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Babwa Has to Bwing the Hammer Down

10/7/2008 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sherri Shepherd looked for all the world like she was going to smack up Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "The View" this morning. Barbara Walters stopped her. Unfortunately. Discuss.
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elizabeth hasselbeck = not smart.

2206 days ago


They both showed poor judgment on these issues.. BOTH OF THEM END OF STORY !!! Signed an independent voter

2206 days ago


Elizabeth isn't brave..she gets on the horn with all her buddies (Sean Hannity..barf!!)on Fox News after the View and boohoos . She's disgusting. She gets a big payceck for sitting there and acting like a martyr for the Right.

2206 days ago


Isn't interesting, that a search of a cave in the mountains bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan, we found several tapes of American TV shows? One of the shows was The View.

2206 days ago


Kate - you're right on. The scary thing about all this is that most folks do not do their research. That they will watch Fox News or CNN and think that they are watching a new show that is going to give them the correct information - when all it is - is their opinion they give with little facts/falsehoods mixed in. It's really a shame. Used to be that the news networks were not allowed to even show a glimmer of partisianship (sp?) - but now, that's all there is and it's diguised as news.

This is an entertainment show - not news. They just discuss hot topics. It was supposed to be based on different women, from different points of view in different stages of life, etc. I don't think they were even trying to get it to be even politically. You have Joy, a comedian probably in her late 40s, divorced with an adult child in a longterm relationship, Whoopi a black comedian/actress with adult children, unmarried. Elisabeth, a young women, married, devout with two small children, Sherri - another farily young woman, divorced with a small child. They all give their "VIEW" (opinions on hot topics, etc). I don't think they claim to be, or those of us watching think that they are overly or more intelligent than the viewer. It's entertainment. Elisabeth was on a reality show. Sherry was on a television show. I don't think either is a rocket scientist. Just they are different people, so that's why you have that different view aspect - which is what they want.

That all being said. ...
Obama lived on (could still live on) the same street as a former radical - the radical that turned himself in and must've done whatever punishment was given because he is now a professor. He wrote a book, that he says he was unrepentant for the things he wrote in the book, but right wing media spins it to be that he is unrepentant for his acts that he did years and years ago. Whoopie made a comment about Rev. Wright's - hatred for Amerca speech - that a lot of blacks that went through direct racism had that feeling.. not saying she does or that Obama does or condoned him. Obama left that church when he saw/heard what wright said - who's to say wright said that when he was in attedance - there are no videos proving that?
McCain's infidelity? Well, what i find funny is that the right has such a problem with Clinton's but McCain's is fine? Also his other past associations - etc etc. Palin's inexperience, blah blah blah.. Stop all of it- both sides! I agree that all this negativity is just old. I don't want to hear it from either side. I want to hear how you're going to run things. Get us back more solid ground.

2206 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Oh, the tolerant liberal democrats are at it again. Such hypocrites and phonies. You're so sexy Barack. Aren't you related to Brad Pitt, Barack. Shut up Hasslebeck you right wing fascist. You have such pretty eyes barack.

How about some real questions Babwa. Like Where is your donated money coming from Barack (some say the Palestinians are sending you $) What's your voting record Barack. Why do you vote present all the time.

Why don't they just lick his a$$hole and get on with it.

2206 days ago

Triple Play    

Sherri Shepard once had a role on a sitcom that is it. She really thinks that sitting on a panel with a group of uninformed women makes her a star.Bottom line is they needed another black woman to lure more viewers. I saw clips of that show once and I can't believe that it has viewers. Oh wait! There are plenty of uneducated liberal house wives that have nothing else to do

2206 days ago


please think for a minute about what patriot actually means (or look it up if need be) and get over the fact that you are bitter that most educated people vote democrat (check the stats). hasselbeck is one the the most idiotic people on television, period. she just isn't smart. look at her arguments, look at the things she finds relevant -- look how she searches for the simplest of words in her embarrassingly limited vocab. if you relate to her, you should be embarrassed for yourself. go do some reading and get out in the world.

2206 days ago


Ok people lets be very clear. Elizabeth has a very strong personality. But she is always always talks over people and rude. when she has a statement to make no one interupts, but when it is someone elses turn, she jumps right in. Black people are not votes for Obama because he is black it is because he is qualified. America needs to take race out of this. If you want four more years of a foreclosures, and no jobs vote for McLame.

2206 days ago


Sheri is an idiot if she honestly thinks that you can compare a marriage ending to hanging out with, supporting and taking campaign money from a known domestic terrorist! Get a clue America! Quit drinking the KOOLAID!!

2206 days ago


It trips me out that so many people will vote for the village idiot obama simply because he is black when, in fact, he is 1/2 and 1/2. Neither candidate is worth a flip, again, and voters will be forced to pick the lesser of 2 evils. Sad. Obama is a RACIST IDIOT and McCain is just crazy.

2206 days ago


I'm white and I'm voting for Obama. I know what I believe and what I want this country to stand for. There are tons of dumb and racist people all over the place of every ethnicity. Race makes no difference to me when voting for a president. All these racist comments about blacks, alaskans, etc makes me sick. Other countries are laughing at us. All of you RACISTS are what is keeping this country from inner peace. Think about it. Educate yourselves.

2206 days ago


Meanwhile, with all the vitriol that folks like Elisabeth are tossing, now at McCain/Palin rallies we're hearing about supporters shouting "Kill him" about Obama.

When does it stop? All the exaggeration, lies, and hatemongering coming from the right? I'm not going to say the the left is pure, but they are trying to stay above this nonsense and discuss the issues. Sherri snapped, she's been listening to Elisabeth's attacks for months, can't say I blame her.

2206 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

I find some of the comments are very amusing! Whoppi and Sherri are racists because they are Obama supporters (oh yeah they are fat too...good point) Elizabeth is cute, therefore her "view" is the correct one? NONE of these women have the ability to listen to anything other than their own voice. I don't watch because A) I have a job & B) I don't wanna listen to Elizabeth try to talk about how 'wonderful' life has with Bush in the White House and how horrible it would be if Hilary or Obama were in (that how long ago I last watched). I think the show would probably be much better if each of these women had the ability to LISTEN to the person speaking and let them complete their thought, THEN comment. It would save on the asprin!

2206 days ago


It's very interesting how TMZ picks and chooses the comments that people leave. I've tried to leave two comments on this issue that did not include any vulgarity or overt criticism but yet they were not included in the posted comments.

2206 days ago
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