. Not to mention that any and all evidence would have been indisputable, and piled sky high. Note that the jury was out for a fair amount of time, which indicates that they had to think about a verdict, above and beyond slam-dunk.

There is always the appeal process.

One thing this broken hearted mother should do is to raise the necessary cash to hire a real attorney for the appeal, be it from cash donations through a believer and supporter like you. Or from the sale of donated items on Dude's soon to come Web Page, like T-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, etc..
A FREE MUMIA type grassroots movement comes to mind.

To Blog away here on this Site, voicing an opinion that the system stinks, is unfair, or rife with injustice, is not going to accomplish anything beyond negatives. Singling out individuals like the judge is not the wisest way to go about this either. In all probability the judge, who will decide Dude's fate is reading this page. If I recall correctly, the judge is a female, and you really don't want to piss off a female who holds the key, through their determination; the latitude within the guidelines, to be lenient, or heavy handed in sentencing.

For you Bret there is an organization, "AMA", that you may want to look into. I think they can help you overcome your problem.
Google: Ass Monkey's Anonymous, and find a chapter near you, and please my friend, don't wait another day.

2111 days ago


Have they sentenced him? Where will he be?

2111 days ago

Dean's Mom    

Please remember that the only evidence presented by the Prosecution was a photo that resembles Dean. However, it does not look exactly like Dean. Dean wears his hair very short all of the time. The bank robber has some type of birthmark on his right cheek. There were photos in court that the public has not seen. You can clearly see that the bank robber was much smaller than Dean. The original descriptions by the tellers were completely opposite of Dean (23, green eyes, slight build). Since there was no coverage of the trial, if anyone doubts the true facts, post your requests and I will get Dean's website up and as soon as the transcripts are ready, I will make them available on line. Absolutely no one will understand how the jury found him guilty. DNA along with other evidence proved his innocence. All of the research that I found stated that Orange County juries find the Defendant guilty 85% of the time. Apparently Dean is now in that 85%. Our prisons are overcrowed and there are some individuals that are truly innocent. Our system is corrupt and if you do not cooperate with the government...chances are that you will go to prison wheather you are guilty or innocent. Dean has accepted his fate and believes that it is karma for his past behavior. He did not rob a bank, but he says he will make the best of a horrible injustice. The bank robber will show up again. It is too bad that the FBI is not competent enough to catch real bank robbers. Wasn't it just a little too easy to arrest someone that looks like the bank robber? A person who had been helping his Aunt move in next door to the Ralphs Grocery Store and Wells Fargo Bank...the store and bank that he had been to on several occassions before and after the robbery? No one is that stupid, especially Dean. The people that know him will tell you this. Plus, he is not a criminal. He had access to $100,000.00, it would have taken less than a month for funds to be available, why rob a bank? Nothing about this case makes sense. And since Dean cannot read these posts...try to be somewhat respectful. I just lost my only child. There are some real idiots posting and it really is unneccessary. Thanks.

2111 days ago
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