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Babwa Has to Bwing the Hammer Down

10/7/2008 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sherri Shepherd looked for all the world like she was going to smack up Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "The View" this morning. Barbara Walters stopped her. Unfortunately. Discuss.
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I am really tired of hearing Elisabeth say the same things over and over and over and over again! It truly is tiring. She can dish out the insults but she can't take them. Sherri was right and I rarely agree with her. Elisabeth really needs to leave to work for FOX and then they need to hire another Republican for the show. Someone who does not have their head up their ass.

2156 days ago


Seriously folks, if Elizabeth wasn't there, what would the rest of them have to talk about?

She is the lone conservative on a panel of ultra-liberal women. Surely those people who want her gone aren't suggesting that conservatives shouldn't have the right to voice their opinions.

I watched the clip but I don't watch the show anymore. It gives me a headache. I don't like watching ANYBODY get ganged up on.

2156 days ago


The point is Obama keeps saying he didn't know that he(William Ayers) was a terrorist and he didn't know that his pastor was saying hateful things about whitle america. This goes to show poor judgement and down right lying about it. He's a liar and show poor judgement. He is also assoiciated with Acorn which is one of the reasons for the financial mess we are in. They used the race card to pressure banks into to giving loans to people who couldn't afford it. Does anyone realize that he is the most liberal senator in congress and that he is a man who believes in redistribution of wealth. To me that is socialism. Everyone wise up before this election and open your eyes.

2156 days ago


people.....its a show with gals showing extremely passionate points, even the ever-bore called elizabeth.
last i checked, it is still part of our constitution to express one's self. well, until the bush years.
that said, a heated debate is good since we can never see it with the actual candidates. could you imagine a smackdown between barack and very,.

2156 days ago


Who is Sherry to be all about morals and passion after admitting to multiple abortion procedures as birth control?
There is an obvious distinction between the private family life of a politician and their known cohorts of power.
Elisabeth wins this one.

2156 days ago


I cannot beleive that some of you hillbillies actually think that obama is assosiated with terrorists. When I was 8 years old I sat next to a future criminal on the school bus so if I am to beleive what alot of these republican morons think I am a criminal as well. Do you really beleive that fater time Mccain and the Idiotic alaskan can run the country??? Lets get real!

2156 days ago


Elizabeth is the only patriotic American on The View. It takes courage to stand up to the bullying left-wing racists she's forced to work with. God Bless you, Elizabeth.

Psssst.... Hey Sherry - abortion is not birth control. Stupid pig.

McCain/Palin 2008!!!

2156 days ago


Elizabeth is a complete idiot, Yes, she is smart but someone who is intelligent is able to listen to the other persons side of the arguement like an adult (NOT interrupting) and respond accordingly. Someone earlier said it right... she can certainly give it but she definately can't take it. Basically, she needs to grow up.

2156 days ago


"Liberals never let facts get in the way of a good argument."

2156 days ago

Rock Singer    

Rosie was right !!! Rosie was right !!! this woman can't let anyone else speak. Yes she has the biggest mouth on the View.

2156 days ago


Elizabeth should of broke that waving finger off. Sheri sucks, this show is a total waste of air time

2156 days ago


I went to a party last weekend where every one attending was black. Every one had an Obama pin, sticker or were repeating his talking points. I went to a racially mixed school function and it was fairly divided although all of those of color, without exception, were voting for Obama. So, to pretend that race does not play a factor in this presidential race is naive at the very least. Most blacks who have not voted before are voting because there is an African American on the ticket. Oprah, who states herself has never endorsed a presidential nominee before, is voting for and endorsing Obama because he is black. Racism and class distinction are alive and well in this world and it matters to the entire color spectrum of people.

2156 days ago


I agree completely with Just Crazy, Elizabytch gets on my nerves, cannot even stand to hear whining, was in NYC awhile back and saw her with her republican spawns, wanted to sooooo badly tell her what i thought of her, but thought why waste my time on her .. Good for Sherry Shepherd and its not because of the color of Obama's skin. He is by far the best one, GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2156 days ago


First off not all black people are voting for Barack based on his color, it's based on him being a democrat. Most minorities vote for the Democratic Candidate , as they did for Bill Clinton, and those who voted for hilary in the primary. Republican's history stems form the Klan, GOP-Good Ol Party is how they described it during the civil rights era, Democrats are the only candidates that have actually cared about all races, not just white. If Barack were White, most blacks would be for him also, along with more white americans. The RNC looks like a upscale Klan Rally, they do not represent all of America. Plain and simple

2156 days ago

Lelsie B.    

What is with liberals? they get sooooo emotional about things don't they realize violence is not the answer.

2156 days ago
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